October Sponsor Call

“hmmmm i wonder  how much it is to be a sponsor of Rachel The Hat”

Well its already October the 1st!! Can you believe it? No, me neither. But here it is, so lets grab October by the you know whats and have a great one shall we? 
If you would like to drive some traffic to your blog this month why not take a look at how amazing the  over on the SPONSOR PAGE 

Over here we have a great month coming up working with Lotus shoes and Seasalt, some beauty posts, the Passion For Fashion Friday Link up and the obvious outfit posts!:-)

If you would like to be featured on the blog this month there’s also a couple of guest post/interview slots available with the Top Hat sponsor spot ..

If you have any questions please just drop me an email on:
rachelturone (at)gmail(dot)com

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