How to wear Bright Lipstick

If you’ve been following along here for a little while you will know i am a huge fan of bright lipsticks. I love how lipstick can complete a look, can distract from tired eyes and makes me feel like i am pulled together and can face the world.
I often get asked what colours i use and what are my preferences when it comes to lip colour so i thought i post a few hints, tips and favourites.

Preparation is key.
Start with clean white teeth for a gorgeous smile, with ex-foliated and moisturised lips.

If you are new to bright lipstick wearing start simply.
Choose a light tone that you are comfortable with then work you way to a darker/brighter tone.
It is better to become comfortable with wearing lipstick before graduating on to a pure bright red lip, because at first it can feel somewhat alien to have such a bright colour on ones face.
So start light and then get a feel for it.

Find a lipstick that works well for you in colour and application.
Lipstick comes in a number of forms these days. My favourites are the traditional lipstick in bullet form, the chubby stick applicator and then what normally comes with a gloss the doe foot applicator.
There is also the squeezy tubes and application from palette with a lip brush.

I find if i am on-the-go i prefer something like a chubby stick as they are easy to apply, even when in a rush. Built like a giant pencil these are easy to simple’draw’ on and off you go. You won’t get a neat edge with these, especially once the nib starts to wear down with use, but like a balm these are easy going and great for starting out with.
The Vhubby Stick started with Clinique but now most make up brands do their own version. I love theColour Rush by Rimmel! I have multiple colours in this form. They are easy to wear and feel moisturising. The colour is vivid and lasts well (but not when eating), and feel pleasant on. if you are just starting out with lip colour, i can’t recommend theses enough. They feel great, easy to apply and come in a great range of colours, my favourite is On Fire which is a great light red, perfect for dabbling with your first red lip colour.
These have a subtle shine but tread the line perfectly between a matte long lasting lippy and a gloss. Shine but not sticky with great pigment all equals a great lipstick to me.

I have never been a lover of lipglosses, i find them stoo stinky and when the wind blows my hair gets stuck to it and i look an atrocious mess, which is just no fun.
But again lipstick is all about personal preference and finding what works for you.
I have recently discovered Bourjois Velvet Lipstick. Applied like a gloss but with the doe foot applicator they are the perfect matte velvet finish.
These are my new favourite lip colour.
Long lasting and comfortable to wear Bourjois have got it just right.
These also come in a superb range of bright shades too.
I am loving shades Ole Flamingo! and Hot pepper

Ole Flamingo
Bright fuchsia pink with some purpley undertones
Hot pepper, a brick red rather than a bright primary red.
The red i’ve found needs a little building for a bolder colour.

Lastly the traditional method of a lipstick.
With the most range of shades the traditional lipstick is where i started many moons ago when i first started to dabble with lip colours.

My most favourite red lipstick is No 7 Drench lipstick in siren, this lipstick has never failed me.

With bright red (or any colour) lipstick it is always best to start out with a lip liner that pairs perfectly. This will stop any colour bleeding from the lips and keeps the look perfectly neat.
A great tip for a perfect red lip is to finish with a fine line of light concealer around the lip to give a crisp edge and giving the lip a pronounced appearance and the perfect Hollywood pout.
I always find with a bright lipstick its best to keep other make-up to a minimum. I tend to usually go for a simple sweep of black eye liner or a cream eye-shadow and a soft blush cheek, keeping all the focus on the colourful lip.
Once you have cracked it, and it may take some time as it can be a step out of the comfort zone, then i can assure you lipstick can change your whole look.

Do you wear bright lipsticks? 
Do you have a favourite that you recommend?



  1. October 22, 2014 / 9:03 pm

    You look fantastic with bright lips! I like wearing hot pepper myself. My favourite one is lady danger by MAC.

  2. October 22, 2014 / 10:59 pm

    You do look amazing with the bright lips for sure! I too am a lover of the reds. My fav is MAC Viva Glam 1.

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