Festive Frivolities

Yes i know, ANOTHER wish list, they seem to be everywhere across the blogging world right now. But honestly it’s quite therapeutic to compile a list of everything that you’d stored mentally for future outfit hopes and dreams (tad dramatic perhaps),in hope that someone one may want to gift that to you for, oh i don’t know, a forthcoming birthday perhaps or Christmas maybe, or just for being a super dooper wife/partner/friend (delete as appropriate).
Either way i do find it nice to put these things down on to paper(or uh..blog post) as a handy guide to all who are looking to buy me something nice.
There may also be some special finds here that may help you buy for someone this Christmas too.
Or like me, you could forward this blog post to your husband with URGENT in the subject line…
What can i say, sometimes those loved ones of ours just need a little guidance.

Festive wishlist

Festive wishlist by rachel-the-hat 

Inadvertently I ended up with a glam side and a casual side. I like to cover all bases, i’m just that kind of gal. Also both are equally important over the festive season. 

You need the glam for all those parties and fun nights out, then the casual for boxing day and chilled family days.

Starting with:

The Glam side (left)

Ted Baker goodies (Scarf, Purse, Dress)

I love Ted Baker pretties. It’s one of those brands that just makes for a spectacular gift. Their pretty prints and luxe fabrics never fail to impress. I’ve found all the above at M&M direct  (and they’re reduced too! Your shopper will be grateful for your savy money saving skills.. deserving of another present surely?)Or if the shopper is in-fact you, you will be able to purchase yourself a little treat too, a sort of one for them, one for you trade off, for doing all the hard work.

Topshop Black faux Fur Coat

I love this coat. I think it would make the perfect all-rounder coat, a real workhorse for winter. 

I’ve paired it over the light blue Ted baker dress here, and heels for a night out, but it would also work tremendously well with trainers and jeans. 

Statement Shoe

Ohhh pretty shoes really are this girls best friend. Because i don’t tend to wear heels much on the daily (dog walking, working from home and school runs just don’t call for 4″ stilettos..pitty) i don;t tend to buy them much any more. But all the better for making a special gift. 

Dior Lipgloss

Perfect little stocking filler. Also the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Can’t go far wrong with a fabulous lipstick.

Then time for some chilled relaxed vibes. I’m thinking chilly walks to in attempt to shift all those quality street chocs I will have consumed, board games with the kids and vegging out watching re-runs of Only Fools 7 horses (sounds heavenly to me.. God bless christmas)

The Casual Side (right)

Boden Tilly Coat

Another coat, i know i know. But each serves a purpose and a girl can never have too many. This brightly coloured coat would make a perfect statement coat. 

For those days when you can’t even be bothered to think of an outfit, this pretty baby does all the talking for you.

Crockett & Jones 
Navy Boots. Aren’t these boots simply divine? The ribbon bow just makes them for me. And as i mentioned the other day, a girl really can’t ever have too many boots. There’s just no such thing surely. boots are seriously one of my most favourite things in life, along with cheese, my son and Chanel foundation.. in no particular order of course.
I found Crockett & Jones via twitter recently and instantly fell in love with the hand made charm of their company.These are pure indulgence, long wearing, lovingly made boots that would simply make anyone, man or woman, very happy if these were under the Christmas tree..(hint hint husband)

Kate Spade Backpack
I’m feeling like i’m lacking on the backpack front. Late to the backpack game here, yes, but still better late than never. I love the minimal lines of this one and of course the practicality of it. I’m thinking perfect for days out with the kids and the dog for storing all the paraphernalia that is related to the aforementioned. Plus Kate Spade.. swoon!

Whistles Sweater
This year has been my year of rediscovering Whistles. 3 dresses and 2 shirts later and i have developed a full on school girl crush for this brand. A piece of their cashmere range would be superb but any of their sweaters would also make a girl(OK this girl) smile this season. 

M.I.H cropped jeans

M.I.H Jeans.. love love love. But these particular Paris cropped jeans are the exact pair that i’ve been after. Black, cropped, amazing fit. These will look fabulous dressed up with heels and some sparkle as they will with some casual boots and a sweatshirt.
The perfect practical present, but way better than say, a kettle.

Chanel Red Lipstick and Red Nail polish

Because its Chanel dhharlling. Receiving a little bit of what epitomizes luxury to me in my stocking would be a sure fire way to a pretty perfect Christmas. Classic red lips and nails are my absolute favourite.

What’s your favourite piece?
And what’s on your list this year? Do share in the comments as I’d love to see if there’s anything I’m missing out on .. you know FOMO and all that 😉


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