Friday, 21 July 2017

#Passion4Fashion Linkup! All welcome!

Hooooooooo, WHAT a week ladies! We attended a big family wedding, which was delightful and meant i got to don a pretty frock for the occasion.
Its also been a week of absolute killer insomnia leaving me feeling a bit like i'm drunk.. but without the fun bit. Sleep, why you so mean to me?? It seems an unrequited love, i love sleep, it does not love me however!
But the school holidays have just begun which means 6 whole weeks off from the school run and pack lunches and trying to find those darn shoes every morning.
I am so looking forward to a bit of down time with my loved ones.
So all i have for you is this pretty dress which i absolutely loved wearing (as i stood out in a crowd and meant my children could find me easily, Ha! oh the ways a mothers mind works,lol!)

So all that's left for me to say is.. Zzzzzz
No seriously, thank you all for linking up last week, there were so many amazing links!!!

I want to try something from now on.. 
If you link up a post and the photo is on Instagram would you 
hashtag #Passion4Fashion on your instagram post ..

Feel free to tag me in it also as id love to pop over and see you. Its a great way to spread the love and we can each have a browse on the hashtag too.
It would be fab to create the hashtag to represent all your linkups under #Passion4Fashion. 
Personally I'm on IG more than any other platform and i'd love to see your glorious faces there and I can come like and comment.

Most clicked

Memories of the Pacific
 in her gorgeous kimono

My fav:
 This stunning gingham top from Five Foot Nothing Shopping

I always like to finish the post with a parting question, so today i am asking for purely selfish reasons  this.. Sleep.. Any advice ladies?
Let me know in the comments if you know of any sleep inducing techniques or remedies as i am due a few looonng nice sleeps!!



  1. IT'S AWFUL WHEN THIS HAPPENS Rachel.It doesn't happen to me that often luckily, but when it does, I listen to the tv! Ifind concentrating on that and not letting the mind wander helps! Sorry I haven't got a more romantic suggestion! Have a sleepfull Friday night xx

  2. Hopefully now you're on holiday you can rest and relax and get some sleep! I have no advice for you sadly - as a mum of 2 toddlers sleep is often elusive, ha!

    Thanks for the link up.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, with some sleep!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Beautiful dress Rachel, love red. I hope you manage to get some sleep, sounds awful :( Thanks for hosting

  4. Love the dress Rachel. Those who watched my instastory would know that I was suffering insomnia before we came away.for me it was worry and anger. I got to sleep then woke around 2 or 3 or 4 and then awake for the rest of the night. I have no answers except in my case deal with the problems then forget it. Don't take 3 Exlax instead of 3 Nightol either, as my hub did.

  5. You look so lovely in that red dress! The venue looked pretty special too.

    Sorry to hear about the sleep problem - have you tried progressive muscle relaxation? X

  6. Nur wirklich schöne Kleider bekannteste brautkleider marken sind für eine schöne Dame wie Sie gemeint boho brautkleid!

  7. Sorry about that, not getting enough sleep makes me grouchy and stressed so I can imagine. As for cures or tips, I don't really have any outstanding one but have you tried reading a boring book? Also I love your dress, the lace detail is lovely and the colour pops so well on you.

    Princess Audu

  8. That is a very nice dress and it looks fantastic on you dear!

  9. That dress is lovely and the setting is beautiful! Peace!

  10. I swear by the following sleep-wise: magnesium tablet about 20 minutes before bed, This Works pillow spray, and lavender oil rubbed round my nose just before I get into bed. The TW spray is expensive, but miles better than the cheaper ones. Not sleeping is the worst,hope you are doing better soon. (@catgirlspeaks)

  11. It is nice to stand out at events like that for your people to find you!! I do that by wearing a hat too!
    As for sleep---I always blame the hormones when that happens....sorry...

  12. You look stunning in that dress! I'll try and remember the # on Instagram.

  13. This dress looks beautiful on you! I hope you get some rest!

  14. This little red dress is adorable on you! Thanks for the linkup!

  15. May not be doc recommended, but a glass of wine before bed.. or chamomile tea? Take a bath... I hate when I cant sleep! I love this style on you, red HOT!
    Have a great weekend!
    jess xx

  16. I love that red dress. It is so pretty. As far as your insomnia, try reading a book or watch a little television. I also read that keep your eyes open while in bed and they should get heavy and eventually close and you will fall asleep. Enjoy your school holiday.

  17. Love this red dress! It looks so gorgeous on you!

    xo, Joling

  18. only truly beautiful shillas prom reviews city are meant for a beautiful lady like you!


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