Lets talk Flares

Wearing River island Mid wash Brooke Flare

Years ago i loved me some flares, skinny jeans weren’t my thing at all, bootcut where just meh but flares were for me. But then i discovered an ankle grazer skinny jean that could be easily worn with boots and were weather appropriate through winter (flares + rain= major soggy mess)
So i stepped away from the flare for a long while, opting for ease of wear with my comfy skinnies.
But i have to say this past month has seen me fall back in love with the flared jean. Why you ask? Well let me tell you: Firstly they are uber flattering. Being a pear shaped lady (heavier on my bottom half) they help even me out, hips look evenly proportioned against the flared hem line, where skinnies can often emphasise my larger area (those mean ol’ thighs).
Secondly, they can be dressed up or down, and i know skinny jeans can too, but i do think that a dark indigo or black flare can look really smart. Add a blazer or biker and they look awesome.
And finally, they are a great nod to the 70’s trend that’s everywhere this season.
But regardless of trends i think i will be keeping flares in my jeans armoury for some time as they just make me feel pretty awesome.
With that in mind i’ve been scouring to see what the world wide web has to offer so i can add another pair, because obvs, one isn’t enough is it 😉


Actually starting with my favourite here. MiH are renowned for having some of the best flares on the market and i can see why (more here.. check those babies out.. so so good!)

These are exactly what i’m looking for, dark black, mid rise with just the right amount of flare. LOVE. Styled, like above, with a biker jacket looks gorgeous, but with a blanket wrap, or chunky cardigan these look like they could be a firm staple for me.


Not gunna lie, i love everything this brand does. You can get it via Shopbop , which fyi they do free international shipping, i’ve had an account for years, i remember i first bought a pair of Ditto flared jeans (co-incidentally) from them in about 2007.. the flared loved has now continued! But yes back to Joie.. these are the Enchante Flare Jeans and they are beautiful. Lovely indigo with front pocket details. love the styling too.. i need the grey chunky knit now too, darn it.

River Island

LeftThe same as i’m wearing above

Right Black Reform Molly jeans

Now you know what shopping for jeans is like (like sticking pins in my eyes if i’m honest) Its up there with swimwear/underwear shopping for me. A minefield of sizes that never quite measure up against each other, different from one shop to the next. But River Island jeans i know. They fit me and my shape incredibly well. I ahve the distressed RI flares but i think maybe the black could be my next purchase. Plus reform meaning, bounces back, which is always a good thing with my backside shoehorned in to them, heehee.

 Asos Low RiseSuper Flare Jeans

Now i really like the look of these too (oh lord i could end up with about 6 pairs at this rate, all in the name of research of course,ahem. Blogging is dangerous I tell you!
The only thing that for me, personally, may not be quite right is the low rise, they don’t look particularly low in the photo, but after baby comes high rise. High rise is my jean saviour, but great price point and love the super flare.

So there we have it, my favourites so far. I shall report back with my findings once i’ve decided which pair to go for.

What are your thoughts on Flares? Do you own any? If not would you buy any?



  1. September 17, 2015 / 3:13 am

    Love how you style them… I want some flares too they look so 70's.


  2. September 18, 2015 / 11:06 am

    I adore flares, always have. I only have one pair at the moment though which I can only wear with heels, they're so long. I need to find a pair short enough to wear with flats because they look cute with flats too, right?
    Suzy x

  3. September 19, 2015 / 7:29 am

    You are so right- they are much more flattering for most women than skinny jeans. Loving how you have styled yours too. Lorraine x

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