Seven On Sunday 0.9

Oooh another week down, and another week closer to my birthday (eek!) and jolly old Chrimbo.. how exciting!
This week has seen me working at a more relaxed pace and splitting the days up with lovely coffee meet ups with friends.
I’ve finally decided that being chained to my laptop for days on end is sometimes counter productive… who knew that coffee and catchups were actually vital to ones sanity?!

This week around the web i have been loving:

0.1 These shoes… pretty huh? I’m thinking with a black smart jumpsuit and statement necklace for the Christmas Knee’s up.
What d’you think?

0.2 I’m a huge fan of Mumford and Sons.Huge. But strangely i’d never watched this video. I love the song, but i just find the video absolutely superb. Maybe something to do with Idris Elba (You’re welcome.)

0.3 Speaking of Youtube and Videos, i have binge watched all of Honest Mums Vlogs. Vicky is a Super blogger, mum and model. I love her to bits and love seeing this little insight into her day to day life. She’s a delight.

0.4 Ugh my diet is horrendous lately. I’ve eaten out so much, and i just can’t seem to get back on track. Maybe I’m like a bear and storing for the winter.. either that or I’m just blatantly a fatty who loves food (the latter, definitely the latter)
So shall be trying this  as I’ve heard really good things about it. Have you tried any of their recipes?

0.5 I’ve been really trying to up my eye makeup game this week. I’m usually a lipstick girl,as you all probably know, but i’ve been trying some new eye crayons, mostly because they are easy. You can apply more or less and blend them nicely. I’m dying to try this one as its for blue eyes, which seems like a brilliant idea to me. I also like the look of this one too. I think its great that Charlotte Tilbury designs the colours as per eye colour for an excellent flattering impact.

0.6 i’m a huge geek, true story and the thought of the new Star Wars movie makes me want to pee my pants with excitement(i wont, i promise) So i saw this in the mens department and made in mine for my casual days. Are you jealous? 😉

0.7 I’m nearly done on my christmas shopping.. God bless online shopping i say! I managed to bag some brilliant fancy dress and toys for Neo (Thors hammer, spidey stuff etc) and  a lot of it was reduced. I am one savvy shopper this year, i tell you, I’ve outdone myself. I’m usually the one still running around like a crazy lady, shouting profanities at other shoppers on Christmas eve. Not this year my friends. I’m going to be chilled at home sipping a chilled Bucks fizz. I’ll save the profanities for my husband this year as i will undoubtedly forget where i have hidden half the pressies.

What have you been loving this week?



  1. November 22, 2015 / 6:53 pm

    The purple shoes are gorgeous! I love the Idris Elba video, great song and he is of course always brilliant. Happy Birthday in advance x

  2. November 23, 2015 / 9:34 am

    Oh darling, so touched by your kind words and love that you are enjoying our vlogs, it's so much fun sharing our lives, would love to see you vlog too. Those shoes *swoon. We are such twins, girl as today is the first day of eating healthily again after eating more rubbish than you can imagine, it's affected my moods, skin, sleep. That book looks fab! Thanks again, such a gorgeous post, your blog always makes me so happy. Thanks for being a great friend x

  3. November 23, 2015 / 9:54 pm

    You're amazing to have done most of your shopping! Ha, Thor's hamer for Neo- I am so behind on what the kids toys are nowadays!!!! Your shoes are so nice and YES, I am jealous of the Star Wars sweatshirt! I am plannning to make myself an R2D2 brooch to wear to go and see it AND getting my R2D2 handbag out again which I bought in 1996!!!
    I really like Vicky, Honest Mum, she'sreally cool! As are you!

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