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#BodyPositivity Sharee's Journey

Meet Sharee
Body Positivtiy and realist advocate
Find her and her inspirational style at

It's my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the lovely Sharee, after my honest post of being small chested and learning to love it after years of self loathing, its great to have Sharee speaking from the opposite side of the spectrum.
Please welcome Sharee:

Ok I admit it….The following sentences fills me with dread! "bikini shopping”

 The fear of wearing a bikini…so much so that for my upcoming holiday I purchased swimming costumes and told myself under no circumstances am I to wear a bikini. You see I have what you call an ample bosom. Having been blessed/cursed (however way you want to look at it) with FF boobs since my teenage years and ever since then, trying to hide them away but hey I guess I’m stuck with them right? 
Im guessing you may be thinking well why not have a reduction if you hate them that much? 
Don’t get me wrong I have thought about it but then I thought why the hell should I? 
People pay for boobs like this! It’s that old chestnut isn’t it- 
We as Women as never happy with what we have body wise and always want the opposite to what we have and imagine life would be so much better with that but as I’ve got older I’ve learnt this is not the case and slowly come to realise at the end of the day, we get what we are given and you only have that 1 body and you should truly embrace it (even the bits you’re not that keen on).
I know I’m not the only 30 something female to feel self-conscious in a bikini but as women I feel the pressure we put on ourselves is immense and its enough to give you sleepless nights! But at the same time it’s something which is a total waste of worry, I openly admit though that I still do this and constantly judge myself and wonder what other people think of how I look. The pressure on young girls these days must be truly horrific, I think we have social media to “thank” for this one! 
How the media portrays what the ideal perfect body must be and make you feel that if you don’t conform to the said portrayal you are somehow less of a woman or not accepted?
But here’s the thing 99% of those pictures aren’t even real! The girl in the photo doesn’t even look like the girl in the photo? Go figure! The joys of numerous filters and Photoshop! 
Which brings me to a post I did recently which was featured in Look Magazine to promote their #GetRealIssue, again about the pressures to look perfect and to upload a photo explaining how many attempts/filters etc you used before you were happy with it. I was thrilled to be featured as it’s something I feel very passionate about. 

So anyway back to the Boobs and the reason for this post……One morning on holiday whilst getting ready for a day at the beach I put on my black swimming costume, minimiser bra underneath, trying to flatten them down, hunched my back so it looks like I don’t have a chest, and I thought I can’t exactly walk round 24-7 with a hunched back as that will lead to other problems! I caught a glimpse in the mirror and thought why am I doing this to myself? I’m the only person judging me, no one else is and anyway 9 times out of 10 those said people you think are judging you are only wanting to do the same thing and have exactly the same hang ups. 
So I guess what I’m saying is just go for it Ladies and embrace your gorgeous selves! I know I don’t fit the ideal “perfect” (whatever that may be) but you know what I don’t want to be! I’m the best version of me and that’s all what matters. So here I am embracing the boobs on holiday & I’m happy to report the swimming costumes were banished to the suitcase 😁
Thank you for reading and don't forget to love who you are and how you look.

Sharee xx 

RTH: And doesn't she look amazing!!! I absolutely love bringing this series to you all and showing a true representation of diverse ladies.. this is what should be in the media, women of all shapes sizes and ages. 
Thank you Sharee and amazing well done on your bikini shots and journey to self love!

To read more of the #BodyPositivity series click here

Do you have a #BodyPositivity story you'd like to share? I'm looking for contributors..
 Email me at rachel(at)rachelthehat(dot)com


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

New In :: Cruelty Free Beauty Products

This month i have been trying out lots of new beauty products. I always seem to dabble more with beauty potions and lotions in the summer month and less makeup and then vice versa come winter (i am ALL about eh makeup come winter!) I guess that speaks volumes about my mentality in each season. But enough about the psychologies of my beauty habits, lets get on to the good stuff shall we. The question is, have i found anything worth buying again/ will become part of my beauty favourites?
Yes and definitely yes.. in-fact, spoilers, i think its fair to say i pretty much loved all these products but more details shall commence!

