My Birthday Plans…

Its a month today until my birthday. Now i LOVE birthdays, i know some poeple try to forget them or don’t like to celebrate them, but i’m of the mindset of each and everyone should be commemorated in some way that makes you happy, because who knows how many you may have left.
Life is a funny old wonderful thing and i think a Birthday is a great way to celebrate another year passing.
So the 3rd of December will see me celebrating my 31st year.
Each year i like to plan something a little bit lovely. What with kids and very little childcare to hand it usually means me and hubby don’t get much time off at all. Sometimes its nice to just be you, rather than nose wiper, referee, dog walker, cook, cleaner and bum wiper extraordinare.
What better day to be just yourself for a while, than on your birthday.
So on the 3rd December I’m thoroughly looking forward to a day of indulgence.

Now you’re probably thinking it’s still a month away yet Rachel, why so far in advance?
Well with Neo and my step kids it does take some careful planning and gentle (-read manic-) organising to make sure everyone and the dog is covered. Anyone else feel like you’re carrying out a military precision operation when it comes to organising a weekend away??

Last year i had a wonderful break to the most gorgeous stately manor house Ston Easton Park, which was chosen due to my Downton Abby obsession (it didn’t disappoint by the way i highly recommend it for a weekend break, it was divine and just like walking on to a Downton set!).

And of course this year i have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I’m craving a little indulgence, a little shopping and a some wonderful food.
Where else to get all of the above than the bright lights of London.
I haven’t been to London in a while and i miss it. I especially love it in December with the Christmas lights and the festive buzz.

With some careful consideration my plan of action is coming together nicely.

Starting off the day with an early first class train from Cardiff to London.
Outfit wise, I’m thinking comfy, practical but still pretty.
White dress is a-go as no children/dogs to smear anything across it (myself however.. well, i can pretend to not be Mrs clumsy for a while ay?). I’ve chosen my favourite comfy biker boots, i just love the edge they bring to a dress, definitely a current favourite combo. And a thick coat for if the weather is a bit brisk, it is December after all. Add in a bit of leopard with the scarf, and a sweep of red with the nails and lip and finished off with my Michael Kors, holds everything bag.
Outfit sorted.

Birthday weekend outfit

On arrival in to London, without kids in tow, we pick up a quick coffee and then head straight for Harrods where I am in my shopping mecca.

Ain’t she beautiful?
There’s a few places i want to hit up whilst I’m here.
I’m thinking the makeup counter for some Charlotte Tilburry, then on to the Shoe Saloon to lust at all the magnificent beauties, before moving on to the Christmas goodies to purchase a few special baubles of the tree this year (not only do i love birthdays, i also love love love Christmas.. i think its being a December baby, it makes me extra extra festive!)
Finally finishing in the handbag hall, where i possibly make a birthday purchase as a present to myself. Possibly a new MK bag? But if i was really making the ultimate wish list here then i think it would have to be the Pashli metallic satchel in Ivy green… that is one gorgeous bag. What would your bag of choice be?

Harrods images via

After exhausting myself with shopping but staying in Harrods, I would head up to the divine Urban Retreat The Moroccan Hammam for a complete spa indulgence.
I saw this on a blog recently and i was captivated by this video:

How absolutely stunning does this look? The ultimate pamper session. I would opt for the Ceremonial massage, which sounds heavenly, before chilling in The Moroccan Hammam Lounge experience.

After experiencing a little slice of heaven its time to come back down to earth and grab some much needed subsistence.

My favourite place to head is Covent Garden, I absolutely love this place at Christmas, the stalls selling festive goodness, the street entertainers, the mulled wine.. Sheer happiness.
Now my restaurant of choice isn’t a fancy one, more a sentimental one.
Giovanni’s is one of the first places my husband took me to nearly 10 years ago.

Image via

Giovanni’s is a tiny restaurant that is packed with Sicilian charm. The food and atmosphere here is delicious. And there’s nothing nicer on a cold day than popping in for a hearty bowl of their delicious pasta. I’ll never forget the best Pumpkin Raviolli I have ever tasted was in fact here. So i would order me a bowl of goodness, followed up by some Rose wine and some Tiramsu.
(I’ve just been reading their menu again and oh my god I’m now hungry.. my lord i need to get back there asap!)

After a cold evening walk around Covent Garden, we’d then head back to the station where we would catch our late train back home to Wales back to the kiddoes and Cassy the dog.

Now to me that sounds like the perfect way to celebrate one’s birthday.
What do you think?

How do you like to celebrate your Birthday?



  1. November 3, 2015 / 2:30 pm

    Sleeeeep! Yes my favourite thing is the lie in I get – true!
    Your 31st plan sounds fab Rachel, enjoy xxx

  2. November 5, 2015 / 11:03 pm

    How interesting – My bday is Dec. 4th and it'll be my 34th! (almost) birthday twinsies!!

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