Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful it is Thursday. I work Tues, Weds, Thurs, so technically its my Friday today in work. However as any mummy knows, even though my working week may be over, my home life carries on, and in many respects that’s often harder!
I’m often more shattered after a day at home with Neo, with the constant housework, chasing after an over excited 9 month old who has found his feet but seems to have a magnet in his bum that keeps pulling him to the floor,its a constant battle.
I admire all stay at home mums (my lovely sister is one!) as no one realises quite how hard it is! It should be the highest paid job on the market. But being a mummy, the rewards outweigh any job, every time.

I am also thankful this Thursday for:

The beautiful weather we’ve been having (I think I was too much of an eager beaver there as it is now cloudy and my legs are cold)

My fabulous child minder, Neo dived out of my arms and into hers this morning. This as a mum is so reassuring that your child is happy when he’s not with you.

My new black Wedges, which are tres comfy… pretty and comfy equals new fav shoes!

The coffee that has just been placed on my desk

The spaghetti bolognaise I’ve just ordered from the yummy cafe, mmm nom nom!

Not earth shattering stuff no, but thankful none the less.

Outfit today was picked first thing this morning when the sun was blazing and the sky was blue:

The sky is now grey, the sun has buggered off and I’m getting colder by the hour. I do love this dress with the daisy print,its cherry and pretty. My hubby on seeing me this morning said I looked like I was something straight out of Dallas… I personally thought Dallas was Stetsons and shoulder pads so I have no clue as to what characters he’s talking about. If hubby had his way and dressed me in what he liked, I would probably look like an extra from Pretty Woman. Not a look a usually aspire too, so Dallas it is today….

Are you thankful for anything this Thursday??? Hope your’s is a fabulous Thursday, however that may be!



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