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Today i have the absolute pleasure of handing over the chair to the lovely Alyssa who i have had the pleasure of getting to know over the  past 6 months. Today Alyssa is going to share a current trend with us…

Trending: Sleeves

summer coming to a close, we’ve all begin thinking about what we’re
going to wear this fall! All fall lines have been released and the
display windows of our favorite shops remind us that the leaves will
be turning yellow. Sleeves are a definite part of our fall and winter
wardrobes, but designers have paid special attention to all kinds
of sleeves lately. Check out a few right here:

Quarter Length Sleeves:

perfect sleeve to transition from summer to fall. Since fall is that
weird in-between where we’re still warm, but we’re still cool –
a ¾ length sleeve allows us to appreciate both climates. ¾ length
sleeves look great paired with both long pants and shorts. You’ll
often find this look on casual baseball tees, available at retailers
like American


sleeves have become more and more prominent in fashion this year. You
can buy or DIY the cut sleeves long on any one of your old shirts.
There’s so many options when it comes to cuts, including an opening
down the center of the sleeve or multiple openings all the way down
the sleeve. Cut sleeves make for versatile shirts; wear them casually
during the day or formally for a night out.


sleeves transform your average top into more exciting pieces. Lace
can be incorporated in shirts all different ways, from lace backs,
lace fronts, and now lace sleeves. Lace sleeves are common in the
wedding world right now; Kate Middleton’s stunning gown featured
long and gorgeous lace sleeves. Retailers like David’s
offer gowns with exquisite lace sleeves,
some more see-through than others, so that you can decide which is
more comfortable for you.


sleeves have come a long way. They were very fashionable in the
1970’s, but are now a part of modern and vintage trends.
Bell sleeves are not tight sleeves, and ultimately hang around your
arm. There’s a lot of room to move around in bell sleeves, and
that’s why they are so comfortable!


sleeves are much defined. The difference between this and your
average sleeve is that the sleeve is connected to the bottom of the
shirt, so that when you open your arms, it looks like you have bat
wings! The style has become a very popular office fashion look, since
tops with batwing sleeves are likely to show little skin. The
tightness of sleeve from your elbow down can vary!

With so
many different types of sleeves to choose from, your fall wardrobe
will be mix & match heaven! All of these five types of sleeves
offer something different to your ensemble, whether they’re paired
with shorts, jeans, or a skirt. Which sleeves will you be spotted in
this fall?

Bio: Alyssa Guckin loves to put together all different outfits for
herself, her friends, and anyone who’s asking! Though she stands by
the fashion in her city of Philadelphia, Alyssa admits that Gossip
Girl is her number one guilty pleasure.



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