{Guest Post} Hello From The Sewing Boutique

Hello Followers of Rachel The Hat, lovely to meet you!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rhiannon and Im Rachels older sister (in age not looks! Or maturity lol!). While she is away this week she very kindly asked me to guest post on her blog. So I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what I do.

Do we have any crafty mums/peeps in the room?? One or two at the back!? I think that describes me best – a crafty mum, in more ways than one, but for the purpose of this blog I mean in the “I-like-making-things” sense! 😀  First and foremost, Im happiest being a mummy – I’ve got two beautiful daughters, Lillie and Madison who are the centre of my world and the things that drive me crazy, in equal measures! Secondly, I’m happiest when Im sat with a cuppa, at my sewing machine, sewing, making, creating.

I run a small online fabric shop called The Sewing Boutique where I sell fabric, buttons, ribbons and sewing supplies – both online and at craft fairs (take a look, its very pretty ;-). I love what I do and count myself very lucky Im able to do this whilst being a stay at home mum to my little ones (Madison is in school as she’s nearly six, Lillie is at home with me as she’s nearly two). Here is a little picture of me and my stall at a craft fair on the weekend…

Ooooh all my lovely fabrics 🙂
One of the lovely fabrics I stock
One of Rachys favs!!

Since my little sis has started her fab blog, I’ve started dressing so much better. Up until recently I was a jeans and tshirt kinda gal. But a combination of hitting 3-0, starting my own business and seeing the example my sister has set, I’ve started thinking about what Im wearing every day and feel so much better for it! Dont get me wrong I still have my jeans and tshirt days and by the time hubbys home from work Im in my pj’s, but I feel much better if I’ve made an effort and got a nice top on and nice pair of jeans. I wore this dress on the weekend…

Its so cute!!  Rachel paid me the biggest compliment by saying she wants to borrow this dress!  It was so comfortable too cos it was a boiling hot day.  Apologies for not having a close up of me wearing the dress, Im not as photogenic as my sister!

So what else about me?  Im a busy lady with a business, two kids and a hubby to keep me busy, I bake, I love need coffee in the mornings, Im obsessed with cupcakes and anything with cupcakes on, I’d love to be Anthea Turner : The Perfect Housewife but quite frankly lifes too short and my kids are too messy, I should lose a few pounds but am happy as I am, my dream is to open a shop, I spend far too long dreaming and generally, Im a happy little soul but a bit grumpy in the mornings!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guest post and well done if you’ve made it this far!!  If you’ve ever fancied giving sewing a go why not pop over and have a look, you might see something you like 😉 and if you fancy reading more of my ramblings, I blog here!

Thanks for reading and bye for now!!


  1. March 28, 2012 / 6:21 pm

    Nice post 🙂
    Print of that dress is really, really cute!

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