Ok, So where do I begin????

I am a mother to my beautiful 9 month old son and also a step mother to my wonderful two step children(ages 8 and 5). I am a wife to my hubby and a director of our own business which we have been running for 5 crazy years. I am a sister and a daughter and a family gal.

And then in the spare moments between all of the above I am me 🙂 a self confessed fashion addict with a love for clothes, bags, shoes and everything that goes along with it!!

I have loved fashion for years and used to sneak out in my lunch breaks to go shopping in Cardiff to fore-fill my fix of fashion.

As the kids have come a long and I have grown older I have had to change my outlook on fashion to “practical”, “easy” & “inexpensive”.

When my son was born and having to juggle soooo very much every day with just literally moments to pick an outfit I knew in my heart of hearts i’d let myself go, understandably so I guess with a newborn lil boy, baby sick, lack of sleep and a new body that I did not like. I honestly thought that once my baby was welcomed in to this world, I would be welcoming back my old body. Au contraire!

What I was left with was what felt like some one elses body.

Stretch marks that looked like an AA road map, water retention in places I didnt even think could retain water(face, thighs, upper arms!) and a jelly belly that was most defiantly not there before. I had completely lost my identity,(slim, fashionable and able to string a sentence together) and become a un-confident mess(crying, dithering, pj wearer) I didnt know who I was any more….

So after moping about for a few months I decided to give myself the well needed kick up the backside to get back to some kind of presentable self and to make me feel that bit better as I have well and truly discovered, only you can do that.

I soon discovered after having a baby, I have to dress for my shape, I cant buy whats hot this season, or sale items because they’re pretty. I have to work at it and dress to flatter rather than dress for fashion. Don’t get me wrong, fashion is totally involved, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than perusing the latest fashion magazine or this seasons new catalogue being delivered(simple things excite me these days!), but what’s far more important to me now is putting my best side forward and feeling happy and confident in myself…. and lets face it a good outfit always makes that easier.

So here I am giving my unprofessional, lay-(wo)man opinion on life, fashion and being a mummy… any reason to talk clothes/shoes/bags and I’ll take it. Besides,it also gives me a break from being a professional baby boogey picker and sick cleaner upper!

So here I present my escapism mixed with some reality!

And oh by the way, I’m Rachel… nice to meet you!! (if you’ve just read all that wow and thanks!)



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