Looks I Love this Winter

Do you ever have a mental image of an outfit that you would love to wear?
I do.
In fact i do it a lot. My mental images could be pintrest actually, but the image is stored in my mind, so we’ll go with that.
Sometimes things just really stick. It could be a particular style, outfit or colour.
This winter i have a few items in mind that i just have to get my clothes loving paws on.
Now, the things in mine are quite specific.
The hunt has been long and arduous and pretty much to no avail. Seriously, anyone would think i was searching for the actual Holy Grail.
I looked at Esprit this week and hit the jackpot.

Its fair to say they are well and truly ticking all the right boxes with the collection they have this season.

On to more specifics.
Here’s what i’ve been looking for in particular:

  • A camel fine knit sweater
  • A berry coat with but with a masculine cut rather than a fitted feminine style
  • A drapey Black cardigan- the type that goes with everything

Here are the looks i’d mentally stored in my head for this season:


Esprit by rachel-the-hat featuring a bucket bag

It’s a lot of monochromatic looks, ie, the same colour but in different shades.

Camel on camel, berry on berry and a bit of grey and black for good measure.

I love these looks, they are all buzzing around in my head, and what’s even better, now i’ve seen them laid out on paper (uh.. computer screen), they would all intermingle and remix so well with each other.

Inadvertently i’ve just made a pretty nice winter capsule.

Lets look closer at the key pieces

Firstly a Camel fine knit roll neck sweater. On my shopping travels i had found multiple v-necks, a couple of thick knits but none of the aforementioned. It was like the holy grail of knitwear. I just could not track one down for love nor money.
Yet here it is, the perfect thickness, high neck and shade.
This works perfectly for the camel on camel look i was after.
I added in some indigo flares and a little leopard print too.
But this would also work well with the faux leather trousers, the boyfriend jeans and also under the berry coat (berry and camel is just the most delectable colour combo.)


The Boyfriend fit Berry coat was next on my hit list.
The large lapel, the heavy hang of the fabric, this is just a beautiful cut. Bordeaux is the colour (berry, bordeaux, wine.. all the same thing relatively speaking). I’ve added in some  boyfriend jeans and a crew neck sweater in berry for a lovely rich tonal outfit.
Again, this coat will work with the above jumper, the faux leather trousers and would also look great with a breton top. Love.


The Black cardigan.. Something every woman should own. Come winter i always have a cardigan hanging on the back of my chair (like a little old lady, i do hate getting a chill). I wanted something that could go over a dress, skirt and jeans. This drapey option is gorgeous, I just love the leather toggle to the side of this one to fasten it, so can be worn open and flowing or done up.. i like that a lot.

This is perfect with a stripe breton top, or the pretty star top above. Add in some faux leather trousers and some grey boots and this may be the cardigan for the winter. 

Again though, this is a piece that will work hard for you all season. A simple winter essential i’d say.


Well done Esprit you really have done well this season.. of to go spend my hard earned £££ 

Do you have any winter essentials for the coming season?


  1. November 5, 2015 / 1:30 pm

    Great choices on coats and boots. There are so many out there.
    Thanks for showing these, love the style

  2. November 5, 2015 / 9:04 pm

    I totally like your inspiration for winter, and yes, monochromatic is my style, I love it. Thanks for sharing.

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