Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How Much Does Your Daily Makeup Cost?

How much is your daily face worth? Interesting question right? How much do we spend on our daily makeup products? I read this article in Look magazine a week ago and i was intrigued to see how much my daily face of makeup is worth.
Makeup to me is one of lifes little pleasures. I actually enjoy wearing it (the majority of the time, on the days i can't be bothered i simply dont), it makes me feel great, not in a "I need makeup to live" type way, but more in a " i am in control of how i look today" type way. Is that weird? It is isn't it.
I'm ok with that.

Not only do i love finding great product i also love the actual action of applying makeup, I would say maybe i missed my calling in life and should have been an MUA to the stars, but honestly i'm actually crap at it... really not good. I have the tried and tested look for my own face, which has taken me years to perfect, and even then its ok at best.
However, i enjoy the action of actually applying makeup. When i worked in an office environment and had myself and the kids to get ready of a morning, i would get up half an hour earlier, get a coffee and grab my makeup and take to the mirror. With my face on all i had to do was chuck my uniform on at the last minute. It gave me the sense of being ready for the world.
Now i work from home i go makeup free more days, which makes me love donning my makeup even more when i do do it.

So the matter in hand.. How much is my daily face of makeup worth? I am genuinely intrigued.
Lets find out shall we?

This is what i wear on my face whenever i wear makeup. I'm not overly adventurous, i will change the eye-shadow occasionally but generally keep it to a black eye liner then i go all in with the lipstick, usually bold red or pink. And the rest is for full face and ready to go!

Top Row Left to right
W7 Bronzer  £5.95
W7 Blush £6.95

Bottom Row Left to Right
W7 Eyeliner £4.95
W7 Mascara £4.95
W7 Lipstick £4.95

Total cost: £87.13

Amazing.. I would never have guessed that, less than £100 so that's pretty good and of course cost per wear brings each item down to pennies, but its amazing how much our daily face of product is worth and what us ladies spend our money on isn't it (this doesn't even include beauty prep items!).

I have to admit, a lot of these pieces are excellent value (W7 cosmetics in particular are amazing value, the mascara is the best i've ever used including all the designer ones i've tried over the many mascara wearing years!) so i feel pretty good about my daily face products.

Have you ever totalled your daily face up? Id love to know yours!


Friday, 26 May 2017

The Perfect Little Red Dress (& #Passion4Fashion Linkup)

Summer made an appearance here in the welsh hills this week and what a mood changer its been! I've been waking up to glorious rays of sunshine streaming through and warmth to heat you through. We have this weather so rarely here in the UK so i feel we all lap up every second when it does show up. And not only do we lap up every second, but we also get to wear some summer fashion finally!
I have so many summer dresses but this one from Bows Boutique has become an instant winner on the favourite dress front. It's stylish on-trend bardot cut fits perfectly and doesn't do the pesky crawling up the arms thing, it just sits,skims and hangs perfectly. Perfect for those summer bbq's and parties as it skims the tummy area without adding lots of voluminous fabric.
Dress perfection!
I absolutely love wearing this dress, i can see it working for an evening meal as much as on the beach with sandals, which makes this perfect for holidays as well as stay-cations and days at home.
Now all i need is for the sunshine to stick around a while so i can get plenty of wear out of this beauty. Summer dressing is just so easy isn't it? Dress, shoes, done! 

What are you wearing to get in to the summer mood lately?

Outfit Details:
Dress: thanks to Bows Boutique
Denim Jacket
Cream Bag
Red Tassel Earrings

Ps 10 points to anyone who spots my sunburn.. wear sunblock kids, let my crabstick impression be a lesson to all 😉


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

May Love List

May has been a bit of a wash out of a month, I think.. its all a bit of a blur, but i distinctly remember rain and lots of it, but the forecast is saying sunshine for the next few days and i can not wait to see the old current bun once again. There are a few things i have loved this month but what i'm really looking forward to is getting out and about again once the nice weather appears (it came, and then it went sadly!), Plus next week is half term here with the kids and i have some exciting plans with Neo, so June could be quite a fun month!
Have you had a nice May so far? Are there any standout moments for you this month?


This month I have been all about the maxi's.. maxi dresses and maxi skirts gimme gimme gimme. I think it's because for the in-between weather these still provide that bit of coverage but satisfy my mind on the whole "It's spring, get out of jeans already" front
I am loving this Dr Denim skirt i bought, so much so I wore it 2 days on the trot and could actually have worn it for the whole week. Skirt love, completely and utterly. Its just the perfect transition from jeans to skirt, plus its super versatile.


