Seven On Sunday 0.10

For some reason i always end up remembering this seven on sunday post at around 4pm on a Sunday, just as i’m shutting my laptop and winding down for the day.. silly brain.

Anyway, So this was the week where the world went Black Friday Crazy, and when Black friday became a week long event rather than just one day. Ludicrous really isn’t it.

0.1 I was out shopping with Salvatore the other day(a rarity in itself.. it was hilarious we were like two kids shopping!) and i turned to him with this beauty on expecting him to tell me i looked like Pat Butcher. He didn’t. He said he liked it and i should buy it (oh the shock). So i did.
I feel like a giant teddy bear in it who gives out free hugs.

0.2 Further development on the husband front (can you tell i’m SUPER happy to have him home after a week of him working away!!!), Whilst working in London, he had noticed that a lot of the ladies are wearing  ‘long boots’ as he described (OTK’s to you and me) and that he thought i should try some. Did my husband just give me a full on licence to shop? I believe he did. So with his approval (kind of) i am now on the hunt for the perfect pair.
I did explain to him that i’d actually been looking for a pair for the past 12 months, but to no avail. But his approval (and blatant obvious lady oggling LOL!) has made me ramp up the searches. Do you think he would let me buy these?

0.3 I have been getting in to the festive season spirit the best way i know how. Cheese. Yep i love a good cheese board and crackers and dips etc etc. So i thought this would make an excellent present to Salv and also indirectly for me to, Ha. Don’t you just love a pressie that works for you to?!

0.4 Very much looking forward to watching people’s Vlogmas on Youtube. My favourites are Fleur de Vlog& Lilly Pebbles. When you work from home on your own i find it a great way to take a break and watch someone else’s day to day life.. especially at Christmas!

0.5 I am in desperate need of a new purse (desperate is a bit extreme.. would like one more like) This is exactly what i need (want). I love a bright colour, making it easier to spot in my seemingly bottomless bag!

0.6 I’m OBSESSED with these cute jeans.. which are on Black Friday sale too. The black piping to the leg makes these just wonderful. I love the idea of having a dressy blouse(sequins possibly) with these boyfriend fit jeans and some pointed black heels for a smart/causal outfit! Its payday tomorrow.. i hope they’re still on sale then!

0.7 One of my favourite perfumes is on sale and makes the perfect birthday/ christmas present (hint hint friends and family). Its a mix of winter and summer scent. It is fresh but is also orangey which works well with all the cinnamon and christmassy smells. I love it.

We’ve just put the Christmas Tree up and we are lacking some more room decorations, so tomorrow i shall be tinsel and all things shiny shopping!

What have you loved this week?
 Have you bagged any Black friday bargains?

ohh also 0.8 ..This purrrddyy Yosa Necklace.. it looks like snowflakes!

Ps Another HUGE love of mine this week is Yosa’s new range of bags.. ‘The Frances’ sold out within 24hours but there are more coming soon, plus the others in the range of superb!



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