Pretty and Practical

Hey Everybody, Hope all’s well!!

Being a mummy my days are often spent in play gyms, mother & toddler groups and parks (when we have the weather!) Today we were at Monkey Music, I chased after Neo and fought with him over the instruments, but a good time was once again, had by all. 
But even though I like to be comfy to run around after my little monkey (I’m the one running round like a mad mum, up the slide, on the swings, chasing the kids, looking like a complete an utter loon, yup that’s me) I also still like to look nice, you know like me still. Don’t get me wrong many a time I could  quite easily have slumped out in joggers and a hoody (and I have!) but I try and make the effort for me. Also when I look back in years to come at photos of Neo as a little baba I really don’t want to look and think “eeuughh what the hell was I thinking!”
So pretty and Practical is my aim, being a mummy’s the game.

Here’s my pretty & practical at the park outfit!

All items are Dorothy Perkins… except for the bag which is Very

My reasoning behind these are: 

Jean Shorts (jorts): Practical and nice and easy, 2 lengths for your preference! 

Red top: this is a blinder for mums like me, who can’t seem to loose the mum tum, covers all the right places, the little  sleeves are also very flattering (hides my bingo wings extra well!)

Stripe Tee: Never out of fashion, always looks good.

Across body style satchel: Leaves hands free, but big enough for your bits for a couple of hours in the park (everything bar the kitchen sink in my case)

Flat Espadrilles: Super comfy, super practical, super cute!

Scarf: Pretty, adds interest to an outfit, and often used in my case as a sling, cape, bandage, blanket or sail. Very handy item, who would of thought!

Hat: Greasy hair? Forget about it!! 

Belt: No one wants to see this full moon any time soon!

(on a side note, if you’re going on a boat any time soon this look would also look very location appropriate, nothing like a bit of nautical dressing! I’ll just be hanging off the port side of the wooden boat in our park, doing my best titanic impression)

Well hope you like my park picks, do you have practical pretty items? 
Over to you! 


x o x


  1. July 18, 2011 / 8:26 pm

    Such a cute nautical theme you got going!

  2. July 18, 2011 / 8:54 pm

    loveee the long shorts! so cute!

    Annah xx

  3. July 26, 2011 / 2:09 pm

    Such a cute nautical theme you got going!

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