This month has been the same old same old on repeat it would seem. But i have been enjoying making big old pots of stews and minestrone. In particular the Deliciously Ella Sweet Potato and Chickpea stew is an absolute favourite in this house

3. Beauty

I've been wracking my brain as to if i've used anything new this month, then i remembered I did my whole base layer post and that would probably be my favourites right now, as getting the base right is so important for me and my crappy skin

4. Media

Struggling to get in to a good book at the moment. But I can't not mention Guardians of the Galaxy 2! To put some context here, as a family GOTG1 it is probably our most watched film. If you're ever a guest in our house for the evening and we're vegging out watching movies, our suggestion has always been GOTG. We have the soundtrack, Neo has a Peter Quill outfit and a toy Milano. We love it. It was fun, quirky sci-fi and just brilliantly written. We were SO excited to see GOTG 2 that we went the day it came out and waited for half an hour before the trailers even started so that we got good seat (yes, we are major geeks).
So was it good? Yes, it was.
Was it as good as 1? No.
Simply put, it just wasn't as good for me (or us as a family, we all actually agreed). I think where the first one had humour in the right places with side jokes and funny moments here and there it was all perfectly timed. I really feel like they went full comedy mode on this one and found some of the jokes didn't need to be in there. A lot of Drax's character traits had changed and he had suddenly become this constant joke cracking character and laughing a lot. I mean i get character development, but this seemed a lot in a really different direction to how he originally was. I enjoyed the Father story-line, i'm a big Kurt Russell fan, and his part was acted so well, really enjoyed seeing him on the screen again too. But it did feel like there was a lot of side stories going on, with Rocket, Nebula and of course Yondu, that took away from Peter Quill somewhat.

Overall an absolute must see, and i think maybe when it comes out on DVD and i watch it again, maybe i'll grow to love it a bit more, its just that when the first was so good, 2 had bog shoes to fill and it just didn't make it for me.  However, still a really enjoyable film and definitely worth a watch!

5. Life

We planted our vegetable garden about 6-8 weeks ago it is doing so so well. I am absolutely loving it and so is the husband. We spent about 5 hours potching and planting on Sunday together in the sun, chatting and talking. Not only is it satisfying to see the things we planted growing each week, but its lovely to spend time together and have a hobby we both enjoy. We've already learned so much and are making plans to extend the plot this autumn winter in preparation for Spring enabling us to plant more going forward. So far we have cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, spinach, beetroot, broad beans, onions, carrots, peas and potatoes.  I'm so excited to eat something that we grew from seed ourselves. I shall, of course, keep you posted. But yeh, majorly rewarding and enjoyable! Highly recommend, even if you only have some pots to plant, do it it! Watching your seeds grow is a brilliant feeling
(and this is coming from a previous serial plant killer!).

And thats it!  A quiet month, but none the less its flown by!

Looking forward to what June has in store.

What have you loved this month?
Let me know in the comments, i really love to hear about what you've been up to!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Autumn fashion trends: what should we expect to see in 2017?

This is going to sound a bit ahead of myself but all of the Autumn look books and collections are already starting to drop.. I know, I know, it seems like an age away, but what i am thinking is that on those days when the sun isn't so shiny and the warmth just ins't here, maybe we could take a few ideas from the new ranges that are coming out imminently. Being ahead of the game never hurt anyone after all. Plus wise investments now could be a real workhorse on the clothes front, and that is always a thumbs up in my books.. Lets take a look shall we?

This season will be influenced by the excitement of an evening in the city, belted coats, fishnets, and vintage-inspired faux fur coats are all returning to our wardrobes this season.
Together with Trilogy Stores, we can provide you with the hottest trends to expect this autumn. By following our guide, you’ll be able to make the most of autumnal-chic, and glide effortlessly into the winter months without any fashion faux pas.

Belted coats

A belted coat is perfect during autumn, as it is an ideal statement piece to keep warm whilst strolling through the park. Expressing effortless sophistication, the belt adds and extra layer of depth to your coat and helps to define your waistline in a way that is flattering.
Whether you decide to wear a statemented fur jacket, or opt for a for a leather trench coat – the belt is a refining piece within this ensemble, which can be knotted or fastened depending on your look.
Alongside the belted coat, wide waisted belts are also making an appearance this autumn; they can be worn over your coat, or, they can be added to an evening dress that will help to define your curves. Browns, blacks, and reds are colours that aren’t only popular, but help you to channel the natural colours of the season. However, if you’re worrying about keeping warm this autumn – Jumper 1234 are sure to keep you warm with fashionable designs that appeal to the comforting colours of the season.  

Suiting in style

This trend is set to go global by September: the female suit. Not only does it keep you warm during the colder months, it also produces a look that is powerful.
Elegantly designed slacks and pressed double-breasted jackets are all the rage this autumn; together with pronounced shoulders and shoulder-width trousers, the suit helps to reappropriate a masculine look for the female fashion-forward. Don’t worry, this isn’t a return of the eighties; it’s power-dressing in 2017.

