Tuesday, 28 February 2017

5 Spring Styles That you can wear now and later

We all know that as as soon as those turn of year sales are over the shops instantaneously become inundated with the latest Spring offerings. But if I'm being completely honest if it's not got some sort of thermal lining or cosy fleece knit then i can't even contemplate wearing it at this point. Coldness makes for a very grumpy me. The sheer site of some skimpy pastel pieces makes me want to physically shudder at the thought of donning such little fabric (Shudder at the thought of a. baring that much flesh to the cold, and b. baring that much flesh in general.. Summer ready my body is most definitely not.)
But there is also the fact that I'm so done with Winter that i want to be able to wear fun things again. I'm looking forward to not freezing my appendages off every time i step outside and I really want to wear some new pretty things god damn it!

With that in mind I started looking in to Spring Trends, but with the added bonus of wear now whilst still freezing.. (Hello Storm Ewan rocking your frigid temps and wetter than wet weather across the Uk this week) and also later when the mild weather finally decides to show.
I want transitional styles that work hard for me (this should really be my blog ethos shouldn't it, i say it so often!), and new styles that will be fun to wear.
Winter styles I am done with you. I am all about the new Spring Styles.

So what will work i hear you say?
Well Lets take a look at some trends that will be top of the fashion blocks in 2017


Colourful Stripes by Esprit
Perfect for the Spring trend

Right: Warehouse

Starting with a classic but with a twist.
Nautical stripe is one of the trends that you know will return year after year, and of course the classic breton is well loved all year round, but this spring Stripes have have a new lease of life. Not only are there stripey flared sleeves galore (see below) but they are also coming with a big injection of colour. Colourful stripes are where its at, and make for an instant wardrobe update.
These are the perfect way to ease yourself in to Spring Style as they are easy to introduce in to your daily style. Wear now layered with a big coat, cardigan or biker jacket, and then later with a denim skirt or cropped wide leg trousers. Basically, you know you can never go wrong with a good stripey top.



This season is ALL about the sleeve detail, whether that be flared, fluted, frilled or with bows, its go big or go home on the sleeve front.
These are perfect for transitional dressing, firstly because exaggerated sleeves are usually long in form, meaning those arms that have been in hibernation all winter, are still well and truly covered up (I don't know about you, but my bingo wings are breathing a sigh of relief). Secondly they work well with jeans of all varieties, and again then with skirts come spring. The hot pink dress above is also bang on trend this season both in colour and style. Wear now with black tights, boots and a biker, then come the sun ditch the jacket and tights and wear with wedges and statement earrings. It also is that wonderful pink I was talking about on Friday. Instant 'pep' in a dress!


Laura Ashley brings it perfectly with this Gingham Trench


A great versatile trend is Gingham, i do love a bit of gingham. Those tiny little black and white squares work tremendously well with so many colours and even some pattern mixing.
The Laura Ashley jacket above is the perfect way to wear the trend now, just add underneath a bright pink jumper and some blue jeans and black boots.
The gingham skirt for me is pretty special too. I personally think gingham will be around right through summer so invest in a piece that will see you right through to autumn.


 Shirt: Esprit

Left: M&S
Right: Warehouse

Embroidered anything and everything. Floral appliques on jeans are still huge this season and add a bit of interest to the norm, they also look great dressed up with heels or equally great with sneakers. Style tip: Personally I would stick to just wearing just one embroidered item at a time to avoid looking like an old school country and western singer.
The above white and embroidered Esprit shirt would work so well with jeans but i'm also thinking layered underneath dungarees for total style kudos.


Right: Sidney Floral

I know right.. Floral's for spring is not groundbreaking, but they are so affordable, remixable and wearable. Plus nothing screams SPRING more than some lovely floral's.
By keeping the length midi to maxi you can still wear these pretties with tights and boots and then throw then abandon them when its legs out weather.
I also love the idea or layering a black fine knit turtle neck underneath and a biker jacket over the top for extra warmth. Perfect now and perfect later.

What trends will you be trying this Spring? Is there anything you would recommend i look at?


Friday, 24 February 2017

Bright Pink & Faux Leather Trousers (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

I have been craving some brights of late. I feel like an injection of colour is exactly what is needed this late in to the winter, and with Spring in the not so distant future it seemed like a good idea to add a few pieces to my wardrobe that will see me through.
This obnoxiously pink, and i use that as a term of endearment, jumper is just fab. Cosy, soft, bright and just shouts FUN at the top of it pink knitted rows. It made for a perfect date night outfit as it's still cold in the evenings, but the extroverted colour made the outfit sassy and enjoyable to wear. As did my trusty faux leather trousers, that i have really not worn enough this winter. Super happy to have them back on these legs again.
The contrast between the faux leather and the soft knit is one of my favourite combinations, soft and tough, black and pink. Add in a hit of leopard and the silver clutch and i was dressed to my happiest.

