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#BodyPositivity – Learn To Love Your Body With Laurie of Vanity & Me

Meet Laurie
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Wife, Mother, Grandmother

Ladies, please drop what you're doing and read about this incredible ladies journey to the wonderful place she is today. No spoilers but trust me when i say she's has seen the extreme end of lacking Body confidence. Read on to hear about Laurie's journey

Hi Everyone
It’s my greatest pleasure to be here today sharing with you my journey (and it’s been a long journey) Gaining confidence and body positivity and learning to like, sometimes love myself a little.
Readers often think that because we share our photographs online sharing our passion for fashion and beauty that we are full of confidence and have a huge ego, when that is often not the case!
There are so many things that I would like to change about my body. Being taller would be top of the list. Alas not a lot can be done about that, and you will always find me in heels! But do let me tell you that I have learned through the years that trying different styles, I feel comfortable being titchy me.
The thing is about being a shorty is that even half a pound can make a difference and I do eat quite healthily.
Arms. I hate mine, I have tried weights, different types of exercise all to no avail. So, most times I wear a cap or short sleeve rather than no sleeve. It looks passable and I’m happy with that. It’s just trial and error finding resolutions if you can’t fix your problems.
Let me tell you about a journey I travelled from the age of Eighteen.
Even back then in the early eighties the pressure was there to have the perfect figure. OK, not anywhere near the amount of social media pressure that there is now, but you didn’t even have the fuller or should I say average sized female model back then. The skinnier the better in the media’s eye.
I feel sorry for the young girls of today. The pressure for them is huge. My daughter posted this on Instagram and I thought it really struck a good statement

Anyway, back to my story!
When I was Eighteen, I was really on the heavy side. One day a family member came for a visit and commented on how large I had gotten. I can still remember that moment clear as day. Totally upset, I vowed to starve myself until I was the perfect size.
And that’s what I did. Starve myself. I won’t go into all the details of how I hid it from my parents. I would be writing a book if I told you the whole story. But after about six months of barley eating anything the weight started to fall off. The compliments started rolling in and I felt amazing. What happened next you ask? I wanted to carry on feeling amazing and for the comments to continue rolling in, so I carried on starving myself, thinking that a decent meal would make me look huge again!
I can’t tell you when the point of no return began. I often think about this, but for the life of me I can’t remember. The whole starving myself disaster completely took hold of me.
To shorten the story, I ended up hiding myself in baggier clothes to hide my wasting away frame. I knew and that’s all that mattered at the time. My little bird like skeletal body now weighed 5 stone 9lb. I ended up collapsing and of course my parents inevitably found out. They helped so much to try and get me to recover, but I still had a lot of days struggling with just trying to eat. I just thought they wanted their “fat” daughter back and decided to become Bulimic instead. Terrible huh?
My turnaround for me came when one day I was having to take so many laxatives the pains in my stomach were just too much to bare. Just like that lightbulb had lit up to start my Anorexia another lightbulb lit up for me to stop.
But that’s not the end. And a lot of the time I did still eat like a little bird, but I started to get ill. From my stupidity of not eating for so long I totally broke my immune system and started to get allergies. Foods that I had eaten all my life I could no longer eat. I have spent many years I’m 54 now and still each year I have to see different specialist about my allergies that grew and grew and grew! Touch wood, it’s been two years since my last new edition which was Aspartame.
I got my payback! Now I can’t bloody eat anything! I got what I wished for basically. Something I have to live with for the rest of my life all because I was a silly girl trying to be what the media say’s we should be.

If I could eat all the pies I would. And I’d be sticking my fingers up to anyone that was to judge me! There are so many things that I would do differently if I could, but getting on to the body positivity, you’ve just got to let go and learn to love yourself. Eat healthily, exercise a little, learn what accentuates your good bits and hides your bad bits. I now have my own fat rolls and flabby arms, but I’ve just learned to do the above. I make do the best I can and I love myself more now in my fifties than at any other time in my life. I too did the MandCo body positivity challenge with Rachel a while back. Sticking my fingers up to society and telling the world that I’m loving my time in my fifties and not scared to show off my body. (It was hard but very liberating!)

It’s funny because I have never written about my time of being anorexic on my blog! When Rachel kindly asked for my input, it just seemed right. Sorry Rachel!
I may not have the perfect body, but I have learned to love it.
Thank you so much Rachel for having this time on your blog. I will leave my media links below, just in case they want to visit an over 50 woman trying to make the most of herself!
Find me at:

RTH: Laurie please don't apologise, the more we talk about these things the more we enlighten ladies on the journeys we all go through daily and how we should learn to love ourselves just the way we are.
Thank you for talking about your extremely personal journey. Its been a privilege to have you here and i think i can speak on behalf of everyone when i say, Laurie, you look absolutely gorgeous!!


  1. Thank you So, So much for this Rachel. I am so proud to be here on your page today xx

  2. Laurie first off let me say you are gorgeous and as someone who has heard family members say the same things to me as a teen I feel you. I hope that I can avoid the feeling of inadequacy for my own daughter!

  3. This was really inspiring! When I was around 12/13/14 I went through some bad bits as well. I starved myself for a while not only because I wanted to loose weight but also as a self-harm technique. I thought I was fine with my body now but recently I had a small job for only two months but it was enough to take me back to all the insecurities I had when I was a teenager. My coworkers were all women much older than me and they negatively commented on eachother's bodies behind eachother's backs so I started thinking "if they do this to them, then they do it to me as well" and even though nobody said anything to my face, I felt pretty insecure. But now I'm home again and I'm sure my confidence will return as I work on something I like. Thank you so much for doing this Rachel, it really makes me feel better.

    Marta -

  4. I was on the heavy side in my early teens and got teased a lot. My best friend was naturally skinny and the other kids used to call us fatty and skinny. Ironically my friend later told me that she'd wanted to be more like me! I tried to diet and exercise, although working out was thought of as a weird obsession back then. I used to do Jane Fonda's workout from a book because DVDs hadn't been invented! I'm very careful about how I talk about weight and body image now I have a daughter - we focus on health and fitness rather than appearance. Thanks for sharing your story Laurie. You shouldn't beat yourself up about your allergies, we all do silly things when we're young - I know I certainly did!

    Emma xxx

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