Capes, Cardigans and Pochos

It’s been the most bizarre weather here in the UK of late. Brisk and cold in the morning, which is seasonally perfect. But come 2pm i’m stripping off more layers than Magic Mike. Its hitting 20 degrees celcius in the sun some days.. i mean.. what the what? Our summer wasn’t even this warm.
So i got to browsing for some cold weather options that could work for me throughout the day.
My answer i came to was capes, wraps and poncho like things.
Snuggly and warm, perfect for layering in the morning, then come afternoon either fling it off or take off the jumper underneath and wear with a simple tee.
So whats available for the wraps, capes and poncho’s? Well there is literally a plethora of offerings from high end to easy on the wallet.
For me, i like them plain, neutral rather than tassled and checked (having said that i do have one that is both tassled and checked from last winter that i loved, and also a new gift checked one in grey which, also i love). But the rule of thumb for me is less sundance kid more chic layering.. apparently.
So findings?

Starting with a cardigan/wrap hybrid from BB Dakota, which could be my favourite.
Love this… Love the colour, styling and the remixabilty. The fabric looks soft and snuggly and the D ring tie belt is a nice touch, but could also me changed for a different belt if you so liked (i’m thinking a leopard print belt) Also price wise its pretty on the money. BB Dakota is a brand i’ve found more and more pieces i’ve liked by them lately. More on that soon i’m sure.

 Autograph striped wrap
Open Cape Cardigan

Next up i looked in good ol’ M&S and there’s a nice selection of knitwear in general this season.
Very berry and autumnal. Both these rich in colour, would look great with denim on denim, black and greys. I think in my mind, i like the idea of sleeves, so the second one for me works well. I love the colour combination of a light blue denim and a berry so this looks pretty darn good in my minds.

Mango Kate Moss 70’s Blanket Cape

ASOS Camel Stripe Cape With Tassels

A skip and a hop over to Asos found some nice offerings, some that i didn’t think at the beginning of this post was what i wanted, but what d’you know., i am always happy to be proven wrong (unless your my husband) 

The first one that caught my eye was the Mango Kate Moss 70’s Blanket Cape.. It was the styling that did it for me. Who knew a blanket wrap could look so damn sexy. I always thought of them as weekend/casual wear. Snuggly and comfy. But that outfit really shows that the piece is versatile and can look great dressed up with some leather and a sheer blouse. 

Then we then have the safe bet with a good camel coloured wrap. Tassels are present but the simple neutral and lack of print keeps this still pretty chic and really versatile

Espirt Long Checked Hooded cape

Gani Fringed poncho in Navy

 These next two are not what i intended at all. But they’re so so… well, nice!
The Espirt is borderline picnic blanket, but yet i love the red and blues together, plus the hood adds that nice touch and stops it from looking like you’ve just rolled in your nans blanket
The Gani, a bit more pricey but again, the navy is such a great colour. Wear with creams, blues and denims or against a whole black under outfit and navy boots. I actually really love it.

I had to throw a full on cape in here. Capes are set to be huge this winter and this one from 

The Kooples is divine. 

If i was going to tackle the cape ( i just can’t get my head, or my arms around them: appendages hanging out the sides of something just doesn’t sit right with me.. Plus say cape to me and i just think Batman, something i blatantly need to overcome.) it would have to be classic black for me. Timeless, chic and could be dressed up or down.


 Finally finishing on a cardigan/cape in luscious grey. Now this one i could live in this winter. Pile the layers on underneath, even wear a scarf around the neck, hobo bag and good to goo.
Amazing with khaki, black, navy.. you name it. It could quite easily be my caped crusader.



  1. October 12, 2015 / 9:10 am

    I like that black cape the best. However, I have 10 ponchos and only two capes.

  2. October 12, 2015 / 7:30 pm

    The weather HAS been a tricky customer, for sure.
    I have been layered up in the morning and coming home with all my layers stuffed into a bag!
    Capes, wraps and shawls are just brilliant for this time of year….and a great extra layer over a winter coat too (when things turn properly cold).
    We have had the profit's of weather-doom telling us that it is going to be a hard winter. brrrr.
    Hang on to those wraps!
    Fake Fabulous

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