Seascape Island Apothecary

 Seascape Island apothecary was probably my favourote find this month. A gorgeous cruelty free, responsible brand that offers divinity in a pot. Their products ooze luxury and smell and work extremely well.
The Unwind Body Lotion is possibly my favourite, the fragrance is strong, which i love, and has scented with jersey lavender and ylang ylang. I have this beside my bed and use some at night on my arms and legs as, not only does my skin drink it up and feel soft in the morning, but the scent is wonderful for relaxing and aiding sleep (something i've been very happy with of late after a number of sleepless nights!)
The Seasalt scrub & Soothe Body wash make an excellent shower duo and leave me feeling squeaky clean and extremely relaxed.
Lastly my other absolute favourite is the Peppermint Lip Balm, now to me this is both scrub and balm in one. Its gritty, which i didnt expect, however, i have been on the hunt for a good lip exfoliator as i wear a lot of bright lipstick and they often leave a residue or i need a good clear base to put them on. This provides an excellent scrub to the lips without feeling harsh. I wondered also if the peppermint would be tingly, which I'm not a fan of, but it isn't, its extremely long lasting balm and comfy to wear on the lips. Again i like to put this on at night time for my lips to really relish in the moisture. For £10 this is an absolute bargain also and something i will most definitely repurchase (however a little goes a long way and the pot is very deep and filled to the top so i don't think i'll have to repurchase anytime soon!)
The last thing i want to say about seascape is the packaging, oh my word the packaging.. its simply beautiful and honestly i know i would absolutely love to receive these as gifts and would definitely buy friends and family them too.


 Another new brand to me but one i believe has been around a really long time is Weleda.
I received some gorgeous testers and this full size body wash in my lucky things meet up goodie bag. The Almond Skin Wash is the most delicate body wash i've ever used. This is absolutely perfect for those with extra sensitive skin, and for ahem.. delicate parts.. (tmi? Well y'know me well enough now, i'll only ever speak the truth 😁).
The Evening Primrose concentrate is for ageing skin and is full of goodness to help with elasticity and fullness of the skin. I haven't used this much yet but i am about to start as its never to early to help your skin out a bit!
I have to say i am super impressed with Weleda and will be purchasing products from their website for sure

Simply Scrub

100% organic and natural Simply Scrub  is basically whole goodness in a pot. You actually couldn't get more natural. The scrubs are amazing. I have the Rose Scrub which is the most delectable fragrance, and you are actually scrubbing your legs with petals and florals.. I'd actually never experienced anything like it and was blown away with the potency of the gorgeous scrub and how it left my legs feeling so soft afterwards. The Chocolate scrub is amazing for ridding fake tan. I had a build up of gradual tanner on my legs and i used this with a flannel and it banished all the tan residue wonderfully. The only thing i will say is that as it is natural and you are literally scrubbing with rose petals and such, then it can get a bit messy. I do mine in the bath but it did scatter through out. I didn't mind one iota though as it left my bathroom smelling so so pretty and washed away very easily.
I highly recommend this if you like natural products and like me love to exfoliate your legs, espeically after fake tan! It really works a treat and there are no nasty chemicals or damages to the environment... win win!!

Embryolisse Eye Cream

 I love the feel of this on my eyes, it feels thick and moisturising. I struggle with eye cream as my eyes are getting crinklier by the day but yet nothing seems to help. I'm not sure if this is actually doing anything or not just yet, but it does feel nice. Do you have any eye cream recommendations?

A little bit of Hair
 Biolage RAW Shampoo & Conditioner and Bardou Finishing Spray

The new Biolage RAW range is incredible hair food. My hair literally laps it up. Now these aren't particularly cheap (I caught my husband using it and i freaked out on him.. hes bald btw.. he says he likes how it makes his head feel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I asked him to refrain from using my special shampoo as its reserved solely for me lol!), but if you like to treat your locks to a really nice shampoo that leaves your tresses feeling like you've just stepped out of the salon, well these products are definitely for you. I have the Nourish range, and nourish it most definitely does.

