A/W Boots- The 6 pairs of boots you need

Oh yes.. its nearly boot season!!
Officially ( according to experts: that would be google..) Autumn (Fall) officially starts on September 23rd (apart from my antipodean friends, who will be looking forward to spring of course)
Welcoming Autumn means welcoming 100 denier tights back in to my life, along with a plethora of knitwear, faux leather and of course, the obligatory boots.
Ankle, knee-high, OTK, shoe-boots, biker.
Flats, heels (block or slim heel), wedge, wellies.
Quite frankly i could quite easily own hundreds of boots and be like a pig in proverbial poop.
But with me streamlining my clothes, comes streamlining of the shoes, and that unfortunately means boots too.. darn it.
If i think real hard, i could limit my boot collection to a handful. Not gunna lie, its gunna be hard, yes i know this wreaks of #firstworldproblems, but as a person with clothing OCD i like need a certain shoe, boot in this case, to go with a certain outfit, or my brain just goes in to melt down. True story.

So, over the past few weeks i have started mentally compiling a Boot list.
Taking in to consideration what i *plan* to wear this winter with my colour scheme in mind(this could obviously all go horribly wrong if i start buying literally everything and anything again) , shall go in to that in more detail another day as today, it’s all about the boots.

To limit the boot collection i have whittled it down to a few pairs. A few being 6, but lets not split hairs.

1. Black day boots
2. Black evening/smart boots
3. Tan/neutral day boots
4. OTK boots (black)
5. Knee high/riding style boots (tan)
6.Wildcard- Leopard ankle print boots

That’s its!
6 Pairs as opposed to 56 pairs.
I think with 6 pairs of boots I could quite easily take on autumn and winter in style and comfort(not including wellies here, ‘cos quite frankly that comes under the necessity tab like knickers and bra’s, especially if you live in the northern hempishpere  wetter than wet Wales) .

Now comes the good bit.. lets shop.
I started at my usual haunt of Lyst, bloody marvellous way to search for items that you’re not sure where to start with but know the general style you want.
I started with Womens boots and my god, what a treasure trove. 6 boots alone was obviously going to prove difficult. Thankfully you can make you own Lyst which is a fab little tool, great for coming back to (plus point also, if you’ve added something to a lyst, when it goes on sale they email you.. i’ve had some amazing bargains thanks to that! Plus it saves you cyber stalking a pair of boots at least!)
My full Autumn/Winter boot wish Lyst is here (I can’t stop spelling it as lyst now, lyst/list)
But here are the few i’m thinking could be the ones.

Starting with
1. Everyday Black day boots.
I’m thinking small heel or flat, suede finish and ankle height.

 H by Huson £100

These are the ‘Goes-with-everything’ Boot, the walking, shopping, school run, you name it boot.

Casual with jeans- skinnies or flares. 

Great with a little faux leather skirt and tights, and equally pleasing with a dress. 

Potential is great in this one (for some reason i said that in a Yoda accent.. i’m such a geek)

And at £100 they’re not the cheapest boots, but cost pe wear would be at a guaranteed low after just one winter. Plus H by Hudson boots have always been of a great quality and durability.

Next up 

2.The smart/evening boot

I don’t know about you, but when the cold weather rolls in, the thought of going out in shoes- without socks, instantly makes me want to cancel my plans and stay in with my slipper socks tucked in to my pjs.

Yep i am a wimp with the cold.

So the only way i am going out is if these tootsies of mine are warm (as can be of course).

Ankle boots in winter are my saviour. Last year i established that i definitely had a hole in my collection, for something a little smarter, i’m thinking skinny heel rather than block, and maybe a pointed toe.

Wallis Fringe Boots (24% off for 24 hours, so only £57 at the mo but shop quickly!)

I recently saw these on Kat’s blog and fell head over heels (ha, ‘scuse the pun), Gorgeous low cut front (that i could still sneak some sock action in to), fringe detailed back and not too high a heel. Love. Great with skirts or dresses for an edgy vibe that’s not too girlie, great with coated jeans or with some faux leather trousers. Perfect night out booties!

