First weekend away from my baby boy in 18months (9 in my tummy and 9 being out in the world)
and was having verrry mixed emotions(was blubbing like a baby in the car on our way to our destination, silly me !)
Funny thing is, I was at my complete witts end with him the day I was leaving… he was driving me round the bend! But come the moment I had to leave and hand him over to his wonderful Nanna and Bamps, it was like trying to tear a limb off.. no actually something more vital than a limb…my heart(soppy yes! Also slightly gross lol) Ridiculous I know!
But eventually I started to enjoy myself once we arrived and I saw how utterly awesome our apartment was! Stunning views over the harbour with a huge balcony… lushous!

Whilst packing for our trip I constantly checked the weather to see what would be best to take. Skirt, shorts, dresses, jeans.. my choices were a little endless and I think I probably put way to much thought in to it! It is the thing I hate about going away, only on the morning when I open my lil sleepy peepers and take a look at the weather and my mood, do I then know what I want to wear! So pre-empting this is always tricky for me. And not just that, good old British Weather fooled me again…. Forecast was heavy showers all weekend. Woke up to glorious sunshine! Yay, but nooo! I hadn’t packed for that! I had packed a lovely pink linen skirt but unpacked it as Mr. Weatherman told me it would be pointless….Time I start seeing a new weatherman or woman lol!

Being by the water I finally decided to dress location appropriate and go for a nice nautical theme, black and white striped tshirt, jeans and practical for site seeing, trusty red converse!
I felt like a grown up, we went to a delightful market full of home-made produce, had yummy coffees and cakes in grown up coffee shops(not play gyms) and went on a small boat trip to a castle. Hubby and me had a fab time, topped off the evening with room service.

Something I’ve realised is, even though it was a nice break from reality, I will never have a true break again… I constantly had all 3 kids in my mind, wondering if they were ok….hazard of the trade I guess!

Got home and my son was in bed, I went upstairs and woke him up (naughty mummy) as i’d missed his smiles so much. Wonderful feeling having him back in my arms again(awww)

I feel like a better mummy for my break, I have found more patience and have discovered humour and laughter again! So best for baby and best for mummy’s sanity!



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