Friday, 14 July 2017

Khaki & Yellow (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

I had a much needed injection of new pieces this week. I went and did a little successful shopping where i bought a few pieces to mix in with all my old favourites. Its been great as i have been wearing all my wardrobe and old pieces a lot, and i've not really shopped this season, but the other day, i stood in front of my wardrobe and i felt like i'd exhausted everything...Nothing felt good, nothing felt fun, and basically i was bored, bored, bored with it all.
So add in 5 pieces and suddenly i was buzzing with ideas and creating outfits again, mixing the old with the new.
The trousers were bought back in January and haven't been worn much, the yellow top is new and such a fun summery colour, i paired them together and bobs your uncle, a new different and fun outfit was born.
I love experimenting with colour, it was the one thing i really missed whilst i pursued a capsule wardrobe for a year, and putting khaki and ochre-yellow together is a new combination for me, and i like it! The tan and the leopard are the finishing touches that bring the look together.

I also got my hair done this week leaving me feel like a new woman who loves to swish her hair, lol! In contrast though, i also gave myself a mild concussion by accidentally headbutting the refrigerator.. so y'know, you win some you loose some i guess, haha!

Have you experimented with any new colour combinations lately?

 ::Create The Look::
Khaki Trousers: H&M: Try these
Warehouse Yellow Top
Tan Sandals: Next last year: Try These
Leopard Clutch: This one is lovely

Each week i will be sharing the most clicked on link and the link that caught my eye!
Last week:

Most Clicked link was the lovely

And My Favourite was from Upbeat Soles, the gorgeous yellow dress really caught my eye!



  1. I've felt uninspired with my wardrobe a few times. I'm started out with 6 months without shopping, which is now 7 months...I'm lucky I had a season change so I got to pull out all my winter clothes which helped me get a little inspired again. I still have a lot of them to wear so I'm not going to be shopping again any time soon!

    Thank you for the link up!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Love Yellow, love Khaki. Need to try them together! Have a great weekend Rachel xx

  3. Thank you for that information you article


  4. My inspiration for the day Rachel - many thanks for sharing this look, I love it. Also thanks for the link up. x

  5. I love all the colors of this outfit! Very nicely done! I have been wearing older things from my closet a lot lately too. I love the idea of adding new pieces to mix with the old rather than a whole new outfit. Peace!

  6. Oh, Rachel, I just laughed out loud that you head butted the refrigerator while swishing your hair! And what a fabulous color combination! I never would have paired yellow and khaki together (probably because I don't wear much yellow), but these two colors together are absolutely magnificent! Such a great outfit! Thanks for sharing and I am glad you are wardrobe inspired again!


  7. Always lovely Rachel, so glad to be able to join you.
    Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much for the reminder.
    Happy weekend

  8. I agree that adding a new piece here and there, just makes your closet feel so fresh and new!! A friend and I just went thrift shopping and so I know exactly how you feel (except for the hair part...ha ha)

  9. Cute! Such a unique color combo. Love how you accessorized it!

  10. I like your new yellow top! And I like it paired with the khaki trousers. It's an unexpected combo that works!

    I've been wearing a bit more blue and green lately. I used to wear a lot of blue but haven't for years. It's been a nice change.

    Thanks for the linkup & have a wonderful weekend!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  11. Loving the bright yellow with khaki! I've been trying to add more yellow to my closet, especially in that pretty bright shade!

  12. Beautiful and bold color combination! The bit of leopard looks perfect with it. Have a wonderful weekend, Rachel!

  13. LOVE this color combo!! Gorgeous look!

    xx, Elise

  14. That mustard yellow looks awesome on you! It makes the whole outfit pop! I also love your hair!

  15. Thanks for the linkup. I've barely experimented with getting dressed, as my lack of IG shows well except insta story which has suffered my misery. However yes I love experimenting, normally and I did discover khaki and yellow.

  16. Looking very fall like! Khaki and mustard yellow are a great color combination! Thanks for the linkup!

  17. Love that outfit.

  18. Ooo, that's the new top looking lovely! xx

  19. WOW, I must say that khaki and yellow look gorgeous together and on you! I love the way you styled the whole look. Thank you for organizing your link up, I joined.

    P.S. I am organizing a link up. Feel free to join and share your post.

  20. I love the yellow on you! Such a fun color for the summer and your hair looks great!

  21. Love the combo including that tan shoes! You look fab.

  22. Love this look, those pants are gorgeous. Also, loving your clutch :)

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  24. I love your style! Great post and blog!


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