Buying nice bags (and whats in mine)

This year i have been investing in a few things. Nice bags falls in to that category. I have been shrewdly saving pennies and not buying lots of cheap bags in lots of colours, and just buying some key pieces that really go with everything. 

Earlier this year i invested in a black Michael Kors bag, i also received a DKNY small red bag and a Fossil bag which i love.

But, there was a navy shaped hole in my bag armoury. I LOVE navy. My wardrobe is filled with a lot of it alongside the neutrals and reds. A navy bag was a must.

Enter Radley. 

Everyone and i mean EVERYONE (ok slight exaggeration, but you get the emphasis there) always recommends Radley Handbags to me. The ladies i work with, both my besties and lots of customers all own Radley bags. So i finally took a look.. 

…And i fell in love.

Navy, structured with a double zip, handles and a cross body strap.. Bag perfection right here ladies. As soon as i saw it , i knew it ticked all the bag boxes for me. Medium in size and perfect for me to haul my daily amount of crap around in it, without it being too overwhelmingly big that i freak out every time i go looking for my keys (anyone else do that? loose things in the enormity of their big bags and have a slight melt down when something ‘isn’t in there’ only to find it waaaay down in the deepest darkest corner… I call it bag gremlins, lol!)

So yes welcome to the gang Navy Radley… you will be much loved.

As for whats in my bag… well this is the edited version shall we say, i am actually getting much better at this(this being keeping your bag clean and organised), nice bags deserve a little respect don’t ya think? I used to have a bag load of crumpled up tissues, mass loads of receipts, some even with old chewing gum wrapped up in them.. eugh i know.. i blame my mum, she always taught me to take my litter home.. problem is it came home but never left the bag.. i know i know, disgusting. But like i said i have improved vastly. Only a few minor things needed removing (lego pieces.. #mumlife, and a couple of recent receipts and those pesky ‘you’ve saved’.. supermarket vouchers)
So what i carry on the daily:

Purse (obvs) this is a lovely Ted Baker one, its my summer purse as i just loved the nude colour and mint lining (also it has dogs all over the inside! Mega cute overload)

Next up phone! Uber important, like a limb type of importance.I have the LG and i love it! I have tried every phone you can imagine (my husband is a gadget geek, we try lots of new techy stuff, what can i say, he has his gadgets i have my clothes; and all is happy in the Turone household) this one is by far the best. the customization is incredible and the battery life unbelievable.. i could go on, but i won’t bore you, i’m aware techy things aren’t everyone’s cuppa tea:)
Then we go on to the peripherals shall we say.

Sunglasses.. major must have. I currently have about 6 pairs on the go, it sounds bizarre but i have really light sensitive eyes, as soon as i go out i have to have some shades, and obviously they have to be a bit snazzy. Currently love these New Look oversized angular pair.

Makeup. Very important for touch-ups through the day. I carry my Chanel compact for powdering down any shininess, a lipstick and a lipgloss (both Chanel again in this case) In all honesty i have been known to carry 7 lip products with me at any given time. I just tend to chuck them in in the morning. But these are my current faves.
Then YSL touche eclat for some major baggage (of the eye variety) covering up, some lip balm and some frizz ease serum to tame those pesky flyaways.

I always have a perfume on me cos no one likes a stinker… (haha i joke,sorta) I’m currently loving Ghost Eclipse, such a great scent for summer.
Then we have the obligatory hair band/tie and hair pins, of which i must go through approximately 8424254041520 in a year.. again i think gremlins get those too..

I keep forgetting a brush/comb lately too which i must invest in a small handbag one, ‘cos man, in this windy weather lately, my hair gets sooo tangled #haystacklook
Next i have tissues, wet wipes and ibuprofen.. i am a mummy.. these are necessities. Headaches meh, sticky hands and snotty noses, the latter being the kids that is, not me i promise, all part and parcel of your average day i guess. Being prepared helps (as does wine i find, but it doesn’t fit in my bag*winks*)

Then we have my boring life stuff. Small notepad for the copious amounts of lists i make and my diary telling me where i’ve got to be and when.. fairly important as i have a memory like a sieve.

And always, always a snack. I get a hangry (hungrry-angry) if i don’t eat for prolonged periods of time. Prevention is a must ,for everyone’s sanity. I’ve been trying to be healthy lately so apples are a great snack that can be carried most of the day (unlike say, a banana, shame on you soft fruit)

So there we have it.. my new lovely Radley and its current contents.
Do you have a favourite bag? And what are your everyday essentials? I’d love to know, i’m nosey so poking around in other peoples things is always like fun to me.. do share!



  1. June 18, 2015 / 9:33 am

    Beautiful and luxurious! You carry quite a lot of things. I mean necessities 🙂

  2. June 18, 2015 / 3:53 pm

    Stunning bag, I love investment bags too, they last forever and just really 'make' an outfit, love this post x

  3. June 18, 2015 / 8:44 pm

    This bag is really gorgeous. I am on the lookout for a navy bag too – my staples are black, white and red but a navy one would fit in well. I always have sunglasses and a wee pot of nivea in my bag. Lorraine x

  4. June 19, 2015 / 10:58 pm

    Oh this post has really made me giggle! I took a banana to college the other day didn't eat it, forgot about it & found it a few days later when sat down to do my homework……say no more!! Love your new navy baby! Andrea x

  5. June 21, 2015 / 2:00 pm

    I love this, I have my eye on a navy Radley bag at the moment too, they are just so gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

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