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You may know if you’ve been here a while with me that my background is in Travel.
At the tender age of 17 i entered in to my first career in Travel at a travel agency in the Welsh capital where i learned the trade of tourism.
For as long as i can remember i have loved to travel.
I was fortunate as a child to go on a lovely summer holiday abroad every year, and even though it was the same place every year, i didn’t mind.
From the moment my foot stepped on the airport turf i was ecstatic, looking around taking every moment in.

For may years if any one asked what i wanted to be when I grew up i always replied a Flight Attendant (although back then their title was Air Hostess).
I adore flying (my husband does not however.. slightly problematic for my love of flying) I love the feeling of take off, the surge, the momentum of being pushed back in to your seat whilst you take to the air, the travelling thousands of miles and landing back down to solid ground. I just love it.

I remember looking at the gorgeous air hostess’, and thinking they were so glamours, so tidy and so friendly.
And with those flights my passion for travel was cemented.
I never did end up with my career literally in the air, but i have worked in Travel for most of my adult life.
With that i’ve seen so much change, and the one thing that always excited me most? The uniforms!
Where Fashion meets the Skies.

The Travel industry and Fashion have always been very closely linked. Take the lastest Chanel S/S16 Paris show… Fashion mastermind, Karl Lagerfeld created Chanel Airlines. 
The catwalk was a departure lounge and the fabulously dressed models wore stunning ensembles sauntering with luggage around the Chanel airport.
Pure Genius.

Now i have had some rather (un) fabulous uniforms in my time, the best had to be a blue blouse with luggage labels all over it!
I’ve also had blazers with big shoulder pads, name badges with ‘what can i do for you today?’ which, honestly you wouldn’t believe the responses we got to those from customers (thankfully they changed that pretty quickly)
Then there has been lots of navy and blues and a bit of orange too.
Funny but each stage in my travel career i remember what uniform went with it.
My last with Tui (Thomson) was rather nice, plain navy well fitted dress, a neck scarf and a navy comfortable blazer, designer influenced, it was the nicest uniform that was both comfy and smart for day to day wear.

Recently Cheapflights released a rather marvellous infographic of all the designers that have worked on travel uniforms over the years. Take a look

I never realised how many designers were on board when designing the uniforms.
Style meets the skies.

What did you want to be when you grew up?And do you remember any uniforms from along the way?



  1. October 15, 2015 / 9:14 pm

    How interesting! One never thinks about who is behind the uniform.
    I used to work at a Thistle hotel and I had a truly awful uniform- navy blue pencil skirt, red synthetic shiny top, pea-green blazer and a scarf with the Thistle logo combining all three colours- urgh!x

    • October 17, 2015 / 10:16 am

      Ooo that sounds delightful Kezzie! A truly magnificent uniform by the sounds of it!haha :)XX

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