My Holiday to Piran Meadows Cornwall

For the may half term me and the little fam booked a last minute holiday to Cornwall. We LOVE cornwall. I think if we could, we would move here in a heartbeat. But alas, we can not, so we must settle for holidaying there as often as possible.
We have been down to the Cornish neck of the woods a few times over the past couple of years, but this was our first time at Piran Meadows which is just outside Newquay. I have to say, hand on heart, this was by far the nicest most easy going, fun, lovely holiday we’ve ever had.
We went to Newquay Zoo which was fabulous, Fistral Beach for the day,which is doggy friendly all year round; perfect for Cassy, and Lappa Valley Steam Railway which was the loveliest day out.

You may or may not know but my day job is a Travel agent, so there i was 10 days before half term with dreams of Cornwall and the seaside and clotted cream and scones. I looked through our brochures and found Piran Meadows Resort & Spa. I’m always apprehensive with ‘caravan’ holidays, we normally stay in lodges or cottages, but I started reading the reviews and looking online at Darwin Escapes as a whole and looking at the gorgeous photos, plus seeing that it only opened last year made me think i’d give it a punt.
And what a punt it was. I was stunned!!!
It was absolutely beautiful. The grounds, the luxury caravans, the facilities all blew me away with their incredibly high standards.
Lets start with the Caravan itself shall we? I opened the door to the caravan with one eye closed, peaking around the corner, hoping it would be nice. I walked in and was wowed.
I went through to the living room and opened the verandah doors on to our enclosed verandah. The living room was perfectly set up with a lovely TV with CBeebies for Neo, a gorgeous fireplace and seating for all which led open plan into the kitchen , which was perfectly equipped for everything.
I walked through to each immaculate bedroom, 2 twin rooms which we set Neo up in one, then on to our double.
It was nicer than my home!
Big double bed with crisp white cotton sheets and puffy pillows, more than ample wardrobe space, TV in the bedroom, hairdryer (!) ensuite wc.. I was in caravan heaven.
I wanted to move in permanently.
I quickly got to settling us in and making it our home for the next 4 nights.
I had never felt so at home on holiday.

The other contributing factor for us was that they accommodated doggies. Cassy is a really good puppy, and she loved coming on holidays with us, i loved being able to take her too.
We planned our days out mostly around what was doggy friendly (all bar the zoo for obvious reasons) and i was so pleased to see how many places in the area welcome dogs.  Then when we would get back to the caravan she would be shattered and fall asleep on the rug (it was adorable) and i would put my feet up and have a lovely cuppa (First caravan ever that i’ve known to supply coffee, 4 types of tea’s, milk and sugar and some biscuits! how nice!)

View of the Cornish countryside from our Caravan.

 In regards to the facilities in Piran Meadows, there were plenty. They have daily sports and activities for all such as archery, water zorbs and footie and basketball to name a few. We didn’t partake but saw lots of the activities and the activity team were always so cheery and fun.
There’s the spa also, which i never got around to using, but it looked beautiful and would be lovely as a little holiday treat.
There is also the pool which Neo loved (which fyi was the perfect temperature, i hate getting in to a cold pool..what can i say, i’m a wimp, but it was like a lovely warm bath, just thought that was well worth noting haha!) and then a two lane bowling alley, which was so fun, (have i ever mentioned i am awesome at bowling.. with my maiden name as Bowler i had to be though didn’t i?!)
There is a great restaurant on site too, to me a holiday is as little cooking as possible;)
The restaurant had a great menu and i can safely say the english breakfast was delicious (the Cornish sausages were to die for) and meals in general were super yum (i had the seafood risotto and chunky chips and i’m salivating just thinking about it!) There is also a Costa Coffee.. i have literally found my slice of heaven here.

 At the bowling alley and then at Lappa Valley, on the canoes.. which i chose to delegate to hubby to do with him.. you know as a father son bonding thing*wink*

 Fistral Beach Fun

 Little train rides (that would be a Thor hammer in his hand if you’re wondering.. every 4 year old boys favourite accessory, no?!)

 Fistral Beach with Cassy, gorgeous day, a little chilly but my Seafolly Seasalt Jacket was perfect (more on my packing and outfits in tomorrows post). Piran Meadows was less than 10 minutes outside the centre of Newquay, which was perfect for us; far enough out to really enjoy some peace, but close enough to nip in and out as and when we wanted.

I can’t even express in words what a wonderful time we had and i can’t recommend Piran Meadows enough.
I’ve had complete holiday blues for the past 10 days, so much so that hubs and i have been looking at booking again (summer holidays hopefully!), maybe one of their other luxury resorts in Cornwall, or maybe back to Piran Meadows as we loved it THAT much.

Have you ever been to Cornwall? 

I highly recommend it, i really do.

*Fyi this isn’t a sponsored post in anyway shape or form.. if you hadn’t guessed already i just REALLY loved it there, and the travel agent in me just loves to share these nuggets of travel information with you 😉


  1. June 10, 2015 / 11:14 am

    This looks lovely, we love Cornwall too and that caravan looks really luxurious!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  2. June 12, 2015 / 5:07 am

    We love Cornwall too. Such a special place. Beautiful photos. It does look like a very special holiday. Lynne xx

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