Seven on Sunday 0.7

Sorry for missing last weeks Seven on Sunday folks, i was on a lovely date with the hubby and time flew away from me, plus its half term here, so it means my usual routine is thrown out of sorts completely! As much as i love having Neo and my step kids home for the week, i have to admit, its nice to see school roll back around again and for my usual routine to recommence.
Blogging with little people talking in your ear constantly can be make things that much harder. But its been nice, and i can’t complain. We’ve had a blast. Plus knowing that i haven’t got the impending early morning wake up call for the school run means i have had more than a few late night Netflix marathons.

Back to Seven on Sunday, with the things from around the web this week that i have loved (heads up its a lot of fashion this week.. i just LOVE clothes at this time of year, its my most favourite season to dress)!

0.1 We all know i have a love for Great Plains, right? (its not endorsed or even sponsored..! I just love their simple cuts and lovely prints)
Well this week they have 30% off their autumn range (CODE: GPBBE30)
Sooo i may have just picked myself up this beautiful stary night top, to go along with my star print obsession, and also these checked trousers. I really feel like i could do with a break from jeans and  leather trousers, i mean i love both, but sometimes a trouser would be nice for a change. I wore my Gap black slim trousers last week and it was a nice change from the usual, so yes, checked trousers are winging their way to me as i type. Plus how they’ve styled them.. love! Shall be trying to copycat that for sure.

0.2 This GORGEOUS and versatile dress from Travelling Bazzar. Great monochrome palatte, would look amazing dressed up with some Yosa jewellery or with some biker boots. I love it!
The beautiful Frances introduced me to Travelling Bazzar as she was recently wearing some pieces on her blog. Do you follow her blog? She has amazing style, oh what i’d give for a rummage in her wardrobe!

0.3 I have just bought my first blender.. I am trying to eat healthier. Now i’m home more i am cooking a lot more healthy dinners and soups for lunch, but i am desperate to start on the smoothie bandwagon for brekkie.  Do you have any yummy healthy smoothy recipes?

0.4 The new lovely Leopard print bag’s at Yosa are Uh-mmaazzballs. I’m so so pleased with them and they’re selling like hot cakes.

0.5 I placed an order from the Mango Outlet this week, i love this scandi style knit that is just perfect for christmas without being tooo christmassy and also this sweater, because its one of my favoruite words to say, it absolutely is.

0.6 I’ve hear really good reviews about these eyeshadows . I have a penchant for Chanel make-up so i would love to try this is a silvery-grey.

0.7 Lastly and probably the best (ha) i bought this Christmas tree decoration! Isn’t it the absolute cutest? I just had to get it as it reminds me so much of our pup Cassy. I’m more than a smidge excited for the festive season.

{All images from my Instagram account, come follow along!)

What have you been loving this week my lovelies? Anything i should be looking at?



  1. November 1, 2015 / 4:28 pm

    Gorgeous <3

    lovely Greets to you Rachel 🙂

  2. November 2, 2015 / 8:04 am

    I can understand why that bag is selling out its lovely! And that christmas dec is so cute x x

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