Also on the hair front, a product so good its worth mentioning again is the Bardou Finishing mist.
This is my most favourite setting spray... ever! Its fine enough to not leave your hair feeling like hard and sticky but also holds your style and banishes frizz, which with this mop of hair, is vital. I'm so sad that i've just run out, but will be repurchasing for sure. I think i suddenly realised again how good it is when i resorted to a store bought normal hairspray that left my hair looking frizzy and unclean straight after styling. So yes, return to Bardou i shall!

Etern'l Night Cream via Harmony Life
After being super impressed with Harmony Life and their hair growth products I decided to give their beauty products a go. I needed a new night cream and heard excellent things of the Etern'l range which has won numerous awards in France, and if its good enough for those french chicks, well then it sure as hell good enough for me. And actually, i really love it, like really love it. The viscosity is thick and i love that in a nuit creme (that's the extent of my french folks, and that's just from reading the labelπŸ˜‚), i lather a lot on just before bed and let it sink in slowly. I wake up and my skin feels refreshed and the texture feels renewed if that makes sense, like there's some elasticity back. I really like this product and have definitely seen some benefits to my skin since using.

 This is the perfect handbag lipbalm, i had this in my gorgeous Social Brunch Club meet up goodie bag and i'm so pleased to have this little beauty. Perfect lipbalm for on the go that delivers a real hit of moisture, and its perfect barrier balm too

So there we have it, quite the extensive amount of beauty goodies.

Have you tried any new products this month that you would recommend?


Sunday, 23 July 2017

Take the Time To Date: Dating across the globe

When you've been together for 11 years and you have busy jobs and family, its so hard to take time to just to be a couple. 
But taking time to date your significant other is SO important. 
I'll confess and say its not something we do enough of, but we've started taking time when we can. An hour here and there, sometimes its just taking time out together and walking the dogs just the two of us. Sometimes it will be a full night with a movie and a meal. But giving each other your undivided attention can really do wonders for both parties.
All i know is whenever i've spent time with just my husband i feel happier.
Sometimes though, dates can be expensive and it can be hard to find a good location or venue on a budget.
Whether it’s Rome, London, Paris or New York, there’s a perfect date out there for everyone. Recently Angelic Diamonds, retailers of bespoke palladium engagement rings, conducted some fabulous research on dating across the globe, No matter where you are we advise you on making the most of your date no matter where you are in the world.


As the capital of Italy, Rome is brimming with 3,000 years of art, architecture and culture – making any date in this beautiful city one of romance and sophistication.

For the true fans

If your partner is looking for some excitement when you’re in the capital, and you’d really like to treat the pair of you, why not go to a A.S. Roma football match? At the grand Stadio Olimpico, you can buy a ticket for €100 (£88.02). Just make sure you’re both football fans before you go, as it’ll be slightly awkward if one of you is bored when surrounded by screaming fans…

The people watchers

If you’re on a budget, then why not try taking a walk to the picturesque Trevi Fountain and throwing a spare penny in for good luck? Once you’re done, you could take a stroll to one of the many cafes nearby so that you can sit and people watch to your heart’s content.

The classic date

If you’ve got a bit of money to spend but don’t want to break the bank, why not try the classic dinner and cinema date? In Rome, you can expect to pay €21 (£18.48) for your taxi and €57 (£50.17) for your meal for two in one of Rome’s fine restaurants. To top it all off, you can spend €17 (£14.96) on two cinema tickets.


London is a booming metropolis full of great shops, bars and restaurants that will keep you both entertained for more than just one date! If you want to enjoy this city properly, then you’ll need to know where to go. When it comes to dates in this city, the world really is your oyster.

Living the high-life

If you and your partner like to enjoy the finer things in life, then why not try afternoon tea at a prestigious London hotel? At £50 per person, you and your date could enjoy tea, scones and sandwiches at the prestigious Claridge’s Hotel, in Mayfair. If you are both enjoying the pleasures of luxury, then why not book a superior queen room at £690 a night?

For the inquisitive

London isn’t just about fine-dining and luxurious hotels, it’s also full of great musuems where you can learn more about the cultural history of London.
The Natural History Museum, the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern are all free to enter — they are perfect options for cultural visits that’ll get those brain cells exercised. Once you’re bored of the museums, head over to Westminster Bridge to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. This also isn’t too far from the Southbank, where you can pick up some delicious street food or take in the great views all around you.

