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Couple of note worthy points:

My number at present is 34 pieces. I may add or subtract as needed. Being summer I may need a couple more vest tops, as delightfully hot and sweaty Rachel may need to change. There are also two things I couldn't get before publishing this: A denim blue skirt and a black strappy dress. Both top of my list, but will see if I can make do without as haven't found any that I really love enough, and like i said, time is ticking on. I'm aiming to not go any higher than 38 pieces. I shall keep you posted of any additions with the aim for total transparency.
**EDIT.. 4 pieces found and added in** see below.. CURRENT NUMBER 38

*I haven't included shoes or accessories in this capsule (I included shoes in my Spring Capsule), more for the fact I didn't really think much about shoes when incorporating the pieces. I'm a pretty standard shoe gal, love me some sneakers and live in sandals come summer. But I like to have my options open for whatever event will happen, it could be the park with the kids or out for lunch, or even rainy one day then blazing sun the next. So yes, shoes; I am allowing myself to wear whatever. I have plenty so won't necessarily be shopping for any (I am desperate for a black pair of flat sandals.. but my current ones are so lovely i just can't quit them yet and forego the comfy zone, but man are they worn.)

*I have a rain jacket that I will keep on the sidelines and hope i don't need it.

* Not including Dog walking, hiking, fitness wears.

*A lot of the items below are not the exact same as what i have. Lots of pieces in my capsule are items I've had for a while, whether that be a couple of years or just from my Spring capsule. I like to use what I have as much as possible, so the items below are either the exact or as similar as i can find.

So that's it, and so on to the pieces

8. **ADDITION** Black Jumpsuit
9. Black Summer Dress

1. Khaki Skinny Jeans
2. Coral Jeans
3. Blue skinny jeans
4. Culottes
5. Navy Chinos
6. Aztec Skirt
7. Black Denim Pencil skirt
8.Black &White shorts
9. Black Shorts
10. Denim Shorts
11. **ADDITION** A-Line Denim button-Down Skirt

11.**ADDITION** Cream Tshirt
1.Utility Jacket
2. Denim Jacket
3.Navy Blazer
4. Patterned Bomber
5. Black Blazer
6. Cream casual jacket

1.Cream cardigan
2.Blush cardigan
3. Loose knit Jumper

And that's it!
I'm actually looking at this thinking it may not be enough.. but we shall see. I am excited to have some new forumlas to create with some great pieces. I hope you'll pop back in and see how things are going. And if you're embarking on a Summer Capsule yourself, let me know in the comments as it would be great to connect with other capsulers!

spring capsule


18&19. White and Orange Camisole



33. Red Motto Jacket


45 In total


For the full reasons and explanations to my capsule read about it here  and the actual spring capsule :see the post here!


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