Seven on Sunday 0.5

This week has seen me sink my teeth in to my new role of full time blogger/Yosa owner.
And here’s where i will be completely honest with you. I could not get going at first, in fact my whole self motivation mojo didn’t arrive till Friday. It could have been a mix of bloggers block, the thought of having all this time on my hands to do these things now, rather than a rush job as it has been for so many years, or it could have just been tiredness after a really hectic few weeks. It all just hit me.
But come friday evening, bizzarley all i wanted to do was work, i was sat at  my laptop after seeing tot he kids etc, and sat there like a busy little worker bee.

And now I finally feel the urge to get researching/writing/promoting.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but i often find i work better in the night times, come 8 o’clock i find my best thoughts come. Half my teenage coursework was done at 11pm onwards (nothing like working at the last minute to get you to that luring  deadline ay) Half sleepy delirium perhaps, but that is when my mind is most focused.

So going forward i need to teach myself to focus my energies at a more approproiate time.. Shall keep you posted on that.

Do you have any tips on self motivation?

On to what i’ve been loving this week from around the world wide web;

0.1 I am so impressed with this foundation. I’m absolutely in love with it in fact. It does what it says on the tin, its matte, which is my ultimate personal preference. I’m not a dewy, glowy foundation lover for a few reasons. But the coverage on this is fantastic and it goes on like a dream. Highly recommend. Am thinking of doing a little makeup favourites vlog if you’re interested? I have found some beautiful products that i would love to share with you?

0.2 I read Me Before You and balled like a baby and totally fell in love with the character and JoJo Moyes style of writing, so when my mum told me she’d picked up a book called Me After You i knew instantly what it was and that i’d have to read it. I’ve only just started but very intrigued as to where this will Lou Clarks character will go.

0.3 I discovered a new to me brand this week. So many good items. but the jackets and coats are what i’m loving (and the cardigans) especially the grey and burgundy faux leather jackets. Great styles and really on the money.

0.4 I’ve been buying lots of plain clothes this season so far. Navy’s, black and grey, which i love! I currently love getting dressed each morning, but a little bit of colour wouldn’t go a miss. Love this Katie Jumper in red. With flares or skinny jeans it could look lovely.

0.5 I’ve been on a berry boot hunt this week. Yep, last week it was navy, this week its berry. I am boot OBSESSED ladies. I need bootervention. So the contenders? Well M&S has some beauties i must say, But the decision is skinny heel? Or block heel? Or Oxblood? I love them all. Skinny heel can be dressed up? The block heeled would get more wear on the daily. But, but, but.. i don’t know.

0.6 Continuing with jumpers, you can see where my mind is at right now can’t you, boots and jumper!  But this jumper is gorgeous.. not many sizes left now.. booo. But will be popping in to Cardiff this week, may have to go see if they have my size in stock.

0.7 Just had my food delivery and this is on the menu.. shall let you know if its tasty! I love me a risotto!

So ladies over to you, what have you been loving this week? Do let me know in the comments below

Much Love,


  1. October 11, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    Look at that Gruffalo! I've enjoyed a wonderful renunion boat trip of my music department from Uni! So nice to see my professors again!x

    • October 14, 2015 / 12:37 pm

      oh that sounds lovely! what a nice way to spend the weekend. XX

  2. October 13, 2015 / 6:28 am

    Since I've started working for myself I can sometimes struggle with motivation too. But then there are times when I struggle to find balance and can't seem to switch off – which is just as troublesome! It's all a bit of a learnjng curve after 23 years in an office environment. Keep us posted. Lorraine x

    • October 14, 2015 / 12:39 pm

      YES! thats exactly it Lorraine, the struggle is real.. sometimes its too much sometimes its too little! haha!
      I shall keep plodding on and hope i get the hang of it 😀
      Ps i have a candle in my basket in your shop that i must purchase soon! I hope to do that and then feature Daisy Blue Candles perhaps on the Seven on Sunday?!XX

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