The classic date

Leicester Square has hosted many film premieres over the years, with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood descending on its red carpet to see in the release of their new blockbuster. If you’re not on the guest-list, then why not take your date to the cinema for £23? If you get hungry, you can always get a meal including wine and dessert for £66. Don’t forget to hit the bars on your way out, where a pint will typically set you back £4.41, and a cocktail will cost £9 – not bad when you’re living it up in the capital!


Paris is the true city of romance. Tourists come from far and wide to have a great time with their significant other, and this could be you too. Home to many of the world’s greatest writers and artists, Paris oozes chic everywhere you walk through its many streets.

Taking a date to new heights

Going on a date to the Eiffel Tower is an impressive feat any day of the year, but especially so on Valentine’s Day. On this day, why not try booking in at 58 Tour Eiffel? It’ll cost you around €120 (£105.63) for each person, however, if you’d like a seat in the window to witness the spectacular views, then you can pay the extra €30 (£26.41) to really take your romance to dizzying heights!

Paris on a budget

The city is host to some of the most beautiful bridges in the world, which makes dating on a budget in this city very easy. As a symbol of their love for one another, many Parisians use padlocks and lock them to the Pont des Arts Bridge, throwing away the key into the water.
The locks can be purchased for a couple of euros each, so it’s probably the cheapest date that you’ll go on. Be warned though, as Paris officials are urging couples to stop so that the bridges can be protected; instead, why not take the lock home as a reminder of that great date you had together.

The classic date

If the weather’s poor outside, or you’d rather take the tried and tested methods when it comes to your date, then why not head over to a quant restaurant in the city? There, a meal for two including wine and dessert will typically cost around €65 (£57.21). Afterwards, if you head over to the cinema, it’ll cost you €20 (£17.60).

New York

If you can make it on a date here, then you can really make it anywhere. The big apple offers something for everyone- - with the theatres of Broadway, the neon-lit Times Square and skyscrapers like the Empire State Building, the possibilities really are endless.

Flying sky-high

If you want to pull out all of the stops for your date, then why not take them on a ride they’ll never forget? A private helicopter tour of New York’s famous landmarks will set you back around $1,500 (£1,184.40), so you’ll need to get saving if this sounds like the perfect date for you! With unparalleled views of the Empire State Building, the Stature of Liberty and Central Park though, this is the perfect date to get your heart’s racing. Hold on tight!

Walk those famous streets

If you’d like to do something a bit more low-key, then take a twilight walk around Central Park like Audrey Hepburn did in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to really set the mood for the evening. Or, if you’re feeling peckish, you could go to the restaurant featured in Where Harry Met Sally; you’ll be quoting lines from the film in no time!
If that’s not enough, take a walk down to the financial district if you and your date want to feel part of the glamour and excitement of the Wolf of Wall Street. Just be careful, as it’s a jungle out there…

The classic date

Taking a trip to NYC wouldn’t be the same without going to the movies, so take your date at the typical cost of $28 (£22.11). Perhaps a meal would complement this date nicely? Including wine and dessert, you can expect a meal for two to cost you $111 (£87.66). After that, the two of you could paint the town red in some of Manhattan’s best rooftop bars. A cocktail will likely cost $14 (£11.06) and a pint of lager around $7 (£5.53). Enjoy!

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#Passion4Fashion Linkup! All welcome!

Hooooooooo, WHAT a week ladies! We attended a big family wedding, which was delightful and meant i got to don a pretty frock for the occasion.
Its also been a week of absolute killer insomnia leaving me feeling a bit like i'm drunk.. but without the fun bit. Sleep, why you so mean to me?? It seems an unrequited love, i love sleep, it does not love me however!
But the school holidays have just begun which means 6 whole weeks off from the school run and pack lunches and trying to find those darn shoes every morning.
I am so looking forward to a bit of down time with my loved ones.
So all i have for you is this pretty dress which i absolutely loved wearing (as i stood out in a crowd and meant my children could find me easily, Ha! oh the ways a mothers mind works,lol!)

So all that's left for me to say is.. Zzzzzz
No seriously, thank you all for linking up last week, there were so many amazing links!!!

