Seven On Sunday 0.11

Ohh what a whirlwind of a week. Had a delightful birthday on Thursday, with continued celebrations on Friday and Saturday. I’ve eaten so much good food i feel like a heffalump.
This week is DEFINITELY a week of healthy eating and exercise. May even crack open the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD to try and bust the gut, just to enable a more guilt free gorge over christmas. I find healthy eating at this time of year so hard. There’s chocolates everywhere i turn, cheese and biscuits readily available and wine that i never seem to refuse. Anyone else like this?

Anywayyy enough about food, here’s what i’ve been lusting after this week around the world wide web.

0.1 Gingerbread man christmas onesie. Standard christmas post-feast attire. This is bound to sell out so i am gunna go bag mine.

0.2 Frowny Face sweater for those days when i’m in a bad mood and i can just point to the cute little badge

0.3 My coat obsession grows stronger. I need some shearling in my life.. desperately.

0.4 I’ve been cyber stalking this dress for weeks.. i just don’t if it’s very me? What do you think?

0.5 In the aim of eating healthy, i have planned a week of sumptuous healthy dinners for the family. Tonight is this which I’ve made before and it is proper comfort food. Perfect for a rainy sunday evening.

0.6 I’ve been loving skirts this winter, which is bizarre as i usually avoid them like the plague. But i guess that’s changed and i’ll just have to embrace my skirt appreciation. Was just doing some online browsing and hubby looked over my shoulder and said he loved this minkpink patchwork skirt, what do you think?

0.7 Bought this top for practically pennies this week. Its super flattering on and i went back to get the grey but it had sold out in store. I would say they are a little see through, so am now on the hunt for a pretty cami with maybe a lace detail (just found this one and love it)

What have you been loving this week? Do share in the comments. I’d love to have a natter!