Well hellooo,
Currently sat at my desk in work in need of a large coffee as the dreaded 3pm tiredness has hit me, I dont really have time to stop (and yet I find myself writing this, hmmm priorities may have gone array with the tiredness) I’ve got people screaming at me for money left right and centre and because I haven’ been in since last Thursday, due to lack of childcare, I have a whole shed(or warehouse as the case is here) of stuff to catch up on. All boring boring boring. On to nice things to chat about…. 🙂

Dressing myself this morning and I thought my usual thoughts of how utterly rubbish UK weather is(especially Wales, drive over the Severn bridge and I can guarantee the heavens will open once one tyre hits welsh soil!) One minute it was glorious sunshine, and by the time I’d handed over my son to his nanna and bamps, made a quick cuppa and headed upstairs to tackle the issue that was my face (not a good look first thing in the morning!!) it was pee-ing down with rain!

So with that in mind, I turned to an outfit that I had been desperate to wear. My beloved new chino’s 🙂 To some (ok, most) this probably sounds a little (ok,a lot) over the top for a pair of trousers. But I heart CHINO’s. I’m tempted to write it on my work pencil case, but fear I may look silly (which has never been a problem before) I digress… So yes, my lovely neutral tone chinos and a little skinny brown belt. Chino’s to me just feel so stylish and lovely and versitile and sooo comfy. Need i say more! Then with them a cream button down, soft t-shirt material safari style shirt, a big chunky beaded long necklace and tan pumps. I feel comfy and practical and like I could really go on safari and look the part! Haha! But no seriously, I feel almost fashionable today and that makes me a happy lady.
Granted I’m in work, and if I were home with my lil’ one, the necklace would be a no no as I would have a lil monkey hanging off it (my very own safari!!) orange hand prints on my nice cream shirt and hair scrapped back. Speaking of orange hand prints, why do they make baby food so orange and stainy(that’s not a word but you know what I mean!!)? Seems so wrong to me!!

Times ticking on and as my home time approaches, so does my mummy outfit of joggers and t-shirt (I’ve upgraded from pj’s!!) time for me to go put on my other metaphorical hat (it would be way cooler if it were an actual hat!) and crawl round the floor and clear up mess!

Hoping to upload some piccies soon, want to personalize my new online home

Over and out for now… :o)



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