I want to try something from now on.. 
If you link up a post and the photo is on Instagram would you 
hashtag #Passion4Fashion on your instagram post ..

Feel free to tag me in it also as id love to pop over and see you. Its a great way to spread the love and we can each have a browse on the hashtag too.
It would be fab to create the hashtag to represent all your linkups under #Passion4Fashion. 
Personally I'm on IG more than any other platform and i'd love to see your glorious faces there and I can come like and comment.

Most clicked

Memories of the Pacific
 in her gorgeous kimono

My fav:
 This stunning gingham top from Five Foot Nothing Shopping

I always like to finish the post with a parting question, so today i am asking for purely selfish reasons  this.. Sleep.. Any advice ladies?
Let me know in the comments if you know of any sleep inducing techniques or remedies as i am due a few looonng nice sleeps!!


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

#BodyPositivity : Meet Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

Meet Ann

Creator of Kremb de la Kremb
Blogger, Stylist and Librarian/Teacher
Mum & Wife
Follow Ann on Instagram here

This is Ann's journey on her wonderful two legs

I've Always Loved My Legs

I’ve always loved my legs. They’re the one body part I don’t mind flaunting—yes, I chose the word flaunting just to prove a point of pride in my legs. I’m 45, and I still wear both mini skirts and short shorts as if I were 15! If I’m to receive a compliment, it’s usually about my legs. If you ask my husband the favourite physical part of me, he’ll instantly say my legs. It’s not arrogant for me to like my legs. Every single woman needs to identify at least one part of their body and completely celebrate it. They must. After all, self love breeds confidence, and confidence shines as beauty. So believe me when I tell you fellow women friends, you must find at least one thing about yourself and love it. Love it so much that you own it. Be it your nails, eyelashes, toned abs, flat chest, voluptuous bottom, find it and flaunt it ladies!

Oh no! But what happens when that one thing, that one body part of a woman that she has always taken pride in, begins to deteriorate? That dear women friends is what’s happening to me and to be frank, it stinks! My legs are beginning to fail me. Big time. I’ve already received a successful right hip replacement. Thank God for that one because I was miserable until I received Pinky. (Yes, I’ve named her Pinky, my new pink hip!) Right when the recovery of Pinky was smoothly come to a successful end, my left knee decided to act out. Basically four months after my miraculous (at least to me) hip replacement, I found out that my left knee had finally given out, and it now needs to be replaced. (My anterior cruciate ligament, ACL, injury from my early 20s was now shot. The graft that had been created in 1995 has now disintegrated. I no longer have an ACL in my left knee.) My left knee is filled with so much arthritis and bone spurs; basically it looks like a white infested forest of old stuff. It’s got to go, or I just deal with the pain.

I’ve been dealing with chronic pain in my lower appendages for more than a few years now. At one point, and I’m not embarrassed to admit this, I had to receive help for the depression caused by the chronic pain. I think part of the reason I am currently able to handle the pain in my left knee is because of the antidepressant I take from the time before the hip replacement. Chronic pain is real, and it can cause the brain to think some crazy things. Luckily my mind hasn’t gone too crazy in dealing with my left knee problems, and I thank that to the medication I take. One thing has definitely suffered however: my ego!

Even with fluctuations in weight, my legs have always seemed to stay trim. Yet now, those legs, they’ve lost any sort of definition, they suffer from atrophy and therefore wrinkles, plus those cellulite dimples are settling in. All these characteristics are new for me. Mind you this is all me looking down on them; it’s what I see. They probably still actually look fine. But, what about the fact that they don’t work for me….This is so hard, physically difficult and mentally too. I have always loved having strong legs. I’ve always loved that line I get on the side of my thigh demonstrating strength. I could squeeze my thigh or slant it to the side and get that nice line. These are my vanities that I own and share of the one item on my body that I’ve always appreciated. There’s more to the heartache: I have always loved walking, jogging, hiking. I used to play volleyball on the beach. I could do flips off the diving board. I can’t do any of those activities anymore, and it’s absolutely heart wrenching.

