Black Friday Sales Strategy

The world is going CRAY-CRAY for black Friday this year, to the point where it now seems to be Black Week rather than just one solitary sales day. Which can be a little annoying, but on the flip side you can make it work for you.
Now, i’m not one for sales per say, the ones where they sell a lot of the stuff that no one wanted from last season. No thanks. Didn’t want it then, want it even less now.
But chunks of money off across the board will generally catch my eye.
I’ve been involved with Shopbop for the past few months. Its getting quite serious. I think it may be love…
The Designers they carry, the prices(usually great with the exchange rate) and the super fast delivery from the US (which comes faster than some parcels from the uk bizarrely!)
Over the past few months I’ve ordered Frends headphones for my s.daughter for Christmas (she is going to be freakin’ out when she see’s them!) A faux leather skirt and a Madewell jumper that i can’t seem to stop wearing (its divine) and there’s the Rebecca Minkoff bag and Equipment shirt that i keep banging on about.
So out of all the Black Friday emails that popped up in my horrendously over flowing inbox this was the one that caught my eye

 shopbop sale

As someone who does not enjoy sales greatly, i have one tip for sales shopping

Make a list and stick to it

Don’t go blindy into Black Friday throwing everything in to your cart like a crazy shopping possessed lady.
Been there, done that, did the returns. (i hate returns.. anyone else?)
So with my list in hand i am approaching the sales with an informed idea of what bargains i’d like to obtain.
Here’s whats on my list this year:

The Perfect Grey Jumper

 Its been nearly a year of me collecting  all the shades of grey clothing i can lay my hands on. I just can’t get enough, a grey jumper is like the best friend of the clothing department. Always there for you, goes well with everything and will never let you down.
Thats why the grey jumper is a great item to sale shop

Black Coat

I can’t remember if i ever told you this, but i don’t actually own a black coat. Sacrilege i know. I don’t actually know how this has transpired. But i can’t even tell you how many mornings I’ve reached for a coat and thought ‘Damn it! A black coat would be perfect with this outfit!’
A great black coat is an investment piece, something that will last years and will be an outfit saver for many a year. My Favourite is the Norma Kamali on the far right here.. the grey (see.. grey gets me every time) lining is just a gorgeous touch.

Winter boots

With the first official cold snap this season already under my belt i know i am in desperate need of a pair of fleece lined yet waterproof (‘cos it is the UK and rain is second nature here, or infact first nature) pair of winter boots. Its vital to my existence in-fact. With a doggy who needs walking regardless of the weather, a pair of these boots will make my life a lot better, no exaggeration. I’m miserable if i have cold wet soggy feet. My only decision now is whether it’ll be Sperry, Sorel or Joie boots? Do you own any of these? Do you recommend?

So there we have it.. my Black Friday Sales Strategy. And if i bag all these babies, my discount will be even bigger.. the more you shop the more you save (ooo shopbop you enablers, you!)

What is top of your list for the sales?



  1. November 26, 2015 / 3:18 pm

    I am trying real hard to avoid all the sames but I seriously want a pair of hunter socks for my boots ( sounds silly but I really want them)

  2. November 26, 2015 / 9:17 pm

    I hate having wet feet too!!! And yes, I don't think I own a black coat either. There was also a time where I didn't own black shoes either- couldn't seem to get away from colour!!!
    Well, in the sales, I'm going to try to avoid looking but if Erstwilder had a brooch sale, I wouldn't be adverse to that. Also, there's a Lady Vintage dress I love too!
    Grey jumper, yes, I have two of them- one plain, one incredible fancy from a Florence boutique!x

  3. November 26, 2015 / 9:43 pm

    P.S. Am I being a bit thick? I can't seem to find your Passion for Fashion button at all!!x

  4. November 28, 2015 / 12:28 am

    I am in love with those boots and have not even started my wish list yet, I am so far behind this year. Blush looks wonderful on you

  5. April 21, 2016 / 6:01 am

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