Thankful Thursday

Hellooo all,

hope you’re all well?
I’ve finished my working week and I’m feeling good. Had a very productive 3 day work week getting lots accomplished and proving to myself that sometimes, when i apply myself, im actually good at my job (shame its so utterly boring!!!)
I’m also super happy because it’s my birthday in just over a week, we have lots planned every weekend and so much to look forward to, such as: a christmas films every saturday night with the kids on our family film night, my bday celebrations, a beautiful christmas market day out in Bath, my wonderful step sons  6th birthday  5 days before christmas, our works doo, and then shutdown over christmas from work, which means i get to completely relax! I offically allow myself to start feeling christmassy from Dec 1st. I can not wait! I’m also hoping to squeeze in some shopping, a steam railway winter visit to father Christmas and a trip to the winter wonderland in Cardiff. I Can Not Wait!! 

So this is a little something i wore today:

Tunic: F&F

Cardi: New Look

Leggings: Next (the hold you in type, which are great!)

Boots: 6 years old and i cant remember where from

when i sais “a little something i wore” it really was little! I didn’t realise how short this tunic was until i put it on today, i felt like i kept flashing my bum to the world even though i had super thick leggings on.

These boots are great, hub’s bought them for me about 6 years ago. They’re a lovely bottle green. After i had Neo i couldn’t get them up my calf’s, so i was super pleased when i was having a bit of a purge this week(after hubs found my secret stash of shoes) and they fitted again! yay! In the purge, 9 pairs of shoes and 6 bags were sacrificed. I plan to ebay them to then fund a little bit of shopping! 

I should have named this post ” i forgot to brush my hair today” it was kinda obvious all day too… it happens a lot lately. If i keep going like this i may well be rocking unintentional dreadlocks by next year, lol!

I’ve been having so much fun with the kids lately… things just seem real nice *quickly touches wood*

these two are gunna be so mischievous, i love it!

I LOVE this picture, as this little boy does not keep still for 2mins usually


The hat she had to have and loves

the duck that wanted to come home with us

Just wanted to wish All a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate this holiday. I think it’s wonderful to take time out from the rat race to be with loved ones and to give thanks for what we have…. I for one am very thankful for all i have (even when im being a moaner!)

Weekend starts tomorrow, woohoo!

Take Care all!


x o x


  1. November 26, 2011 / 11:06 am

    I'd have been tempted to snaffle that duck and take him home, what a sweetie!
    Hope you're having a super weekend. x

  2. December 7, 2015 / 1:38 am

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