I still remain strong in my opinion that I must find something to love about myself. And it’s going to be my legs. I just have to start accepting how they are today. They are no longer young. They are definitely damaged and in need of surgical repair. I will one day do this. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait. But in the meantime, I have to find something, there’s got to be something I can do to celebrate my legs. Just this week I found it: I can ride a bike! It’s so fun!! The breeze in my hair, nature all around me, the pumping up a hill and the joy of acceleration going down. When I ride a bike, my knee does not hurt, and my muscles are working!! Oh yes! I may have found something, and the relief feels so good. Maybe I can still love my legs after all. As long as I can use them, attempt to make them strong, take pride in their strength, I will always love my legs. I just have to find ways to celebrate them in any which way I can.

*Dearest Rachel, thank you for giving me this opportunity to reflect on a body part I’ve always loved but have had a hard time with as of late. This process of writing out what I love about myself has provided me with the determination to always find a way to love my legs. And now, it’s time to go take a bike ride! Wink wink.

Thanks for having me.

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

What to Shop in the Summer Sales

Oh i do love a good sale, but i am not a fan of wading through rail after rail of clothes where the majority of pieces aren't in my size. Online is always where its at for me with sales, and oh how i love a bargain.
If you've been around these parts before, you may know that i'm actually quite tight with my cash when it comes to clothes. I don't want to have to spend and arm and a leg to look nice, which makes me and the sales BFF's.
At this time of year all the shops are being inundated with the first hit of the Autumn ranges, which means all the summer items go on sale, and with half of summer still to go (hopefully), you should be able to bag yourself some bargains for now and even some that will work right through the seasons.
The best thing to do is make a list of what you need in your life and shop for that.

So with a few pennies in my purse and an itch to spend, here's what i'll be shopping this Summer.

Dresses from Dorothy Perkins
I always buy my summer dresses in the sale and then happily wear them for the rest of summer and pull them out the following year also. I think being British makes me sceptical when buying summer dresses as you never really know how much wear you will get out of them due to the unpredictable weather. Therefore sales are always where i pick my dresses.
Better yet, buying a couple now that will work fort sunny days and will also see you through to autumn too.

 I love the idea of wearing both of these now with a denim jacket and sandals and then switching to a chunky knit cardigan or biker jacket and boots for autumn.. great workhorse dresses that don't cost the earth are my absolute favourites.

Handbag Sale

The perfect indulgence? That one item that can out live all other trends and accompany you for years of wear: The handbag. I do love a good handbag me and most of mine have been with me some time, and will continue to be too! I think the sales are the perfect time to bag (heh!) yourself an indulgence.


I have ridiculously sensitive eyes and wear sunglasses all year round. I possibly look like Bono and a bit of a nonce but i can't help it, i honestly feel naked without a pair and use them for driving and hiding tired eyes, for me they really are a must. My only problem is i quite often loose them, which means not spending a lot of money on them is kind of important when there is a strong possibility they may not be with me for 12 months.. (sad but true.. Just call me Dori)
Sales buys for sunglasses are a must. Great style, shape and designer sunnies but with a good percentage discount making me much happier to part with the cash.

Technology: Cameras

I am constantly looking for a new camera. Its become this habit of mine to check daily to see if there's been a reduction in price or if the camera i want has gone in to the sales. This way through Love The Sales i can keep an eye on the one i want and watch the price percentage reduction and then will hopefully bag that camera. This is the one i'm currently lusting after with wifi image sharing and flip up screen for vlogging (which is something I really want to get in to!) it seems a great fit between a DSLR and a standard compact digital. It also has interchangeable lenses and the reviews are pretty great, its also much smaller than our DSLR making pictures on the go a lot easier... that's the plan anyway, i'm watching this one like a hawk!

So that's what i'm shopping in the sales, how about you? Is there anything you specifically shop for in the sales?


Sunday, 16 July 2017

Tips for Taking Photos By Yourself (Selfies & Such)

                                                             Images from my Instagram

As you all know through the weeks i have to take my own photos as the husband is in work, but out of the two of us, he is most definitely the photographer. I have to scramble along when hes not around, but i have found some ways of making do without him to get my daily outfit pic. I used to ask my kids but the moaning and the accidental head chopping off was beginning to grate on me so i set myself up.
Here are a few of the things i do and use when I'm left to my own devices.