Pink is such a great colour as there is pretty much a shade for everyone. With pale pink and blush reigning predominantly, its great to see some punchy pinks back in action. I would also hazard a guess that these bright shades will be big through spring, so grab yourself a pretty pink number now.
They are also a great deceiver of tiredness. The instant pick-me-up in sweater form. The colour will radiate and make you instantly look more glowing, happy and will bring colour to your cheeks. The next time you feel absolutely drained to your core and grey to the skin, try a bright pink jumper, I promise you it adds instant pep!

This jumper will work well with causal jeans as well as my faux leather skirt, so i hope it will see a lot more wear in the next few months, plus i just really enjoy wearing it. Its fun. And dressing should be fun, Amiright?

Also sidenote: these photos were taken after just after 5pm.. i apologise for the slightly dim lighting.. But hallelujah! Bloggers breathe a collective sigh of relief, as taking photos starts to get that little bit easier! Hello light nights, you've been missed!

 So bright pink? Do you dare to wear?

Pink Jumper Options: This one is my favourite &  This one from Topshop is great too
Vegan leather trouser options:
Cupcakes & Cashmere here or French Connection Faux leather trousers
Leopard Print Shoe 
Silver Bag

My apologies that Passion4Fashion link up wasn't available, I've had some HTML issues.. feel free to join now!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Chatting Over at Laura Ashley.. come say Hi!

Happy Wednesday All!

I just wanted to drop in and say I'm chatting Transitional Spring Trends to try over on the

Laura Ashley Blog

Would love for you to swing by and come have a read. I'm also wearing this totally awesome jacket that is well worth the look.. is yellow...it's gorgeous.. it's the yellow coat of dreams!
Be sure to swing by here


Monday, 20 February 2017

Interior Inspiration: Living Space

Interior Inspo

Last year saw me taking on (sometimes single handedly) the redecoration of some of the rooms in our little home. We've been here nearly 4 years, so I thought it was about time that we put our stamp on it. I started with the living room (of which, thankfully the husband helped), and then i went on to our bedroom. Both undertook a big white wash thanks to my handy paint job and then styled with pieces accordingly.
I still love the fresh white walls (although, how are you supposed to keep areas white with kids is what i want to know? Show home my house will never be!!)but am excited to add some new pieces this year to finish the room off completely.

I absolutely love this set i've created, i just wanna crawl straight inside and lollop on that sofa right there.

The key pieces I'm looking to add this year are:

The Perfect Green Sofa (if they could do this sofa in the Uk, that would be great, as i have a feeling shipping from the US could be a little excessive;)

is top of my list in life goals right now. Sounds extreme I know, but our current 7 year old sofa is just awful. We all hate it. But getting a new sofa we all love and that the dog can't destroy seems to be harder than finding hens teeth.
All i know is against my white walls a green sofa would be sublime.

A Funky yet Comfy Chair

I have this thing with personal space, and as much as i love snuggling up with my tribe on the sofa, sometimes i like to have a chair all to myself. I have this thing with chairs. I bought two great chairs last years (one in my reading nook and one in my bedroom), the husband thinks I'm some crazy chair lady, and he's probably not wrong. Viaduct have some splendid options, investment, key pieces that are game changers.. or uh.. room changers. Full of character and excellent for the derriere also 😉

A Minimal Fireplace

I am desperate (and i'm mean absolutely desperate!!) for a central point in my living room that is not my TV. We aren't big Tv watchers in this house, granted the rest of my family are big gamers, but I hate having the central point as the TV. With a few switches of the layout we could manage to have a small fireplace, granted it won't be a beautiful log burner, but i'm happy to advance on this non-tv option at least. I like the minimal fireplaces, no fuss, black and white equals perfect.

Plants Galore

Each week my husband comes home to see a new plant has found a home in our living room. I love filling my room with these beautiful living things, they bring a wonderful energy to a room and are a great reminder that sometimes i need to pay attention to whats around me more (i.e remember to what the poor things!!). Plus again the green leaves against white walls bring the most glorious contrast.

Art work

My Husband used to paint. He is a fantastic abstract artist. I want to hang more of his work on ledges and display it amongst some modern pieces also. I also want to put a paintbrush back in my husbands hand as its been way to long (and i want more art work!).

So this gives me a good framework of what i want to achieve this year, maybe adding a piece every couple of months.

Do you have any major decor works planned for this year?


Friday, 17 February 2017

Warehouse Try On's (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Warehouse clothing. Many of my favourite pieces in my capsule through out the last year have in fact been from Warehouse. The dress i wore out on my first date with my husband was the most terrific striped wrap dress, from, you guessed it, Warehouse. Weddings attended and my dresses have been from Warehouse. If there was ever a go to shop for me, it would be without a doubt Warehouse. (It's worth noting here that this isn't sponsored in the slightest)

