Record Breaking

Well Helloooo lovelies.
I haven’t been here since Monday and it feels like ages. I am having trouble lately fitting everything what with work, kids and general life. Throw in the crappy utterly soul destroying weather and thats pretty much where i’ve been!
But, today is a new day. There is no rain and hubby (photographer) was with me for more than 5 minutes to be able to snap these photos! I practically dragged him outside before his bum hit his chair to get the shots.
Do you guys take your own photos with a tripod and timer? With conflicting schedules lately, we’re never together to take photos. What do you do to get your pics?

Skirt: Modcloth
Cardi: on sale Tesco
Top: old New look
Clogs: Lotta From Stockholm
Flower: Old
When i walked down the stairs in todays outfit Paul (hubs) actually laughed out loud! Literally bellowed with laughter. After recovering from laughter he said i look like a firework and that he didn’t know where to look first. But i love this outfit, i instantly felt happy in it, i mean its just so fun!
And a personal best for me 3 patterns in one outfit!
Now i have a question for you guys. to cut or not to cut, this is the question. I’ve been growing my hair for a while and it does grow fast, but i was thinking of having a chop to this nothing to drastic but a chop none the less. or do i keep growing. I’ve always wanted hair that covered my boobies, haha!:)

Anyway i better get to some of this humongous work load before it’s home time. Hours seem to be flying by lately where does the time go? I could do with some more!!
A few lovely ladies have been so kind as to set me up with some amazing guest posts as i may be away a couple of days again, so keep an eye out for them.

Take care
And belated Independence Day wishes to my American Friends and even more belated but Happy Canada Day to the Canadians for earlier this week xxxx


  1. July 5, 2012 / 1:23 pm

    Love that skirt!

  2. July 5, 2012 / 1:45 pm

    That haircut would really suit you, it isn't too short and would look fab with your hair colour!

    I have stupidly long hair at the mo – really, really need a haircut! Just finding the time!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  3. July 5, 2012 / 1:55 pm

    Love this outfit, so colourful! I wish my boyfriend would take my photos, he's tried a couple of times but I'm so used to doing it myself with a remote and tripod that I get annoyed at him when they don't come out right. You're lucky you got a moment when it was dry, I haven't been able to take photos all week because of the rain xo

  4. July 5, 2012 / 2:35 pm

    My husband takes my photos,while he mumbles and grunts, but I do edit them.
    When I get my girls, it is them who take the pics.
    The combination of colours and pattens in your ensemble is soooooooooo up my alley, ahhhhhhhhh. You are gorgeous, and I am sooooo lucky to have found you.

  5. July 5, 2012 / 2:44 pm

    Love the outfit! I wish I could get my husband to snap photos for my blog. I would certainly be able to do a lot more fashion posts. However, with his work schedule we seem to have just enough time to say hello and good bye. I'm really looking into getting a camera with a timer and tripod though. Thanks for the belated Happy Independence Day.

    We enjoyed an early day of grilling and then fireworks via tv and the neighbors.

  6. July 5, 2012 / 4:02 pm

    You are so gorgeous! That outfit is fabulous:)

  7. July 5, 2012 / 4:44 pm

    I love all the pattern clashing! My boyfriend often laughs at my clothing choices. If he likes it I go and change 😉

  8. July 5, 2012 / 5:57 pm

    The prettiest firework ever! You are a master (or should that be mistress) of pattern mixing. That skirt is glorious! Fortunately I have a handy man who takes my pictures, my attempts with the self timer are dreadful! x

  9. July 5, 2012 / 7:00 pm

    I love how much fun it looks like you have putting your outfits together! It's always a joy to see what you wear, your boyfriend has no idea what he's talking about 😛

  10. July 5, 2012 / 8:37 pm

    You look great! I would just look like I fell in my cupboard if I attempted a similar outfit – HOW DO YOU DO IT WOMAN?!
    I think you would really suit that haircut, but it is always scary going for a chop, isnt it? Xo

  11. July 5, 2012 / 9:41 pm

    You are the queen of patterns! 🙂

  12. July 6, 2012 / 12:44 am

    oh the skirt the skirt the SKIRT! love it.

  13. July 6, 2012 / 2:45 am

    You look awesome, such a fun mixture of prints!

    As for my photos, I use a tripod and delayed remote.

    xoxo Mama wolf.

  14. July 7, 2012 / 9:11 am

    gorgeous, love the print clash xx

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