Saturday Shopping: Discovering an Italian Brand; VentiFive

During the winter i was doing a bit of research into some leather trousers and browsing the good ol’ world wide web for inspiration when i stumbled upon and Italian brand. A brand that seemed to provide what looked like designer goods that were catwalk worthy for some of the best Italian fashion houses. That company is VentiFive

At first i was attracted to their Italian crafted leather trousers that looked perfect, but then i started to delve a little further. Their coats and bags look like they should be in a showroom with the triple figure price tag. But nope, everything comes in way less than 100euro (and with the exchange rate in our favour right now, it would be rude not to, right?) 

There are few things that get me excited but the Luciana Bag actually made me squeal a little bit. I mean does this or does this not look tremendously like a famous gorgeous bag that is over £900 right now? *ahem Chloe*

So i started to look in to the company a little further. I always love to read the “about” section for a new to me company. 

VentiFive are the manufacturers and have produced garments for major brands, accumulating decades of experience in the world of clothing. They design, develop and manufacture in Italy and offer exclusively through the web avoiding all the intermediate steps of the commercial chains and at a very advantageous price.

Well I am sold… and now i’m passing this nugget of information on to you my friends.. because that’s what friends do right;)

You’re welcome!

Gorgeous isn’t it? And also needs to be on my arm this summer!!!

 Here’s a few of my absolute favourites for Spring that i’m currently adding to my online basket of goodness

 Milena Shirt 

Emma Top

This floral print is Spring perfection. Love the idea of the pussybow blouse with some white jeans and tan accessories.

Mini Trench Lavinia

Jessica Trench in Yellow

 The second thing to catch my eye was the excellent coats and jacket selection.. We all know how much i love a nice coat and a trench coat is something that should be in every womans wardrobe.
I love the update of a classic piece with the beautiful yellow colour. Yellow is one of the key colours for s/s 15 and the Jessica trench ticks all the right boxes. How perfect would it look with a navy and white breton top? ugh..made for each other, right?

 Samanta Peplum top

Scuba material, pretty in colour perfect in  design. The Samanta top stole my blush loving heart when i saw the deep v back. I love attention to detail and that back has me sold. Plus peplum in scuba is something i think i need to try.

So VentiFive, i think i love you, Cin Cin Bella Cin Cin!

Now what will you be buying? (Its the bag isn’t it?)



  1. April 11, 2015 / 2:22 pm

    Oh my! I love this bag indeed (the Chloe one)…but no way I'm paying full price! And this looks like a great alternative! Thanks for the tip!

  2. April 12, 2015 / 11:44 am

    Hi Rachel, I've been reading your blog for a while now and enjoying it! This bag is indeed a wonderful find. Have you seen the blue braided bag? It's reversible!
    I'll join your link party for the first time! See you again, Irmin

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