Wednesday, 20 September 2017

New Brand: Find

As if i wasn't a massive Amazon prime addict enough, with deliveries probably at least 3 times a week, convenience with prime is just so flippin' good, i fear it may be about to get worse as they have just curated a fashion brand that i must say looks rather fabulous.

Find is the new kid on the block that offers key on trend items that look both rather fun and wearable.

It seems to be pitched around the likes of Mango, Zara and a bit of H&M style so if those are your normally shopping haunts then this may be for you..
Take a look at some of the items that, i have to say, i absolutely love!

I absolutely adore this. The pink contrasting ribbon to the red print of the dress makes this look exquisite. I adore the print too and how this can be worn on its own as a dress, through autumn with tights and boots, summer with sandals, and also layered with jeans. 

The oversized check trench is absolutely bang on trend this season, what a great chuck it on trench. And we all know how much i think of a trench coat. This will work tremendously hard for you and with a pop of red.. super fashion points all round. 

I'm quite partial to a slogan tee but the slogan has to be right for me and this one most definitely is. I love the swirly cursive writing too as well as the slogan. 

I've been on the hunt for some panel jeans but being a pear shape and the panel often running on the outer leg i find they can emphasise my hips more than I'd like them to. The inside darker panel on these jeans would be much more flattering on my shape and I adore the contrast and straight leg style.

Embroidery is still a trend that is going strong, and the grey marl and yellow flowers is a lovely take on it. There's lots of red and pink floral emboridery so i really like how this one stands out for being a bit different. It also adds a rather marvellous bit of interest to a jeans and sweatshirt type of day.

Possibly my favourite item. How absolutely gorgeous is this. The billowed sleeves, the peplum edge and the gorgeous colour with the blue print... Divine.
It is very low cut but i do think with a little cami peaking out from underneath it could look rather lovely.

Perfect on trend item again. I love the idea of this for office wear but also an evening out, or even for just throwing on, as above, with jeans and a slogan tee. This type of jacket is all over social media at the moment and this one is a really good take on the trend with an excellent price tag.

The prices all seem pretty on the money too, with items starting at £10 and the most expensive piece i've seen so far is the trench at £60.00.
I'll be placing an order soon so shall keep you posted on the quality.
There's a discount code for 20% off at the moment too if you fancy a dabble with something:
Happy Shopping!

Have you had a look at the Find Collection yet?


Monday, 18 September 2017

Trench Coats: A Must Have For Every Woman

You may think the title is a bold statement but its something i truly believe.
A trench coat really is one of those pieces that really works pretty much all year around (well in the UK it does). It can be a light jacket when needed or work well with layered knitwear.
Whenever anyone asks me what coat they should have in the wardrobe my first thought is always, always a trench coat. It is a simple but necessary item.

Not only does it work trans-seasonally but also with a multitude of outfits.
Dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans and smart, casual, business or pleasure, a trusty trench coat just works.
I've had a trench coat in one way shape or form for as many years as i care to remember. I upgraded about 18 months ago and i would definitely say that like bags and shoes a tench coat like from Aquascutum is high worth investing in.

I love how a trench makes me feel instantly put together. It gives an air of french chic, even if i lack any other grace that goes with that tag, a trench does make you appear it even if you aren't 😜
Perfect for throwing on for the school run, or out for an evening., i honestly wouldn't be without mine.

There is definitely a shape, fit and colour for everyone of a every age. I like a long neutral beige- cream, i find for me this fits my frame well and works well with dresses and the colour works with everything. A good friend of mine feels like a flasher in a long line trench (lols) and therefore opts for a hip length shorter trench to wear more with jeans and sweaters and my mum prefers a navy option finding the lighter colours not working with her silver hair.

Do you have a Trench Coat and is it something you invest in?

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Classic Stripes ( & #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

I think i could quite happily live out my days dressed mostly in stripes. I think its just that i've found an easy to wear style that i love and therefore it becomes my default outfit. If i counted the number of striped tops i have in my wardrobe we would definitely be in double figures, all of them different of course, red stripes, black, navy, and then this one which has a lovely blue, red and white. This one took my stripe loving heart instantly, the Le Weekend stitched motif (which sadly we didn't manage to capture fully in a photo, but you can see it here much clearer) is just perfect as stripes on weekends for me are pretty much my uniform (and any other day too really 😂), comfy yet pulled together, wear with shoes or sneakers.
I paired it with this gorgeous navy long pea coat from Boden that i actually picked up from Ebay for a mere £7.99. Its like new (it still had the pickets sewn up as if it had never really been worn) and it felt even more amazing for the fact i'd grabbed myself such a bargain. I have a love hate relationship with Ebay, people always manage to swoop in and outbid me in those last few seconds. Or god forbid, you manage to get in to a bidding war and you just cant stop bidding ..ha!
So when you get a bargain like this one, well you can see why i was just so pleased.
I can see me getting a lot of wear out of it too.

