Yep yesterdays outfit was a doggy extravaganza. I’ve had this top a wee while now and wear him quite often but never capture it for the old blog!

excuse my hand this reminds me of “take my strong hand…” Anyone name that film? yes its particularly bad!

 Blazer: Matalan
Jeans: Tesco Clothing
Dalmatians Top: Primark
Clogs: Lotta From Stockholm

I really was hankering after a jeans day, i mean, i wear A LOT of dresses and skirts and love it, but then some times i look forward to a nice easy going jeans day. You know, a not going to expose myself with that surprise gust of wind, move freely and not particularly lady like, sit with legs apart kinda day! And it was good.
The background colour of the top is what i’d call Champagne. I love that colour, my first mobile phone and camera when i was a teenager was champagne colour. Dont really know what made me think of that, other than i have a penchant for the colour.  And seeing as im waffling on i will take that as  my cue to wish you all a wonderful, lovely, happy, stressfree, delightful weekend! That’s what i’m gunna *try* and have!!

Lots of Love xxxx

Ps there’s a nominate button up there on the left hand side for those Cosmo awards. I know a lot of bloggers are talking about it (i’m always late on the uptake arent i!), but if you would like to vote for Rachel The Hat, well that would be grand! voting closes on the 30th i believe.

pleated poppy


  1. June 29, 2012 / 9:02 am

    What an incredibly cute bag you've got there 🙂 I love the brightness of the blazer against the more muted top/jeans and how you've tied in the belt and shoes with it- very nice! xx


  2. June 29, 2012 / 10:02 am

    Your top is lovely – and I agree with you on the champagne colour, it is a beautiful colour! I am in lust with your shoes!! I've noticed them before on your blog, and every time I scroll down to see where you got them from (expecting it to be Swedish Hasbeens)and see Lotta from Stockholm! I have just checked out their website – and what great, stylish, affordable shoes they have 🙂 xx

  3. June 29, 2012 / 10:35 am

    That top is so, so sweet! Good old primark! I want to watch 101 Dalmatians now though! Haha xo

  4. June 29, 2012 / 11:02 am

    Aw, how cute is your bag, gorgeous 🙂

  5. June 29, 2012 / 12:15 pm

    Rachel in pants is a good look 🙂 I love the dalmatian top. Now Im off to vote for you! Have a great weekend 🙂

  6. June 29, 2012 / 1:14 pm

    lol my first phone was champagne colour too!

    Love that top, looks great with the bright colours!

    Have a good weekend hun xx

  7. June 29, 2012 / 2:25 pm

    You look lovely, I adore the pops of beautiful colour!! Such a fun jeans look… and I too look forward to my jeans days/not flashing people – darn wind, right?! Have a great weekend! xo V

  8. June 29, 2012 / 2:35 pm

    Totally gorgeous, the top's cute but the bag and clogs are just mind-blowingly fabulous, love them! x

  9. June 29, 2012 / 7:42 pm

    sometimes those jean days are just fabulous for those surprise gusts of wind. you are looking fabulous, girl! loving that cute bag 🙂
    xo TJ

  10. June 30, 2012 / 5:11 am

    Love this shirt, and the whole outfit together is great. I've had an animal print top or dress on my wish list for a while now but am still looking!

    Pink Chai Style

  11. June 30, 2012 / 6:31 am

    I can't decide what I love more- the print on that shirt or that bag? We'll call it a tie 🙂

    • July 1, 2012 / 9:32 am

      oh red and blue is my alltime favourite colourcombo and like i love dogs i love your shirt as well;) and that fabulous bag!

  12. July 1, 2012 / 9:56 am

    Love this outfit! The colours work beautifully together.

  13. July 2, 2012 / 4:57 pm

    I've just brought this bag, eeeeeeee!! So excited for it to arrive! Really enjoyed reading through your blog posts 😉

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