Problems with Plaid

Plaid/Checked/flannel/tartan call it what you like, i have a problem with it.
I don’t know why but it just doesnt suit me. i look like a lumberjack in it. (and then i sing this in my head all day… ahh classic Monty Python.. I’m crying watching that again)
So last year i actually dabbled with some checked button downs and each time they epicly failed, or rather i epicly failed and they ended up being returned. This happened no less than 3 times last winter, each time i would pick one up in the store, have an image in my head, get home and it would look nothing like said image and the lumberjack references would just come rolling back.
But yet i think there must be a way to wear them. I see them looking so good on others and there are a lot of options to choose from, maybe i just to need to explore matters a little further.
And by explore i mean Pintrest. God bless Pintrest.

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I actually love all these looks. The contrast between the checked shirts and leather especially appeals to me.
I’m liking the idea of a checked shirt a chunky cardigan, coated skinny jeans and biker boots. You can also layer a tee underneath of a big chunky jumper over the top.. Options are a plenty.

Now I’m all fired up for some shirt action lets see what may work..

Madewell plaid shirts are possibly my odds on favourite. I love each of these below, particularly the middle one. The colour way could possibly make for some nice remixing with navy, black and even red.

Next up i had a gander at asos

I think i love the idea of the one on the left with the burgundy, navy and black, a great colour combo and all colours i’m comfy in. Could look potentially great with a biker jacket and black ripped jeans and my Berry Rebecca Minkoff bag to finish off.. What d’you think?

The right is intriguing to me, a current favourite tan and black colour scheme and an interesting check… definitely one to ponder on.


Rails seem to specialize in the check shirt… a great selection of plaid and checks to choose from. I love the blue here against the black. Really striking in a mass of tartan colourings this is nice that its slightly different and in my colour comfort zone.  And then traditional to the left, which looks like a lovely fit.

 Slightly more grid like rather than plaid, but maybe if i ease myself in to the whole plaid-tastic shirt thing i may be able to get on board with it.
I adore this shirt, the dark red lines perfect. It looks crisp yet casual at the same time. Very nice.

Sticking down the grid print route Maison Scotch have some chequered goodies.
Seeing as i’m just blatantly cheating now, with the whole grid print thing, i’ve thrown in a coat for good measure too. Bizarrely i feel like i could wear a checked coat much easier than a checked shirt.. Why? Why?!
The coat is gorgeous though isn’t it.  Shopbop’s styling here is on point too. Leather trousers and a denim shirt sounds like weekends perfection to me.

And seeing as i’ve just touched on coats (slightly off piste i know but its checkered at least)
This coat is still in the forefront of my mind just begging to be bought..

Checked coat

 I want to cry i love it so. See this kind of chequered makes me weak at the knees.. 

How have i managed to still swerve the actual reason i wrote this post and end up wanting another coat?! Darn my predictable coat loving heart.

What are your thoughts on Plaid/Checked shirts? 

Do you own any? how do you style it?



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