True blue

Summer is all about eye-catching pinks, and dashing scarlets – but once the leaves begin to change colour, dusky modest blues define autumn. Labelled as the new ‘it’ colour, the moody notes incorporated by dark blues within an outfit can really make a lasting impression.
Wear a pale blue shirt with slim-fitting grey trousers for an outfit that is subtle yet striking, or why not try a brighter coloured blue mac to create a contrast between your outfit and the autumnal environment around you?

Nylon jackets

Whether you’re going to a festival, or walking through town, a nylon coat is the transitional outerwear that you’ve been looking for (think trench coat upgrade). Without fear of any wrinkles, this type of coat is similar to a mac, and can be packed away in your suitcase to take to any event without any hassle.
These futuristic, cutting edge jackets can be worn casually with flats, or can be worn on the evening with a pair of high boots or heels; blacks, browns, and greens are all this autumn – so wear subtle colours underneath to pull off a look that’s striking without having to make the effort.

Photos all via Pintrest
Thanks to Trilogy for teaming up with me on this piece

So, thoughts on Autum trends? Is there anything you can see you liking, buying and wearing?


Friday, 19 May 2017

Styling Culottes (& #Passion4Fashion Link-up)

I was growing board of constant jean wearing and felt like i wanted to add an injection of colour in to my wardrobe in a new way. Its that in-betweeny season for us here as its neither hot nor cold. My brain is kind of against wearing tights at this time of year (i have a weird OCD in regards to some forms of dressing in some seasons.. its weird, i know :( ..), which kind of rules out dresses as its really not that warm, plus these legs just so happen to not be anywhere near 'summer ready'. I will hasten a guess they may never be, but alas i shall just have to just face that as and when (if?) the warm time comes.
Anyway, yes, so dresses are proving to be awkward at the moment and it just seems to be the relentless daily role out of jeans jeans and, you guessed it, more jeans. 
So I thought to myself culottes seem to be a good middle ground.
Ankle baring and a bit breezy, yet covered doesn't require tights and most importantly is not a pair of jeans.
Giving it a try seemed to be the route to go down.
And well it was a good route. I like them, i felt nice to be out of the usual leg coverings and i actually felt pretty snazzy (note to self: no one says snazzy.. apart from me).
Rust red culottes aren't the type of outfit that blends in to the crowds, that i will give you, but strange glances from on-lookers aside, i really liked the difference.
And a change is as good as a rest as they say!

 Thoughts on culottes ladies?

Outfit Details:

Culottes (available in this brick red and also lovely wearable navy)
Blue Lace-up shoes
Cream Cold Shoulder top: F&F (on sale in store) Try this
Cream Bag
Navy Trench Coat: Dorothy Perkins (old) Try This one


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The All Important Red Shoe

You may have noticed that i have a penchant for a pop of red.  For me it really is the finishing touch to so many of my outfits. I love that the eye is drawn to this fun hit of colour (and therefore detracting away from a, very often, tired makeup less face) . A friend recently said to be how daring it was to pair red with so many other colours such as when i pair red with yellow, birght blues and greens. Truth is I don't really see it as daring, more of an easy access pass to looking half decent. 
Outfit transformers in just one piece.
Red is such a classic colour and to me really does work as a more interesting, stepped up neutral, or a contrast colour if we're getting technical. Now i think there is a shade of red for everyone, and what i will be talking about here is wearing it literally on your extremities so no need to worry about it not looking good next to your hair/ face.

Lets pop some red shall we?

My Red Shoe collection

So red shoes are my forever love. I don't think a week goes past without me donning red shoes in one way shape or form. The red boots i bought in Feb have been worn much much more than i ever envisaged, even though it's supposedly Spring they were even worn last week with a maxi dress, and have been a brilliant outfit maker plus super comfy. Then I have the heeled courts and my little pumps, each worn on constant rotation (as you may have noticed).

So lets see whats about on the red shoe front shall we?

Flats are important aren't they?

Some on trend mules possibly?

Some summery espadrilles are just gorgeous aren't they? Brilliant with denim dresses, floaty skirts and, well, pretty much anything!

These are a fab little numbers for a little extra detail

London rebel via asos

And of course, trainers/sneaker.. where would all be without them these days? The perfect athleisure accompaniment  and excellent for busy days running about. I've had the Nike cortez on my wishlist for months.. I may even sell a pair i already have to try and fund these!

So there we are ladies, red shoes brightening the day. Are you a fan of a pop of colour with your shoes? Or are you a neutral shoe fan?
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