My New Beauty Regime

My beauty regime has changed quite a bit over the past 5 years.
I used to be that girl who would sleep in her makeup and then use a wet wipe come morning time.. ick, i know, have i ever mentioned i was lhhaazzyy!!
But with my skin changing (ahem getting older) and having my son, i made a concious effort to start putting a little more effort in to this face of mine, ‘cos lets face it, no one else will do it for me.
So through some trial and error i have found a plethora of products that work for me.
Some are oldies that i return to time after time, and some are new discoveries that i feel will become oldies and are in the stages of becoming firm favourites.

Recently i was introduced to Sk:n products, a brand i hadn’t heard of before but wow…
So now i’m passing this little nugget of skincare info on to you.

Where do i start?
With an ode of love perhaps? I’ll spare you my horrific poetry and just skip to the facts.
This stuff is good.
So very good.
I got to sample these products, and it’s not very often i’m blown away by samples. But Sk:n? Well they have very quickly become a firm favourite which i will be certainly be re-purchasing.
Where to start?
The beginning is as good as anywhere,
A little Cleanse and Exfoliate.

I like to cleanse every morning and every night, its a major improvement from my baby wet wipes cleanse days i tell you. I like quite a vigorous cleanser where i feel like my face is squeeky clean. But it also has to be fairly gentle as to not ruin my skin and leave me feeling like i’ve had a slap in the face. 

I pour a little of the cleanse and exfoliate liquid on to a cotton pad and it removes all impurities and all make-up. I feel so clean after, its the best i have found for both removal and cleansing. I don’t have time to make up remove then cleanse and exfoliate in separate steps, ‘cos quite frankly come night time my bed is calling and it takes all my will power to not reach for the wet wipes. So this for me is easy and i’ve really noticed the difference.

Next Moisturiser

For me, one of the most important steps: Eye cream.

I often suffer from sleep deprivation, stress and all those other pleasantries us ladies have to deal with. The one place for me that always shows the signs of my inner demons are my eyes. Bloodshot, grey and wrinkles are my giveaway signs.

I need a good eye cream.

The Sk:n eye cream is.. well, its lovely. Cooling and de puffing would be its best qualities. I have found my eye area is less grey after using for 2 weeks, but the lines are still there.. i don’t think anything would shift those they’re so engrained, but it feels lovely and like i mentioned the de-puffing is a great quality, especially first thing in the morning. I apply this morning and night again and it sits really well under makeup too, which is always good as i hate thick lotions that make you feel caked.

Next up Corrective and Moisture

 I think i’ve mentioned before, i suffer from red undertones and a really uneven complexion. I don’t have one of those faces that could leave the house without a scrap of make up on. I’m quite lucky in that i don’t tend to suffer from spots (Unless i’ve been on the ol’ pop, which is rare, but inevitably causes a small outbreak)
When i opened the Sk:n products i was intrigued to see how the Anti-redness cream worked for me.
For me it evened out my complexion slightly, but more importantly for me, its the nicest moisturisers i’ve ever used. Its up there for me with Elemis. Its lightweight but you feel like it really does give your skin a drink. In the morning after aplying it the night before, my skin feels so soft its phenomenal.
Again its also lightweight enough to sit under my makeup, which is a must for me.
Out of all the products this was my favourite. I also love the scent, its quite masculine (not floral or fruity) which i love, and not overpowering, its subtle.

The Anti Blemish serum is great for breakouts. I’m quite lucky*touches wood* that i don’t suffer terribly, but as i mentioned above, i do have the odd breakout when i’ve been drinking. Which recently i did and what d’you know? Spotty chin.
I applied the Anti Blemish serum morning and night and within 2 days i couldn’t even see the culprits any more. Gone!

At the grand old age of 30 i have the best skin i’ve had in years (bar the extra wrinkles of course), and a regime that works for me.

Do you have any products that you love and that works for you?
I would love to hear!

PS Would you like to read about my current makeup favourites too? ( i would love to share!) Let me know in the comment section below if you would like an updated makeup post!



  1. October 10, 2015 / 2:48 pm

    This is interesting, I've been thinking of trying a new cleanser but I went & bought one yesterday so when that runs out I'll try Sk:n.
    I've started to notice the elasticity in my skin going & that plumpness of youth is bidding farewell as we speak 🙁 Sadly no moisturizer in the world can help me there but isn't it lovely trying new products?
    Lovely post as always Rachel x

  2. October 11, 2015 / 2:31 am

    you look fantastic and I wish I had started earlier with a better routine, always wore moisturizer but I smoked and never washed off my makeup, takes a bit of a toll. Thanks for sharing some new products

  3. April 18, 2016 / 5:48 am

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