Are you a love of stripes?

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

To Have and To Hold: The Perfect Ring

Many moons ago when my now husband took me to Cardiff we went and looked in a few jewellery shops together, me gently nodding and smiling in the direction of the ones i found the prettiest, him mentally making notes of what i liked and didn't like.
We sat and I tried some on and gazed longingly at my adorned hand. The engagement was yet to come, but it hung poignantly in the air around us as it only can with young love. We were both filled with love and excitement at the idea of spending the rest of our lives together.

Picking out the perfect ring, a ring that will be with you for the rest of your life is a big deal, almost as much as picking the right partner 😉 . Its symbolises your love and commitment to one another and indicates to others that you are a partnership.
The ring is as much a commitment as the relationship itself as one will wear it on your finger for the rest of your days, it needs to be to your taste, comfortable and a pleasure to wear.
The perfect engagement ring of course is different to everyone.
Me? I have square set trilogy on a platinum band. I remember instantly falling in love with it as soon as i saw it. I remember pointing out three particular rings when we were together that day, and then we left, me not knowing when the proposal would come or what ring it would be with.
The proposal came 2 weeks later with the most beautiful ring, my favourite and it would appear his too.
I cried tears of happiness, marrying the man i loved and receiving the ring of my dreams.
I felt like a lucky lady.

Later we added in a diamond eternity ring as my wedding band, and most recently a Clogau welsh rose gold and white gold tree of life ring.
Each representing different stages, engagement, marriage and then 10 years of being together.

Each time i look at my rings, even now, i still feel the same fizz of excitement i did from when i was first given them with the question of a lifetime with my soul mate.
Im also reminded of the times we've spent together over the last 11 years, the ups and the downs.
They act as a reminder to me each day that i am in this for my life, and i am the first to say that sometimes it hasn't been easy, life never is really is it? But my rings, along with my marriage are some of my most treasured possessions.

Tell me, Do you have any rings that are treasured possessions?

If you're married, did you choose your ring or was it a total surprise?

* Happily this is a collaborative post that has evoked such wonderful happy memories.. don't you just love when that happens :)

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

I have mentioned a few dozen (million) times here that i have been eyebrow challenged for as long as i can remember. Having over plucked my eyebrows to a thin dark line in the 90's they just never grew back. The thin dark arch of a line was just horrendous and unbelievably unflattering.
As time moved on and so did eyebrow trends, to bigger bushier, darker and fuller style brows i tried to grow them back. But nothing happened. A few stragglers, i managed to grow a shape of a hook but that was it. 
I purchased every eyebrow growing serum and potion on the market in a bid for better brows. I spent hundreds in the hope they would stimulate growth. But nada.. Nothing more than a few wobbly hairs in pretty much the wrong place.

Having accepted my eyebrow fate i have then spent the past 11 years trialling every eyebrow product on the market. Pencils, powders, gels, creams, you name it i've tried it in every brand going. Some more successful than others ( FYI Eyelure is my favourite eyebrow pencil) but there's just no denying the fact that when at that glorious time of day when I wash my makeup off, it was depressing to see no brows looking back at me. Just a thin scraggly line.
Plus the times when you go swimming, wear a hat or accidentally scratch your brow and suddenly you have a smudged brow that's missing parts.

It may sound silly to some, but i never felt like me when i didn't have my bros drawn on. Every morning the first thing i'd do would be cleanse and then draw my brows in. I just couldn't stand my face without them. My face feels like me again as soon as brows are present.

Eyebrows really do emphasise the features and frame the face. Without them i just feel like a big potato head.

Semi permanent brows were really starting to take off a couple of years ago, but at £250+ it always seemed like something unobtainable for me.
Back in June a good friend of mine booked herself in after her sister had had her brows done at Beauty Within Caerphilly. She was blown away at how good they were and booked herself in immediately. After a cuppa and a chat and me unveiling my lack of brows to her (which i never do with anyone other than my husband and the kids) she called the salon and booked me in there and then and paid my deposit (i know.. how kind is she!!) My appointment was a few months away as i had summer to get through but it was booked. I was going to have my brows sorted.

As my appointment arrived I was excited to finally have brows. 
Michelle and the ladies at Beauty Withing were wonderful, putting any worries (not that i had any, i was just excited for brows!) and my mind at ease. Michelle's expertise shone, she is an absolute pro and i happily put my brows in her hands.

