Seven on Sunday 0.12

Happy Sunday to you!
This has been a rather quick ol’ week now hasn’t it (uhm.. do i say that every week?) It was a busy one this end with Neo’s nativity (adorable) Vet visit for yearly check for cassy, and then doggy groomers for her haircut (evidently Cassy has had a busy week this week)
We (me and cassy that is) also helped raise awareness of a very important campaign with River Island and the Dogs Trust.
River Island are working closely this Christmas with the Dogs Trust to help raise awareness of a cause that is very close to my heart.
In store they have been selling off doggy mannequins and giving all the money to the Dogs Trust  . Read all about it here#RiGiveADogAHome is still ongoing so donate if you can!

This week i have been trying not to shop for myself as i still have a few pieces to get for others.. but that doesn’t stop me from looking now does it..

0.1 The perfect festive blouse i would love love love this right now.. paired with some leather trousers and some sparkle and yep.. festive perfection! Plus its red.. i love red and not just for christmas.

0.2 I was researching some spacey type items for a little boys christmas present so when i typed in space in to the search this came up. Isn’t it gorgeous (for me not him obvs)?! Its a beautiful cut and would make a great special occasion dress.

0.3 Also spacey related these are for me too please! Spacey pajamas that look mighty comfy. I can see me in these all day long come boxing day 😀

0.4 As soon as i get home i am straight back in to my comfy cosy slouchy wears. I am loving the items from Sundry at the moment, especially the Oui raglan top and the starry joggers.. Problem is i may never want to change in to my proper clothes (and by proper i mean things that don;t have elasticated waistbands)

0.5 I own a lot of black boots. Like a ridiculous amount. What i don’t own much of is tan boots. I feel like there has been a tan boot shaped whole in my shoe collection these past couple of weeks. You know that feeling when you put an outfit together and you think, ‘ A pair of tan boots would really make this outfit’ Well that’s happened to me a lot lately. So i asked hubby for these for christmas as they look really nice and they have 40% off( im considerate like that when asking for presents). Lets see if i get them!I have been really, really good this year 🙂

0.6 My nails have been appaling the past few weeks. They’ve been peeling and not holding nail polish at all. So this week i’m going to try this to see if it makes a difference. Shall keep you posted!

0.7 Finishing on the new bag range from Yosa. a little self promotion yes, but its something i’m so so proud of! i’ve worked with some amazing blogging ladies and have a fabulous line for you all.
We have:
The Jane Clutch Bag named after Jane of My Midlife Fashion
The Catherine Bag named after Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb
The Frances Bag (which has sold out twice over but now back in stock) named after Frances of School Run Style 
These ladies are inspirational and i’m so proud to collaborate with them all.
I know you’re going to love their namesake bags just as much as i do.

What have you loved this week? Tell me what i’m missing out on!



  1. December 14, 2015 / 11:05 pm

    Rachel I LOVE your new blog design – it's so clean and fresh!!! You just can't go wrong with a minimalist template, and this suits your classic (with a twist) style perfectly. Pipdig's the man, isn't he…?!!

    I think you and I are alike in that we shop for ourselves as much as for others at this time of year – it's so hard not to!! I adore the Jigsaw dress you linked to (awesome pattern) and the red RI blouse would look crazy gorgeous on you. I always love the stuff you pick out – you'd make such a good buyer for a brand (probably why Yosa sells so much nice stuff)!!

    Thank you again for asking me to lend my name to one of your bags, I'm so flattered. Imagine being able to name every single one of your pieces after a blogger, that would be incredible!!

    Much love to you oh fabulous one 🙂

    Catherine x

  2. December 15, 2015 / 7:14 am

    The Catherine bag is beautiful! Great idea to name the bags after bloggers.

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