My Classics List & Buying Designers

This year has seen me shopping more savvy. Buying less but curating a wardrobe of classics that i love and want to wear now, but can envisage me wanting to wear in years to come.
So my frivolous spending hundreds of pounds on silly, not great quality pieces, that i end up wearing once and are then chucked in to the abyss until i find it on a clear out and it ends up in the charity bag, has come to an end.
I am actually really happy about it.
It does feel strange, as sometimes i wonder if an outfit is ‘blog-worthy’ as perhaps it isn’t the loudest/brightest/most on-trend outfit. But then i give my self a slap and reminder that I now love my wardrobe more than ever, and by buying classic pieces that i love it is an investment in to me and also really saving a lot of waste in the long run.
So the thought of investment pieces got me thinking.
If you could buy anything…

What would your invest pieces be?

Hardly Ever Worn It  stocks some gorgeous designer bags, and at a cut of the cost it really makes designer goods more attainable. Its perfect for picking up those classic designer pieces at a fraction of the cost, which for my clothing budget really, really helps. 
Also hints to the hubby also help..

Its renowned in the celebrity world as the place to go for finding that hard to get designer piece. 
But for me its the reductions. The prices are designer attainable.

I have spent years building up a little wishlist of all the designer items i would want to get.

Much thought has gone in to the classic items that will stay with me for years, and hopefully pass on to my step daughter/grand kids. 

Designer price tag aside, the idea of adding/mixing a little luxury in to an already high street outfit is a great way of adding that little je ne sais quoi to your outfit, or in-fact your wardrobe.

So.. with much thought my items would be:

1. A classic Chanel bag

Starting with the epitome of luxe. Chanel exudes class. The brand is one I greatly admire and i know i would cherish a chanel bag like it were my child.

This would go with everything and is at the very top of my lust list.

2. The classic trench coat

Never ages, never goes out of style, the classic trench is the perfect coat. I always have one in my coat armour, but in all honesty mine has seen better days. 

And lets face it no one does a trench coat quite as well as Burberry.

The plaid lining, the perfect neutral shade and classic cut.  

A must on my Classics list.

3 & 4
A Diane Von Furstenburg Dress and Classic Black heels.

When i first started this blog 4 years ago i had a list similar to this actually. It was on my ‘about me’ page and after a general ramble about myself i made a list of my lust items. It included a kate spade bag and a DVF dress as two items i would love to acquire. Since then i’ve had a Kate Spade bag, and also sold a Kate Spade bag (was too small after Neo came along, wish i’d kept it now mind), but the elusive DVF wrap dress is yet to be mine. One day it will be i’m sure.

I find them again, timeless, and perfect for any occasion. Loving this one because i have always loved a good star print, again classic in my eyes.

And to go with the dress, a great pair of heels. Louboutins or Choo’s would probably be my shoe weapon of choice here as the classic black pump would be the all time perfect shoe.

5 & 6
A GREAT red bag and a mulberry purse

I don’t think i could go through life without a red bag. It just magically brings an outfit together and is perfect with all neutrals for bringing a pop of colour to the party. The one above is a pretty fabulous Mulburry that would effortlessly transform any look.
A mulberry purse would also be a rather lovely addition. I have friends who each have them. The thing I really like about them is how they improve with age. A purse so often gets chucked in and out of our bags that they take quite the beating. The Mulberry purses i have seen age beautifully. The leather softening and wrinkles charmingly adding character and personality to its fa├žade.

My list is quite structured now and has been the same for the past couple of years. I hope to start crossing things off my list as i acquire them (ahem husband, ahem Christmas and birthday fast approaching)

What classics would you buy? 

Do you think i’m missing anything, let me know in the comments if you think there’s anything i should add to my Classics list.


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