I’m so sorry i’ve been a little out of action lately, my whole household had come down with the dreaded lurgys and up to our eyes in snot (delightful I know)
We’ve all been pretty poorly and generally feeling sorry for ourselves, well I have anyway, hubby’s been trying to get on with it which was a blessing. And poor little Neo has had his first proper cold, his “sniff the flowers” trick was actually a blessing in disguise as it meant with out realising, he’d actually learnt to blow his little button nose. Better out than in I say!
I’d say we’ve been through a pack of 9 toilet rolls, 4 packs of Benilyn cold and flu, 1 pack of Lemsips and about 4 cartons of Orange juice. My kitchen also now looks like a part time Chemist(and part time sweet shop lol).
But thankfully, we are all coming out the other side of it today. (YAY!)

Today Neo and I attended our weekly Monkey Music class.
If you have little ones I highly recommend. Neo loves it, although most weeks he tries to eat the instruments and then yells at me when we have to give them back, but we laugh and giggle an sing and dance. Good fun! For me it’s lovely to be around other mums. Where I live I’m pretty much on my own and its nice to mingle with other mummy’s. I was a little chuffed as I seem to have made a few new mummy friends and got invited for coffee! Even as a grown up I still try and make friends with new people and often wonder why people don’t seem to talk back/strike up conversation as much as I try. Often leads me to wondering “uh oh is there something on my face…? “or “oh no, is my skirt tucked in to my pants again? Bugger! lol.
So yes, this group has lots of lovely mummy’s. One particular who I sit next to every week is a complete yummy mummy. Perfect outfit, slim, perfect hair, lovely make up…. well you get the point. Sat next to this lovely mummy I felt like a complete slummy mummy (bear with me, I am going somewhere with this!) And don’t get me wrong, we are all yummy mummy’s in our own way, shape and form. But lately I’m just not feeling it, or should I say I’m not feeling me!
Hair needs doing, weight needs loosing and wardrobe needs fixing.
So when perusing other blogs (one of my fav pass times) and I see people mention Mumentum, I thought PERFECT! Just the kick up the arse I need! I will now be publishing on the wonderful world wide web, my latest attempt at becoming the yummy mummy I so very much want to be. I’m not one to just moan about something and do nothing (but then I’m also not one to follow through once started, ummm!! if I were one of the Mr.Men I would be Miss. Fickle!)
So with the pressure of possibly millions(haha, I’d also be Miss.Funny!) of readers I am going for gold!
To Loose 2 stone
To Be fit an healthy to chase after my wonderful, slightly hyper, little boy.
To Dress like a yummy mummy
To feel Fabulous!

So on my marks, get set, Go! *Chants* MUMENTUM, MUENTUM, MUMENTUM!!

Right i’m off, got a pack of KitKats I need to get through before I can even think of being fabulous Haha I jest, honest!!!

On a side note, Neo had his first trip in the big boy seat in the trolley today… aww my boy’s growing so fast….time is definitely a flying!



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