I currently have a Samsung S7 and its fine. Would i like an upgrade? Undoubtedly, but i've smashed one ohone this year already so i'm happy to plod on with this one. Its a good quality camera and used with the correct settings can get some sharp, crisp images.
For instagram shots i use the Phone camera not the Instagram camera as the quality difference is huge. On the camera settings I then change the size of the image ratio to 1:1 so i know it will automatically fit the Instagram size frame. This makes things a lot easier if i'm posting in a hurry. Otherwise you can use a scale app too.

I use a lightweight Tripod every day. I never realised how important in would become, but its integral to getting my outfit shots. I like one that i can chuck in the car or carry out to my location and not anything heavy.

Phone Adaptor for Tripod
Which obviously goes hand in hand with my tripod, a small but vital bit of kit that i attach and bobs your uncle, your phones attached. This is the one i have and is only a few quid

I don't use a remote, but i know lots that do and prefer it, i use the timer and multi burst shots. After setting my tripod up in the right location and with an educated guess as to wear my head and feet will be I set my timer to 10 seconds and  3 shot burst. This is where i run into the shot and get myself shot ready. After its taken i check the images to see if there is any adjustments needed and shoot again. I can usually get this done in 3 takes and about 10 minutes (if my face is co operating... sometimes i pull some funny gibs πŸ˜‚)

An absolute essential for me is a Power Bank. Using social media and the camera will run your battery down extremely quickly. Having a power bank on me is important as i don't want to have to be panicking that i'm running out of juice on what is essentially my form of contact for if the kids/husband needs me, as well as getting my shots done.

Natural lighting
Is always best, unless you have a studio of course, but for daily outfit pics natural light will always give you the best picture

I like to vary my backdrops and have mostly chosen greenery for the simple fact of its green where i live here in the Welsh Hills. Choosing a good place to shoot with good lighting will help a lot. I have a few spots i like to go to where i know i can set my tripod up easily and get my pics done without too many people wondering what the hell i'm doing.
I like to cary my locations each day but you may prefer to use the same simple plain backdrop each day. Its personal choice, but having a re set location will defintely help you capture your daily outfit pics.

Phone apps
I know lots of people tweak their images with lots of different apps, but honestly i just use Instagram to change the saturation and lighting if necessary.

Here are some great tips on the ever important selfie as researched by the Pro's!

   Tips and Tricks: The Art of Creating Excellent Selfies

Do you ever take your own photos? If you do what do you do/use to ensure you get the shot?


Friday, 14 July 2017

Khaki & Yellow (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

I had a much needed injection of new pieces this week. I went and did a little successful shopping where i bought a few pieces to mix in with all my old favourites. Its been great as i have been wearing all my wardrobe and old pieces a lot, and i've not really shopped this season, but the other day, i stood in front of my wardrobe and i felt like i'd exhausted everything...Nothing felt good, nothing felt fun, and basically i was bored, bored, bored with it all.
So add in 5 pieces and suddenly i was buzzing with ideas and creating outfits again, mixing the old with the new.
The trousers were bought back in January and haven't been worn much, the yellow top is new and such a fun summery colour, i paired them together and bobs your uncle, a new different and fun outfit was born.
I love experimenting with colour, it was the one thing i really missed whilst i pursued a capsule wardrobe for a year, and putting khaki and ochre-yellow together is a new combination for me, and i like it! The tan and the leopard are the finishing touches that bring the look together.

I also got my hair done this week leaving me feel like a new woman who loves to swish her hair, lol! In contrast though, i also gave myself a mild concussion by accidentally headbutting the refrigerator.. so y'know, you win some you loose some i guess, haha!

Have you experimented with any new colour combinations lately?

 ::Create The Look::
Khaki Trousers: H&M: Try these
Warehouse Yellow Top
Tan Sandals: Next last year: Try These
Leopard Clutch: This one is lovely

Each week i will be sharing the most clicked on link and the link that caught my eye!
Last week:

Most Clicked link was the lovely

And My Favourite was from Upbeat Soles, the gorgeous yellow dress really caught my eye!

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