New Year New Skincare

new year new skincare

new year new skincare by rachel-the-hat

With winter in full swing i have really noticed my skin needing a little extra TLC.. with the weather being cold and the heating on constant high my skin is dry and patchy and just generally a bit ick.
Plus i have to say i had a few very naughty nights of not taking my makeup off over the festive period.. which is a cardinal sin in forms of skincare. So i’m now seeking out some back up and this Murad product is proving to be spot on (ha ‘scuse the pun) those breakouts.
Here’s my daily routine
Gentle exfoliate normally in the shower with the (1) Sanctuary gentle exfoliator. I love this one, its gentle for my face but yet feels gritty enough that its really deep cleaning my face and removing all the dirt that builds up.
Once patted dry i first apply (2)my Olay day serum. For my skin this is light enough to put under my make-up. i find a lot of day creams to oily for my already oily skin, or too thick to sit comfortably under make-up. This serum works nicely for me.
Then on to spot control with (3) Murad, and very importantly (4) eyecream with L’oreal’s blur effect eyecream. This is the best ‘high street/low price range’ eye cream i have found. It has definitely worked well for me so far and i really love the thick cconsistency
After those lotions and potions i move on to my make-up (another post there possibly!)

Come night time and my bed is calling i like to remove all my make up with (5) Garnier
Micellar water,love this stuff. I am on my 3rd bottle and i find it perfect for my oily skin. It removes all my makeup and leaves my skin completely clean and ready for more (4) eyecream! twice daily for my eye cream is a must!
Then the wondrous (6)Elemis Maximum replenish Nigh Cream.. this stuff is wonder cream to me, after trialling it from a magazine sample i can no longer go back to cheaper brands. it just works and i wake up in the morning feeling like my skin has drunk in all its lovely moisturing cream that i fed it the night before 😀
Finished off with a  slick of (7)Burts Bees lip balm and i am ready to hit the sack.. one of my favourite times of day. Makeup off, teeth clean, clean pj’s on and in to bed.. Snuggle down and sleep!

So there we have it my new year new skincare routine. So far this has worked wonders for my skin and i am already feeling like its getting back to a more normal state! Just to keep this up now and to not fall in to bed with a days worth of makeup on my face! ( sacrilege!)

Do you have any skincare routine tips? Do share in the comments, i am a beauty novice and have loved discovering new brands and techniques over the last months!




  1. January 12, 2015 / 8:58 pm

    Love the garnier miscellar water too its so quick and easy and really gets makeup off well. I like the sound of the blur effect eye cream too been meaning to try it, will need to pick one up x

  2. January 20, 2015 / 9:01 pm

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