For me they bring practical, fashionable and wearable. Three main things i'm looking for when making clothing purchases. We all know that things straight from the runway may not be practical for everyday life (ie the school run, supermarket shop or a play gym in my case) but I also don't want to have to forgo style in order to be practical. I think this is why  have a love for this brand, and no matter the occasion, I always find what i may need (and sometimes just damn well want) in their shops or online.
I don't know about you, but I'm completely and utterly over the winter weather (say i'm not the only one?), I'm looking fully in to Spring territory. I want florals, i want nautical i want nice things that i can wear now and also when these frigid temperatures finally do one.
Transitional Spring pieces are what I'm looking for. And let me tell you, Warehouse had an abundance.
The lovely staff in the Cardiff branch informed me that there is a new head designer in Warehouse HQ and it really shows. There are varied patterns, avant-garde cuts and something for every occasions and every shape.
I found the sizing to be more consistent than previous years, i've fluxed from an 8-12 just to get the right fit previously, but everything I tried on is a UK size 10 and was pretty much perfect(and that's with my dreaded winter weight, which i wish would just magically disappear along with the frigid temperatures!)
I picked out some of my favourite pieces on a couple of shopping trips lately. (please excuse the lighting.. Warehouse changing room lighting was my only bugbear.. Terribly unflattering harsh lights that made my face look ghastly.. you're forewarned.. about my face that is, not the lights) 

(have also found a sneaky 20% off, so be sure to scroll to the bottom. Its due to expire, but definitely not to be sniffed at)

First up, this combo. I just wanted to plain old walk out in it.
The bias cut wrap maxi is just a delight on. Flattering cut in the wrap waist, v-neck and length. It would work like a dream in your wardrobe as a pretty much all season piece. Now with boots, even a fine knit turtle neck underneath, then come spring summer, bare legs and sandals. An all season dress is not to be sniffed at. The floral is just the right all season print, as it isn't overly summery or wintery.
I would have bought this, but I already have my Mango floral maxi dress and felt i would be doubling up.. But alas, i would buy this in a heartbeat if i didn't

Next up was my actual reason for starting the changingroom-athon. I'd seen this dress online and thought it could be perfect day to night dress. You all know that i love a workhorse of a dress, a piece that can work for dressy(as dressy as i get) or casual. I love that this dress is a. stripey (big tick in the love list box there) b. a maxi dress (no need to show off my not summer ready legs) and c. Has on trend sleeves (tick for fassshun dharling). I really liked it, like really liked it, still debating whether to buy it-liked it. The only thing for me is there is an open back/tie back situation, which isn't  abig deal, a black top could be worn underneath, but its also clingy around my midriff which is not my most favourite assest to say the least. I was tempted to size up, as, although the fit was perfect, the feel is just as imporatnt to be, and maybe with a little extra fabric i would feel a smidge more comfy.

A wild card for me, a clingy little bardot number which i utterly and unexpectedly fell in love with (see, it sometimes serves to try things on that you wouldn't usually pick up). The fabric is thick on this top, thick as though its pulling you in, in a  good way! It left me feeling a million bucks (quid? British equivalent?). I was actually going to go back and buy, but we ran out of time.. still contemplating this now. 
Really love the idea of it with jeans, culottes like below, under a denim pinnafore style dress and with skirts.. (i really need to go press buy don't i?)

The culottes were also dreamy, and are sublimely comfy. The length on me (5ft6") was perfect and the skimming light fabric was extremely flattering on these birth bearing hips. Perfect for pear shapes like me.

Ok so my second little jaunt was this week whilst out shopping for my step daughter birthday present.

I love the idea of a ballet wrap top. So pretty and elegant and bang on trend. Great with culottes, trousers or jeans. Notewothy point here. I'm smaller on top than my bottom half and this was a size 10.. I could barely get it to cover both my boobs and to say i'm not well endowed would be a massive understatement. Size up if you look at this pretty pink top.. it is worth it though as the tie waist can create a lovely soft siloutte.

Emerald green.. Gosh i love this colour, i really don't wear it a lot but i think its such an opulent looking shade, filled with character. Again this fell beautifully, and the tie sleeves are bang on trend. It could look awesome with a black biker jacket and ripped jeans, or dressed conservatively for the office with trousers and a trench coat.

Stripe dress number 2. Short this time, as opposed to the maxi. This was very flattering. Figure hugging in all the right places and comfy without being sack like. It is a navy and cream which was very lovely colouring on a thick stretchy fabric. The tie sleeves are a great way to modernise this classic piece. 

And finally, another piece i really though i wasn't going to like. It looks colourful here, but in real life its super bright, what i would call obnoxious pink.. but in a good way. The fabric has a slight sheen, the sleeves are perfect and it has an elasticated waist band. Paired with a biker jacket and black boots and this would be dreamy with a capital D. I honestly thought this would look naff on, turns out its pretty.. pretty much want it that is. Again for Spring: perfect, a summers evening (or summers day..Lets face it the UK is never banging hot now is it) it would be great and come winter just add black 100 denier tights and a big thick cardi.

Poppy Printed Dress

So there we have it. Some of my favourites, and oh there was more, far far more, but
changingroom-athon is tiring and this was all i got.
Which seeing as i want it all, is plenty.

What are you loving for transitioning in to Spring?
Are you a fan of Warehouse's range this Spring?

Oh and 20% off ends imminently, code is :WARE20FEB

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