3.Tan/neutral day boots

River island £65.00

Gorgeous tan suede and a block heel. This colour of boots is great, they go so well with all denim colours and i love the contrast between the tan boots and a pair of black skinnies. All round great day boot with a fab price. To be fair i find RI really good quality for your high street buys.
So yep, tan day boot, sorted.

4. OTK (Over The Knee) Boots

Sam Elderman £210

These became big last winter after a bit of an 80’s revival and this winter are set to be everywhere.
Last year I looked all season long for a great pair, but to no avail. I find them a really tricky product. There’s a fine line between Pirate and Pretty Women.
To big at the top you look swashbuckling and then (in my opinion) skinny heels just blatantly reminds me of Pretty Woman (the lift scene where she cocks her boot cladded leg up and looks for the runner in her pantyhose- classic!)
For me, they have to be flat and fairly tight. These Sam Elderman boots are my favourites after a long and arduous hunt. At £210 they’re not for the faint hearted.  But trust me when i say, i have looked and looked and looked. These for me are the best.


Oasis Rachel Riding Boot £85.00

These boots are called Rachel. Need i say more?!

Ok so if your names not Rachel, they’re still ace. 

Great weekend wear, previously i’ve worn mine with a indigo jeans, chambray shirt and a big oversized cream thick knitted cardigan. Lovely countryside chic. Plus ultimate comfort levels as i can actually tuck my best chunky socks in there too.

These will work hard all winter for you. 

6. Wildcard: Leopard Print Boots

River Island £65.00

If i’m totally honest, i’m not sure i love these. They were the best i found on my hunt, but i think i like my leopard to be a little lighter (that could just be me being uber picky). I do like the block heel though and they height on the ankle (hmmm maybe they’re a grower).
The thing with leopard print is its become like a modern day neutral. It ties outfits together and implies effort was made. Which on lazy days, an all black outfit with these could prove priceless on the style front.

So there we have it
6 boots for winter!

Just a couple of additions. I’m actually stepping away from wellies this winter, i find them too much of a pain in the backside: they’re cold in winter and a nightmare to take off, probably because of the thickness of my socks, but when hubby’s away trying to pull your own wellie boot off is in equal measures hilarious and frustrating.
So there’s two additions to my boots that i am adding.
They’re life necessities (especially dog walking)

Sorrel Boots

See? Winter necessity. Waterproof, snow proof, dog proof, life proof. Think i need these most!

Plus with the laces it means easy removal (unlike those damn wellies of mine)

And of course, my winter wouldn’t be complete without

Tall Ugg boots

I just have to. Call them fugly, i don’t care. I lived in mine the past 2 winters and on a cold day there is nothing better. Stylish they may not be, but yep they are a definite life essential for me.

And that ladies rounds up my 6 (which ended up being 8) Autumn/ Winter boot must haves.

Do you agree or would you have anything to add or change?


  1. September 9, 2015 / 1:24 pm

    Love it! I've been perusing boots online and having a staple list like this will help me to focus on what I need first. Thank you.

  2. September 9, 2015 / 1:24 pm

    Love it! I've been perusing boots online and having a staple list like this will help me to focus on what I need first. Thank you.

  3. September 9, 2015 / 6:12 pm

    Oooh reading this is making me excited for autumn. Great choices Rachel! x

  4. September 9, 2015 / 10:53 pm

    I love the fact that you found a boot that fitted one on your list, called Rachel! Great choices but I would probably swap the skinny heel for a wedge as me and spindly heels don't go!

  5. September 10, 2015 / 8:58 am

    I'm compiling my boot wish list too! I had Chelsea boots on my list which I now have, but I'm looking for a flat pair of black ones (just under the knee – I have a love/hate relationship going on with OTK, although I do have a pair of grey suede ones that I love) I also have a leopard print pair from a few years ago that can resurface this year! Definitely going to check lyst out.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

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