Seven on Sunday 0.8

As i mentioned in Friday’s post.. it has been a toughie this past week.
When things could go wrong, they did. BIG time.
But starting afresh this week with hope for a much better week (it couldn’t be any worse than last week.. i hope!) and a renewed look on things. Sometimes things don’t go your way, but it doesn’t necessarily mean its your fault or that you should take everything to heart.
I need to remain mindful and in the moment this week,rather than attempting to think of a gajillion things, 90% of what i can’t change anyway.
So yes.. onwards and upwards folks.

This week i have been loving:

0.1 This reed diffuser in Winter’s Wish.. so so good! I have one on my desk so when i sit and work it smells divine. Its like the very best of winter smells. Plus Donna, the owner is a mum boss/small business owner like myself. Its wonderful to support small like minded women in business don’t you think? (plus she’s FAB!)

0.2 I’m on the hunt for the perfect check shirt. Last year i bought and subsequently returned 3 checked shirts. I just don’t feel like me in them. I look like a lumberjack, or farmer, which is neither the look i was going for.
But i am not one to give up easily,no no, i am very much still on the look out for some perfect plaid. I’m thinking, leather trousers, check shirt, black gillet and lots of long chains as a necklace. A little bit edgy is the way that i think i’d like to try a check shirt.
In my mind its black and green checked. This one looks like it could be worth a punt. But my favourite are from here at Madewell.. theres some lovely choices and the prices seem not too bad!

0.3 Still all about the stews this week! This Slimming world Italian bean stew.. YUM

0.4 This plum lipstick has been on constant lip rotation this past week. On trend, can be layered up for darker look or blotted off for a subtler shade. Nice on the lips too, not drying or glossy.

0.5 i have been on the hunt this week for the perfect black cape/poncho!! Its all i have been looking at all week, to the point where i was going poncho crazy. I knew what i wanted but do you think i could find it? Well apparently not. I found it in white and neutral but black was non existent.. or so i had began to think. Then i found this one.. on sale.. I pick it up Wednesday. I see it with navy and leather by friday 😉

0.6 Tried this hat on and didn’t buy it.. now i need to go back and get it as my head misses it so bad 🙁

0.7 This charm has a very special place in my heart.. Neo and i have a Gingerbread man thing going on. So have put this on my christmas list.. isn’t it cute!!

All pics from my Instagram
and also Facebook if you fancy chatting over there

What have you been loving this week? I would LOVE to hear!


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