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If you’ve been reading RTH a while, you will know i am an avid list maker. Love ’em infact. I make lists about anything and everything (i actually have one to the side of me as i type this.. its a boring one though.. food shopping..meh) So when i recently stumbled upon Lyst from a fellow blogger, i thought i had to check it out. It turns out to be the perfect tool for making ‘lysts’ for all your the items you are currently lusting after. Usually I have a lust list as long as my arm, on any given week. Sometimes the items can change, and the lusting level can go up or down, but lists are my thing that helps me keep up with the ever changing world of fashion, plus my fickle fickle ways.
I’ve been doing a little soul searching on the shopping front lately, wanting once again, to invest in key items and spend less frivolously and more on planned, well thought out key pieces such as the divine Valentino Shoes, that stole my stud loving heart. These i can see many a mile over many a year being walked in and therefore cost per wear would ultimately be low, right?
The other great thing i love about Lyst is that it acts  like a super sales informant agent, letting you know when something on your Lyst is on sale/ reduced price, enabling me the avid bargain hunter to get my goodies at their lowest possible prices, making this shopper even happier.

When you first sign up (which fyi ,was super quick, easy and un-intrusive)it asks you in simple quick fire succession, who your favourite designers are, and let me tell you they have everyone from a-z, literally, Asos and Armani to Zara and a personal favourite of mine &Other Stories.
You can then browse whats New For You from the designers you’ve chosen, keeping you on top form of the latest arrivals.
The Lyst creative tool is easy and great to organise in whatever way you please, whether it be seasonal or as suggested when you first sign up, Gift Lysts and Wish Lysts. These can then be shared on your social networks, maybe even with the hastag #HINTHINT to your other half. Perfect in time for Christmas for all those other half’s of ours who need a good hint to point them in the right direction ;)winkwink..
Here’s a couple of my Gift Me Lyst items that i wouldn’t mind finding under my Christmas Tree

I also love the Trending Now filter you can sort your view by, again enabling you to see what is currently selling well, what may be well priced and what may needed to be added to your basket;)
In all honesty folks i have to say, it’s nice to finally find a tool that not is not only easy and clear to use, but actually works for me too with its informative sales information. It keeps me wanting to go back and use this tool rather than just endlessly pinning things on my other social networks never to be looked at again. I’ve actually now saved Lyst on my main bookmarks bar on my browser and when ever i’m in the mood to internet window shop, i just hop on over.

So there we have it, my new favourite toy  tool!

Do you ever use any shopping tools to enable better shopping habits?


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