Girls that wear glasses…

As a kid who had to wear glasses i remember feeling so uncool, so un-pretty and generally unhappy with these foreign objects on my face. I felt they made me stand out for all the wrong reasons. Well i can not tell you how pleased i am that that time
has passed because glasses are now one of the accessories for every occasion, just like handbags and
heels. Glasses can give such a great edge to your look and i LOVE that anyone, prescription or not, can wear glasses and look really great. Whether you
want to dress them up for a night out, or down for a day at the
office, here are some tips and tricks to make your glasses make you stand out for all the right reasons!!


When figuring out which shape to choose for
your frames, go by your jawline. If you have a rounder face,
opt for more square or rectangular glasses. If you have more of an
angular jawline (i.e. square or heart), try going for oval or
round shaped glasses. Colour wise? Grey, black,
shades of brown or tortoise-shell, or light shades of
pink and blue are your best bet for business casual or
just a trip to the mall. Thin-rimmed or metal frames are the
best style for a professional setting or whipping
out reading glasses
when you want to look intellectual and
classy. They brighten your face more than any pair of thick-rimmed
frames would, leaving a sharp impression.

it easy. You don’t want to counteract the clean look of your
glasses by applying crazy amounts of colourful makeup.

*Go light on the
with a champagne or cream-coloured eye shadow. Depending on
your style, you can choose a shade with hints of shimmer.

*Skip the heavy
during the day and go straight to the mascara. Apply a
lengthening mascara to emphasize your lashes behind yours lenses.
Make sure to curl the hairs upward so they don’t hit your lenses.

*Take care of your
because a lot of attention will be on them when you’re
wearing glasses. Make sure they are well-defined, yet natural. Never
forget the little things about beauty care, like a quality eyebrow
shaping appointment at the local salon.

*Give your cheeks a
nice flush
with light shades of pink or peach colored blush-
depending on your skin tone. Be careful not to use too much! Since
your eyes are going to be the main focus, you don’t want to overdo
it underneath.

*Wear a nude or
light pink lipstick
. Skip the gloss or flashy neon lip stain for
the daytime, in order to keep a neat, mature look.

your makeup centralizes around your eyes, the last thing you want to
do is hide them behind your hair.

*Pin your hair up
and out of your face. A chic high or low ponytail or a
bun will accentuate the look. If you aren’t a fan of having
your hair up, you can pin your bangs back into a mini pompadour
and leave the remainder of your hair free flowing. You can also try
the classic half up, half down style, known for drawing total
focus to your face, yet remaining romantic and loose in the back.

*Avoid coloured pins
or clips
, considering they will do nothing but distract. During
the daytime, your eyeglasses should be the main accessory on your
face. An overload of clips would be bad news.


Contrary to daytime, we want to go for
thicker frames to give us more of an edgy appearance in the
evening. The same rules apply in terms of eye shape (go by the
jawline) but the rules for colour are completely different: there are
none! Black
or a rich
are a safe bet because they match every outfit. Now that
it’s night-time, your look can be obviously fun & flirty, so
don’t be afraid to rock a frame with a pop of colour or with a
printed interior.


Night time makeup leaves a little bit more leeway than the
daytime options. The choice is completely yours to decide which part
of your face to feature!

*If it’s eyes
you want to play up, wear an offbeat eye shadow. As dark tints will
appear too heavy on your already covered eyes, avoid a smoky eye.
Instead, play around with purple, blue, or green hues. Line the inner
eye rim with dark eyeliner and use the same lengthening mascara as

*If you want the main
focus of the night to be on your cheeks, start by contouring
your face with lighter and darker foundations. Then, apply a
highlighter to your cheekbones and pair it with your favorite shade
of blush. Don’t be afraid to really add some colour at this point!
Add a little bronzer around your hairline, jawline, and neck. Keep
your eyes light with a neutral eye shadow and a minimal amount of
mascara. Avoid any shine when it comes to your lips; instead, apply a
solid nude shade.

*If you want to draw
attention to your lips, then pick any colour of lipstick you
want! You have all the options in the world, from light coral, pink,
and red, to dark plums and purples. After applying your lipstick, use
the highlighter along your cupid’s bow on the centre of your lips.
Additionally, you have the option to add a dab of clear gloss to your
lips to make them shine. If you are feeling creative, mix shades of
lipstick and gloss to create your own colours. After all – the
nighttime is the perfect time to experiment with new looks! Pair this
look with light, shimmery eyes, staying natural on your cheeks.

as night time is the best time to experiment with makeup, you can also
take the time to try that hairstyle you’ve been dying to perfect.

*The wavier, the
When your hair is wet, braid it and then let it dry. The
thickness of the braids depends on how wavy you want your hair.
Another method for getting waves is to use a crimping iron or a
special flat, hot waver. Create a middle part to enhance the framing
of your face, so that you don’t get too weighed down by your

*Style a half
ponytail or a half bun
, but leave a few extra pieces out in front
to frame your face. If you want your hair totally up and out of your
way, try a thick side braid, or a low or side messy bun.

Correlate your headpieces to your outfit that night, but be careful
not to contradict with the colour of your frames.

Glasses can add an
extra hint of style to an everyday outfit in the afternoon or at
night. It’s all about how you dress them up (or down) with other
accessories, make-up, and hair styles. Don’t be afraid to try any
combination; you might create the next big trend!


  1. August 8, 2013 / 2:22 am

    I remember being happy I didn't need glasses as a kid (still don't) because I had everything else you weren't supposed to have: braces, unruly hair, bushy eyebrows, etc. But today they're so totally in and I really hope kids everywhere get this nowadays!

    I have a pair of non-prescription glasses because I love how they change the whole feel of an outfit. They're such fun pieces to accessorize with! And I have so much fun with my makeup when I'm wearing them. I feel like they frame the face very nicely and therefore can make your makeup stand out even more. Red and pink lipsticks are my favorite for glasses! And for the hair I like to wear slightly messy buns (especially with bangs).

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  2. Anonymous
    May 27, 2016 / 3:17 am

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