The Procedure

So what is Semi-permenant makeup?
Pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin using a state-of-the-art machine designed specifically for the cosmetic market. These digital systems are very different to conventional machines and inks used in conventional tattoo studios.
The treatment lasts around 1-2 years and is carried out in accordance with strict health and safety protocols using single use sterile needle cartridges. Your technician will offer you the very best treatment, which will be both subtle and effective.
So like a tattoo but semi permanent makeup doesn't penetrate as deep as a traditional tattoo, hence why it isn't forever.
The procedure can take about 2 hours from start to finish. 
First up a numbing gel is applied to the brows and left to set in for half an hour.
Looking ever so attractive with my numbing gel and cling film

After the numbing gel has sunk in and eyebrows are comfortably numb Michelle gets to drawing out your perfect brow, working with what you have and adapting them to give you the perfect shape brow for your face. Michelle took a great deal of time and patience to get the shape sketched just right before setting to it with the needle. 
Its worth noting here, as this was a major plus point for me, that they do not take away any brow hair you may have, they keep what you have as opposed to taking it all off and leaving just a drawn on line, which i was totally against as i'd seen with other semi permanent makeup artists do. Michelle doesn't do that. She shapes what you have and works with it instead of removing it, which was perfect and just what i wanted.
She also talked through the colours with me, and what she had decided would be best for me and explained the fade down period in the next 4 weeks.
We went for a 3/4 dark brown with a 1/4 golden in there for a natural look and also to make sure the fade out wasn't to beige.
By this point the numbing gel is applied again to see you through the next stage where Michelle sets to drawing your new brows with the needle application.

I wanted to mention as its the thing i've been asked the most, but it didn't hurt at all, i was comfortable and there was no pain at all. Just some light pressure on the brows and forehead ( i did have a headache afterwards but i'm super sensitive to headaches and i think it was just from all the excitement and having my head faffed with 😂 I'm often the same from the hairdressers)
The procedure took another hour or so of individual hair light strokes being drawn in, evaluated and then more done again. Michelle would sit be up and look at the brows and then carry on until she was completely happy.
The area stays numb through out so I didn't feel a thing. She will also only do as much as she feels the skin can take as, even though you can't feel a thing, the skin is still undergoing a bit of stress.

The results

I walked out feeling on cloud 9. I had eyebrows for the first time in years . 
We went for a natural shape that can be made bolder in my next appointment(more about that in a mo). The arch and colour are natural and the shape is simple but such a huge improvement on before.

Before And After

This is straight after i got home on the day, no redness and no pain.
They cleared straight away just leaving great brows.

I was simply amazed at my brows and instantly loved them. For me waking up each day with brows is amazing, having them still there after a shower and not washing off again is just the best. I feel happy to go makeup free (like above) now i have my brows it just makes things so much easier. It also knocks about 5 minutes off my makeup routine as my brows were the one thing that always always took the longest (and never ever turned out the same each day)


Michelle talks you through everything and explains for the rest of the day you dab/bathe the brows every hour or so with sterile water and a cotton pad.
Then each morning and night for the next week you apply the provided barrier gel to keep the brows protected against the elements and any water/makeup etc. This helps them retrain their colour.
Fading is to be expected in the next four weeks and they can be known to fade a little patchy. This is all part of the process.
I have my appointment for Oct 12th where i will have round 2 of the procedure. 
This will be where we decide if i want to go bolder or darker and filling of any patches.

So yes, its fair to say I am supremely pleased so far with the results, i shall keep you posted on my top up next month too but i can see this being something i keep up.
It gives me the confidence i lacked, it makes me feel prettier and that in turn makes me happier.

Do you have a thing for good brows like i do?

If you're in the south wales area i highly recommend Beauty Within Caerphilly, their expertise are second to none and i am super happy with my results.


Friday, 8 September 2017

#Passion4Fashion linkup

What a week! Kids are back in school and it has been go go go here. I always feel like summer should be relaxing but it felt full on and exhausting if i'm honest and left me feeling completely drained. This week i've been focusing on getting a bit of me back, as an Insta friend mentioned to me  "You can't pour from an empty cup" And my cup was most definitely bone dry.  So i've been trying to fit in filling it back up a bit one drop at a time this week, amongst everything else of course. 

I treated myself to this dress and cardigan last week on my son's 7th birthday, Now i know traditionally on someones birthday they get the presents but each year on my sons birthday i always treat myself to a new dress, its become a little tradition of mine now, y'know seeing as i carried him for 9 months, gave birth and then kept him fed and watered for the past now 7 years, i think i deserve a treat too, haha! Well that's my theory and i'm sticking to it anyway 😂
Since having the cardigan i've worn it a lot, its the perfect chuck on item and the blush pink acts as a wonderful neutral. The dress is light and floaty and overall its just a damn comfy outfit that is a pleasure to wear.

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Happy Friday folks.. and sorry for the delay ( all 8 hours of it!!) in getting this lives today!

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