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Hi lovelies..
I’m back with a slightly different post today. As the whole world is probably aware, the UK is hosting the Olympics. The whole of Blighty is going Olympics crazy.
I remember watching the Olympics every 4 years as a child with my family. We were all quite sporty and whilst other girls were picking The Spice Girls as their roles models i was picking Sally Gunnell ( The great women’s British hurdler)
I loved seeing all the colours of each countries kits and flags. I loved the atmosphere that you could almost feel through the TV. I was a young sprinter and aspired to one day run at the Olympics. As i got older my competitive streak lessened and i found myself running less. But my love for the Olympics never died.
So when Next contacted me and asked if i would like to participate in the 2012 Next Olympic Scarf campaign i jumped at the chance.
All profits from the sale  will be donated to the British Olympic Association! 
So i had a think on how to style this scarf
I was sent the Paralympic scarf:

And this is how i styled it:



 La lala la la, casually posing with my Olympics scarf…. as you do!




And then… we started messing about… i blame Hubs!!



 And finally, 


I’m a huge scarf collector. I love how a scarf can change an outfit.
What’s your favourite way to wear a scarf? Got any more ideas for me to remix mine up with for the Olympics?

PS Yes red, white and blue is back, but i blame Next the Olympics and Great Britain!!! They made me!


  1. May 22, 2012 / 1:01 pm

    Yup, defo the bandit lol! I love red, white and blue – such a fab colour combo. How about rolling it up and threading some chunky beads on – a la necklace style!

    Have a good week xx

  2. May 22, 2012 / 1:26 pm

    What about a neck tie, kind of oh la la style??

    LOL at the moustache 😀

    x x

  3. May 22, 2012 / 8:26 pm

    I've been wearing mine loads, everyone seems to love it.

    X x

  4. May 22, 2012 / 10:34 pm

    I love this! Scarves are basically my favorite accessory because, as you prove, they are so versatile. My person favorite way to wear it is "the MOUSTACHE" hahah! You are seriously rocking them all ways though! I actually just told Marisa of the blog Shades of Monet that she should do a post like this because she is also a scarf queen 🙂
    Hope you are having a terrific day!
    xo Hannah

  5. May 23, 2012 / 4:10 am

    Cuuute! My favorite way to wear a scarf is in a bow-tie! Man I can't believe the Olympics have come around already, it doesn't seem like too long ago when I was in China during the 2008 Olympics! crazy! 🙂

    daydream frenzy

  6. May 23, 2012 / 12:45 pm

    Oh definitely loving the moustache – great look! =D Why have I never thought of all these ways to use a scarf!

  7. May 24, 2012 / 9:22 pm

    You look stunning in these pictures Rachel! I love the idea's you came up with – especially the "silly" ones 😀

    Sal x

  8. May 28, 2012 / 3:12 am

    scarf in the top knot – perfection! I can only imagine how crazy busy London will be – so exciting! x

  9. May 30, 2012 / 12:23 am

    the bag scarf is my absolute favorite. my bags never go without them!

  10. May 31, 2012 / 2:38 pm

    oh my god, how did i miss this post?! your ideas are wonderful! i especially love the scarf tied around your bun (and the mustache ain't bad either). plus, your lips look, like, completely perfect.
    you are so damn lovely.


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