Sponsor in September ( & discount code)

hellloooo, fancy seeing you here..

Well its been a looong time since i did an ad shout out because, well, i have been blogging through a haze and now finally i see the light and its beautiful;-)
SO September is set to already be a fantastic busy month here on the blog, im so excited to have my blogging mojo majorly back..it feels goooood! I have so much lined up all ready and i would LOVE for you to be on board and be part of that too.
There are just two options..easy peasy…

If you take a large ad THE TOP HAT spot then you will be able to submit a guest post to feature here on the blog, we can either work on something together or you can post something that’s totally YOU! Giveaways are also available too for The Top Hat as are lots of nice tweeting tweets

Alternatively, wanna see how you go and just go for the smaller ad with
I can confirm that one of my small ads running has had over 16,100 hits from Rachel The Hat since it started out with me a few months back…how cool is that?!

I am also running a 10% discount for all ads bought in the next 4 weeks… just enter
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So jump on over to the Sponsor page and lets work together, yes?