Grey Weather, Grey Mood!

The Weather is grey, my mood is grey, my complexion is grey and my outfit should really also match, but I don’t own much grey, so I decided to take the advice of Trinny and Susannah. Feeling tired, look a bit worn,(YUP!) then pink will give your complexion an instant lift, it may also lighten your mood.
So I have gone for the pinkest of pinks today:

Shirt from Next.
I felt a bit Miami Vice when I first wore this  my with white jeans, not a look I normally go for, however I did get some nice remarks on what a “perky” colour it was. I also felt like i stood out like a sore thumb, but a pretty sore thumb, so that’s ok.

I won’t bore you with all the reasons behind my foul mood (Ecomomic climate, famine in Africa, customers not paying their bills!) but I will tell you that yesterday, my day started like this:
Cant find anything to wear
Trusty Wide leg Dark jeans it is,
Iron trusty jeans on floor real quick,
Burn trusty jeans,
Melt carpet,
Break iron,
Sit on floor in huff.

My mood was only lightened by:
Going to Next sale and getting exact said jeans on sale, half price!!

I also wore my fav vintage look-a-like Charm necklace and matching bracelet.

The lady in the garage this morning asked if I had collected these myself and how wonderful it was, I wanted to fib and say “Yes, I’ve collected them from across the globe” but actually said “No, I bought it for a tenner”. She didn’t know how to reply and just scanned my chocolate buttons. Think she would have appreciated the fib more.

And finally, in the lunch hour, I went out for my normal un-appetising salad and came back with this:

From Peacocks! They have a fab Hippy Commune trend in at the mo, and some of the items are really lovely! This little beauty hopped of the rail, in to my hands and begged me to take it with me and it promised me it would make me smile. I did, I smiled. Whoever said retail therapy never worked obviously didn’t ever have a conversation with a dress before.

And finally i think this photo sums up my mood: He gets me, he felt the same, he didn’t want to be up and out early either this morning.

We both wanted to be doing this:

Head buried under Macca Pacca.
And I can’t wait till we can both be:

Don’t you just love a sleeping baby!!


  1. July 21, 2011 / 5:13 pm

    That dress is too cute

  2. July 22, 2011 / 8:54 pm

    Hi Daphne, Thanks so much for stopping by, love your blog and always enjoy reading your latest posts. I really need to get some better pic's going on! something for me to work on!!
    Rachel 🙂

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