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#BodyPositivity with The Style Allie

Anyone who has had children will know: 

The Mother of All Body Changes

Meet Allie
Creator of The Style Allie
She is a blogger and Stylist
A Mum and Wife
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The Beginning: Full of confidence and youth

When I met my husband, at the tender age of 16, I had just retired from gymnastics with a knee injury and my build was very slim and athletic. Content in a relationship and not at the gym constantly, I filled out a bit and felt confident with a bit more meat on my bones and a bit more boob in my bra! Fast forward 8 years to our wedding day and I felt so confident, I rocked tiny bikinis on our honeymoon and body hang ups were not even on my radar.

Then Everything Changed..

I fell pregnant just a few months after we married and I remember naively thinking I would just ping back after. My amazing Mum has had four children and she was back in her size 10 jeans a week later, every time. I assumed that I would inherit this ability. By week 20, it was clear that I was not going to carry a neat little bump and I had put on so much weight everywhere. I felt almost freakish when people assumed I was almost at full term and joined in by saying things such as "definitely only one in there" or "they can probably see me from space" to hide my upset. At least I didn't have stretch marks, I thought, until I went 14 days overdue and they were literally appearing before my eyes. I ended up covered in them.
Then, after a dramatic birth where the cleaner delivered her, my beautiful daughter came hurtling into the world. Of course the next few weeks, everything paled into insignificance and I basked in the newborn glow. However, the tiredness was overwhelming, I ate terribly, gorging on sugary snacks to give me an instant energy boost. It wasn't long before I began to loathe my reflection, so much so a birthday shopping trip reduced me to tears. I began to hide away in loose clothes and even still wore my maternity wear . I pushed these thoughts away and threw myself into Motherhood. Violet was a toddler when I fell pregnant again, suddenly my saggy stomach was firm again and I actually felt amazing. My bump this time round was neat and because I was running around after an 18 month old, I didn't put on extra weight. After Oscar was born, those feelings of body loathing returned but I convinced myself that I was being stupid and it didn't matter. I had two healthy children and I should stop being so ridiculous.

Getting Back To Me

I remember the day I realised I needed to look after myself again. I was looking at photographs of my son's first birthday. I was wearing a maternity dress, I had cut and coloured my hair into what I thought was an appropriate "mum do". I suddenly didn't recognise myself anymore. I vowed to take control, I joined a Body Combat class and started to eat healthily. I don't personally believe in diets, as soon as you say I can't have something, I immediately want it all!
So everything in moderation.
I began to feel good, I noticed I had more energy and my clothes felt looser. I eventually lost 2.5 stones. This was great but I was left with saggy, stretch marked skin which I hated and would obsess over. I was far from the pre-pregnancy body that I loved. I realised it wasn't a matter of the weight, I just didn't feel like me anymore.
I decided to go shopping, I had not done this for a long time, I had avoided the shops as the carefree days of being able to wear whatever I liked were gone. It always left me feeling frumpy and fed up. This time, I was on a mission. I had a wedding to attend and was determined to find something I felt good in. I tried dress after dress after dress. My fuller boobs wouldn't squeeze into the pretty dresses I liked and my wobbly thighs were crying out "hide me". I began to give up when an amazing lady told me what a beautiful hourglass figure I had and that I should try separates to get a better fit. She brought me a gorgeous lace pencil skirt and a little funnel necked blouse to try. I put the outfit on and instantly felt amazing! The pretty skirt was snug on my small waist and showed it off perfectly, the lace overlay skimmed over my mum tum and the beautiful blouse housed my boobs wonderfully and showed my curves off in an elegant way I had never dreamed possible. However, it was the smile on my face that made the real difference, I felt amazing! Needless to say I snapped the whole outfit up there and then.

This really was an awakening, I began to experiment with my new body shape and found out what worked for me. Yes, it was different but I was determined to make clothes work for me. Fashion had always been a huge part of my life pre pregnancy and I had missed expressing myself through clothes. It was time to get to know myself again and over time I mastered what worked for my new body. I can now look at an item and instantly know if the shape will work. I have learned how to accentuate the bits I like, for example my small waist; I'm always in high waisted items or cinched in with a waist belt. I look for pieces that skim over my mum tum and thighs and show off my calves, I have even embraced my fuller bust and instead of hiding them in loose clothing, I dress to show off my curvy shape.

Once I had mastered dressing my figure, I found I could build on this foundation by expressing myself through styling. 

Finally, I was feeling like the Allie I used to know, my confidence grew and I felt comfortable in my own skin once more. I really do believe that getting to know which body shape you are and how to dress it, is a complete game changer. Feeling good in what you wear is so good for the soul!

I know my body is not perfect, whatever that ridiculous notion means, but it is pretty bloody amazing! I grew two beautiful humans inside it and it keeps me alive to see them grow. It is so easy to fall into the trap of looking at the "body beautiful" images we are constantly bombarded with and feel inadequate but it is not healthy to think that there is only one type of beauty. As women, we all come in different shapes and sizes, this should be something to celebrate. I want my daughter to see me embracing my shape and enjoying my refection rather than agonising over it. I want my son to see that beauty comes from feeling good about yourself and for him to support the women in his life to do just that.

Here are my tips on feeling good and dressing happy

  • Get to know your shape and dress for it: Once you master what suits your shape you can build on this foundation and experiment with colour and print to express your personality.
  • Avoid the Practical Rut: Don't get stuck in the habbit of dressing "Practically" for mum duties, sometimes dressing in something pretty really can lift your mood and make you feel like "you"rather than just a mummy.
  • Go-To Mum-iform: On days when only practical and mum-uniform will do, have a collection of go to accessories, for example some fab earrings  or a statement necklace to pop on over some stripes. You will feel like you've made an effort and will look super stylish in a snip of time.
Give yourselves some love, thanks for reading
Allie xx

RTH: Thanks Allie! Its been so good to hear about your journey! As a mother it is something i can definitely relate with as i went through the exact same thing.


  1. What a lovely post, thanks for sharing this. x Jacqui

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