Show Me The Shoes!

I love shoes, I am you’re stereotypical girl and I don’t care!! 
I have dozens(and dozens) of pairs, to the point where if you were to come to my house, you couldn’t walk in to a single room without coming across one or two pairs(the rest are stuffed under my bed, but don’t tell hub’s! His rule is one out one in, mine is more the merrier! And also yes I obviously have a messy house!)
I do believe there aren’t many men that understand. Take my hub’s. I believe he has 3 pairs in total. THREE MEASLY PAIRS!! How could I live like that??!! 
For me shoes can finish an outfit, but they can also start one, yes I have been known to base a whole outfit around (a very fabulous) pair of shoes.
These one’s to be precise:

Aren’t they pretty!

Irregular Choice

 (My favourite shoe brand)

Shoes can make me smile, they never make me feel fat and always look good!

Since having the kiddiwinkles, heels are mostly impractical and look ridiculous when teetering through soft play (trust me on that one! Been there done it, bowed my head in shame, but my feet still looked fabulous)

So as much as I love all my shoes, some of the heeled varieties are a little neglected due to lifestyle changes ( But still loved very much, of which I assure them at least once a week)

But even though I compromise on my height, I don’t like to compromise on prettiness! Why should I? After all

“The fact is, sometimes it’s hard to walk in a woman’s shoes that’s why

 we need 

really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun.”

Never a truer word said Carrie Bradshaw!

So with that in mind, here are some of my hot picks for this week:


You know you’re running about it, pool, park, shopping shoes:

All these pretties are from Asda and not one pair id over £8!! Pretty and kind to my purse! Which means I can have two pairs!

And then we have


I could quite literally buy all of these beauties! Again all from Asda and all are £10 or less!
Guess where I’ve been on my lunch break!!

So with that in mind, throw those nasty trainers away and slip your feet into something gorgeous! Cos as the L’Oreal adverts keep telling me, we’re, apparently, well worth it!!


x o x


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